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[Communities]: One Love, Transgender FTM, Bi-Sexual, and Lesbian Advocacy in Shanghai
Let’s get together and feel alright. In celebration of Pride Week we're shining a light on One Love, an LBT organization based in Shanghai.
By Jun 15, 2017 Community
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ShanghaiPRIDE’s Group Open Day & Forum is going down this Saturday and will showcase about 30 organizations that are working throughout China on behalf of women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community. One Love will be among the groups highlighted at the Open Day Forum, and focuses on social support and advocating for specifically the transgender FTM, bi-sexual, and lesbian population of Shanghai.

Read on to see what One Love does for the LBT community and how you can be an ally.


One Love is a WeChat-based LBT Group that is very new in Shanghai, founded in January of this year. The group came about as a by-product of the PFLAG Shanghai LBT group, for the parents, families, and friends of those who identify as LBT. From PFLAG, a core group of volunteers felt it was necessary to create their own organization to advocate for themselves and assert that everyone has the right to explore their own sexual gender and orientation.

According to one of the group’s founders, who goes by Cooper, One Love helps LBTs share who they are with their family, friends, and the world. The group also aims to educate their community on their rights and how they can live a better life in current day China. Though in its infancy, the Chinese-language organization is growing quickly; it's currently run by 40 volunteers, and has about 180 members who participate in events.

“Through continuous advocacy events and cooperation, more and more people will know us, understand us, and accept our LBT identity.” —Cooper, a founder of One Love

What They Do

One Love provides year-round support and community, through events both big and small. Smaller social events are held 1-2 times a month to grow a network and foster relationships. Last month, there were basketball and badminton games, where people could make friends, get some exercise, and just have fun. In addition to the social component, One Love also creates a space for learning by inviting experts to educate the community on LBT topics.

At a past event, a lawyer came to speak on how LBT couples can protect their relationships, as well as the legal risks of a marriage of “convenience” (a marriage between friends, meant to shake off suspicion or please families). One Love also organizes “experience-sharing sessions” a space where volunteers can open up with their personal stories. At the last session on April 9, parents were invited to share their experience of how their children came out to them. The thought was, by sharing these stories, LBT members might find the prospect of coming out to their own families possible, and maybe a little less intimidating.

How to Get Involved

From blogging to event planning to enthusiastic participants, One Love could always use some more…love. If you are interested in volunteering or joining an event, contact the group through their official WeChat: One爱.

You can also check them out, along with 30 other awesome organizations at ShanghaiPRIDE’s Group Open Day & Forum running all day Saturday from 10am to 4pm. You can register for the event here. And remember: love is love is love.


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