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by Cameron Wilson

Mar 10th, 15

Our guide to the 2015 Chinese Super League and Shanghai's three pro football teams. Everything you need to know to be a super fan.

MAR 19, 2015 - By Ian Louisell

Welcome to the street for bootleg comics, ghosts, video games, erotic action figures, and…Confucius. It's a diverse neighborhood.

FEB 02, 2015 - By Sam Gaskin

A bunch of cartoon penguins, ducks, and bears that look like WeChat stickers just opened an ice park in Pudong.

NOV 26, 2014 - By Sam Gaskin

It's official: Shanghai has run out of ideas for museums. We bring you The Shanghai Metro Museum: a monument that honors the city's public railway system.

NOV 21, 2014 - By Ian Louisell

Just hanging out in the hood with some chinchillas, cricket uncles, glow in the dark stingrays, Totoro, and the evil cousin of Sailor Moon's cat...

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