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What makes Berlin addictive?
By Sep 16, 2006 Arts

This Sunday (Sep 17th) "What makes Berlin addictive?" will have its finissage complete with live visuals at 2pm. Graffiti. Some call it art, others might just label it vandalism, but whether you like it or not, you can not avoid it wandering through the streets of Berlin. Graffiti is just everywhere, there is hardly a wall standing without colorful stencils, scribbles or scrawls on it, not to mention highway bridges. And now, this trend looks to be moving its way to China, starting off in Shanghai, which has, according to the artists themselves, the same atmosphere of impending changes. And so a group of German artists decided to throw their threw ideas, graffiti cans and stencils into suitcases and present their Berlin, the metropolis of street art, to the Shanghainese.
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