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By Nov 10, 2011 Dining

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  • rob.r

    Where's the paprika?

  • marinam

    excellent article! very funny, like the Kedi Mart Ice Creams series.

  • Taigr

    white spot??? not in my part of canada...also big bamboo has's nawt bad.

  • AxelFifou

    You can also ask one at Piro :D with some pepper sauce and it is delicious !!

  • morgan

    Ahh man. I didn't know Bamboo and Piro had poutine. Gonna have to giv'er on that shit. Thanks for the heads up.

  • rob.r

    RE: Piro/Poutine, I didn't know cat hair was a key ingredient in Quebec's finest tradition...

  • matteroffact

    I haven't tried the poutine at Masse, but I'll definitely make my way there next Thursday. Seriously, what a great deal. I eat poutine and drink Moosehead when I'm trolling the streets in Canada, so this just makes everything a little better in Shanghai.

    sidenote: Julie's Food Experience has poutine as well, but it's not very good. Not nearly as bad as when Kabb had poutine on the menu however. Blandest bowl of soggy mush i'D ever eaten.

  • djsexypaul

    Bamboo has real curds on their Poutine

  • Satsuke

    I'm a Canadian and this article is a little weird...i really don't understand the humour in this article...but we're here to talk poutine. Fries with cheddar and gravy is not a real poutine however it is still a delicious alternative. Poutine is known for it's cheese curds. Not any cheese curds(there are such thing as bad cheese curds), cheese curds that squeak when you chew on them, with the perfectly fried fries(not to soggy, just crisp enough) and the perfect flavoured gravy(not to salty not to thick and served hot).

    You really need the experience of going to a poutine house on a negative 20 day in quebec and just indulging on some great poutine. or yes...i'll admit it tastes amazing when your hammered.

  • Fubaobao

    Julie's Canadian Food Experience at Hongmei Lu and SWFC also makes poutine, with hunks of mozzarella. They have some variations on it, too (Italian style I think?).

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