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Angus, at The Hoy Hoy

May 25, 2018

I’m local. I’m from Shanghai. Xuhui. I went to high school on Chongming Island actually! I liked school. May favorite subject? Probably... Physics.

My first tattoo. It’s this bull right here on my shoulder. I was 22. At that time, my father told me if you want to have a tattoo, you can have one. So he gave me the money.

Face piercings. It doesn’t hurt. I love piercings. I used to work as a piercer in a tattoo studio. I used to do all the piercing. I just learned by myself. When I was in high school I did my first piercing myself. I pierced my tongue in high school. Actually, with correct piercing, there’s no blood or anything. At that time you didn’t need a VPN to get on the internet, so I just saw how to do it there.


How I got into bartending… Actually, for a long time I had no job… no work, but a friend of my mother’s, he was the boss of a whiskey bar. Malt Fun. I love that bar. The small one of Fuxing Road. So I went there and they taught me how to do a bit of bartending. And then after that, I just did my own work. Just looking what went together, and what felt right.

What do I love most about being a bartender? The alcohol. [Laughs.] Of course.

My favorite drinks to make… my own. They don’t really have names. I always let the customer choose. We just talk about what they might like and then after we make something, the customers can name it.

Before The Hoy Hoy. I was the bartender at Inferno. I loved it, of course. It was awesome. At that time… well, there was some trouble between me and my old job. So I left and didn’t have anything, and Inferno, you know. I listen to Metal. Death metal. Melodic death metal. So that was my place. My favorite bands… well, I still like the classics. Iron Maiden.

I got into metal in high school and thats when I started to change myself.


I play bass in a band now. We don’t really have a name. It’s more Black Metal. We’re just starting out, so we do covers. The metal scene in Shanghai… the metal scene in China… there’s some good lyrics. I listen to some Hong Kong and Guangzhou bands.

The Hoy Hoy. I started working here because the owner, he does the restaurant here, he’s my good friend. So he asked us to come in here at night to see if wanted to have a bar here. We do cocktails of course, Tiki cocktails. The music is rockabilly. Lots of summer drinks. Rum based. We make The Hoy Hoy, our specialty cocktail, which is different for everyone.

My favorite part of Shanghai… riding my motorcycle. Fengxian. There is a highway called Linghai, it’s a big straight highway. My bike goes 299 kilometers an hour.

My favorite restaurants… well, I love oysters! We have an oyster special here on Tuesday, with reasonable prices. But other than that… I don’t know what my favorite restaurant is, really. I eat whatever. Actually I cook for myself mostly. I just cook at home.


My head tattoo? It’s Mayan. Just a month ago actually. I shaved my dreds off and needed a change. Did it hurt… yeah! [laughs] It took maybe… six hours. I was always thinking about how when I wanted to shave my head, and when I would, I would get a tattoo. I kept my hair for 7 years and I just wanted a change. When you get a tattoo on your head, you can hear that, y’know!

My favorite things about Shanghai… there’s almost everything in Shanghai.

My most hated things about Shanghai.. there’s almost everything in Shanghai. [laughs]

Too much good things and too much bad things, you know.


  • This venue has now closed

    Inferno (Yongjia Lu)

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    • Bars
    • Craft Beer
    • Address
      480 Yongjia Lu, near Yueyang Lu
      永嘉路480号, 近岳阳路
    • Phone
      5466 6068

    This is a large heavy metal bar in an industrial-feeling space off Yongjia Lu. They have a couple of nice imported beers on tap, 80s movies on TVs and pounding heavy metal through the day and night. Spirits are cheap by the bottle, there's a pool table, and it's run... Read more

  • The Hoy Hoy

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    • Address
      65-4 Maoming Bei Lu, near Yan'an Zhong Lu
      茂名北路65-4号, 近延安中路
    • Phone
      138 1893 7693

    Once the front room of The Grumpy Pig, this place is now The Hoy Hoy, probably Shanghai's (China's?) only rockabilly bar. They sling cocktails, they've got an event space in the back, there's an... Read more

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    • Bars
    • Lounge
    • Address
      100 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Yongfu Lu
      复兴西路100号, 近永福路
    • Phone
      5410 0019

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