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by Ian Louisell

Apr 3rd, 14

The essential guide to karting in Shanghai, with videos of all the tracks. Racing around with your Ayi, your mama, and your cousin too.

APR 15, 2014 - By Sam Gaskin

Shanghai's Finest are looking out for you. Confiscated drugs, murder weapons, slide whistles and other criminal implements inside.

MAR 13, 2014 - By Ian Louisell

Virtual insanity in Shanghai's smoke-filled dens of Mario Kart, slot machines, tokens, sketchy fishing games, and coin-operated fun.

MAR 07, 2014 - By Ian Louisell

Talking with the women behind the first ever Shanghai Ladyfest, coming up this Saturday, March 8th at Uptown Records.

FEB 20, 2014 - By SmSh

Overwhelmed by the scourge of Olympic fever, we once again bring you our rundown of where to ice skate in Shangers updated for 2014.

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