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by SmSh

Jul 7th, 14

We're experiencing a small window of warm, sunny weather. We're taking it. Presenting once again our annual gallery of places to swim.

MAY 05, 2014 - By Sam Gaskin

Sam Gaskin spends an afternoon in the Shanghai Natural History Museum, which, come to think of it, probably belongs in a museum itself...

APR 15, 2014 - By Sam Gaskin

Shanghai's Finest are looking out for you. Confiscated drugs, murder weapons, slide whistles and other criminal implements inside.

APR 03, 2014 - By Ian Louisell

The essential guide to karting in Shanghai, with videos of all the tracks. Racing around with your Ayi, your mama, and your cousin too.

MAR 13, 2014 - By Ian Louisell

Virtual insanity in Shanghai's smoke-filled dens of Mario Kart, slot machines, tokens, sketchy fishing games, and coin-operated fun.

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