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[Updated 2] Renovations and Licensing Issues: Temporary Closures on Wulumuqi Lu
By Jun 13, 2017 Dining
It was real tough to get some dinner on Wulumuqi and Wuyuan yesterday. Basically, all the "Western" restaurants on that little corner were explicitly shuttered for renovations or closed in a more tacit kind of way for, as the rumor has it, licensing issues. Evidently, the rumors around social media have it that a few of the venues on that popular little corner have been operating without the proper paperwork and the authorities-that-are-forever have finally come around to drop the hammer.


Starting down with Diner, the already popular American greasy spoon-style restaurant from restauranteur Austin Hu -- they were closed at 6pm. Although that could be a "closed on Monday" thing or a "we have slightly erratic hours because it's still soft open" thing. Hopefully, they're all good. They're just getting started. We've contacted them for comment and will update when we hear back.

[Update 2] Austin Hu: We took major water damage with the big rain the other day. [Getting it fixed] was supposed to be a 3 day job, but with this rain we'll see how it goes.

Little Catch was also closed, with a sign in the door: "We will be closed from Sunday 11/7 to Thursday 15/7 for renovations. We apologize for the inconvenience & look forward to seeing you after." I think they mean June (6), not July (7).

Brothers Kebab was bike-locked up without a notice.

Fairly decent pizza place Top Crust was open and operating business as usual.

Further down the road, My Butchery was also closed.

Across the street, coming back up, Hungry Mike was closed and in the process of being resolutely gutted. The sign on the construction scaffolding reads: "WE WILL HAVE A RENOVATION, WILL SEE YOU AGAIN SOON." Emphasis theirs. Looks like some really extensive renovations.

On the Go cafe was also closed without notice, as was Mr. Banh Mi.

[Update 1:] Mr. Banh Mi is getting their paperwork sorted and will be back up and running on Thursday.

A few other storefronts were also shuttered up. Again, maybe that's a closed on Mondays thing. Then again...

Anyway, hopefully, these closures are just temporary. We'll update this post if we hear back from the venue owners.


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  • 10 months ago Donny who loved bowling Unverified User

    Called that on these venues and on the Diner specifically. Nobody's safe from the "authorities" or what ever they call themselves.

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