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Foodstuffs: The House of Roosevelt

By Jul 5, 2010 Dining


I've been poking around for months, trying to find out what the hell has been happening to Bund 27. It was/is a gorgeous colonial building on the corner of Beijing Dong Lu and the Bund, and it's been under renovation -- and speculation -- for a long while. The Roosevelt family owns it. Before the financial meltdown, it was allegedly going to become a Sak's Fifth Avenue. That didn't happen. I believe Rolex is a tenant now. These Bund 27 people have been tight-lipped. Last nite, I heard the inside scoop on their grand F&B plans from a third party. Today, the Bund 27 people have outed themselves as the House of Roosevelt and are letting people know what it is they're getting up to in there. Let's cherry-pick the Press Release!

The House of Roosevelt is no less than:

-- "A vanguard of sophisticated entertainment and taste."

-- "Wine, food and service to match all of your desires and expectations."

-- "Leading the Roosevelt wine business in China."

It will accomplish that with:

1. The Wine Cellar (on the second floor) -- "a gorgeous, expansive home to over 2500 labels of wine, from the finest European classics, new wines, to Chinese wines." What's good with wine but also trendy and fresh? Tapas! Throw some of those in there among the 30,000 bottles -- 60 kinds of Champagne alone.

2. SKY Restaurant & Bar (on the eighth floor) -- "top quality European ingredients, with beautiful Bund and Shanghai skyline view. Inside elegant décor, or outdoors terrace with the buzz of Asia and the artistic feel of the Northside Bund. 12 tables, wines from our Wine Cellar recommended to you for each course.

3. A rooftop lounge (on the ninth floor) that will mix the unmixable -- "Champagne with international DJs." If you're wondering what results when you combine the two, they've already worked it out: "a cocktail to be enjoyed best in a more exclusive setting, tailored to class -- it has to be Bund, and the challenge is laid down to find a better view." That checks off the fancypants Bund Society requirement.

4. The Bistro (on the first floor) -- "Al fresco heart and soul -- truly divine and exquisite food tailored to comfort and satisfaction -- and good ol' American-style family fun with hot dogs and cotton candy outdoors."

Chef? Don't ask those questions. In the works. Separately, I've heard that the whole place is decorated in a turn-of-the-century style, with cool design features like a false library wall on the second floor that folds away to reveal a special cellar. It seems more Six on the Bund than Three on the Bund -- a touch more modest -- but its model, with all the outlets operated in-house (as opposed to being farmed out to other restaurant/chef brands) is more LAN than either of those Bund operations. It'll be fun to watch.

The whole shebang will open mid to late July, and once it does they'll have a 498rmb "full house pass" until Aug 31 that includes some Champers, dinner on the terrace with a glass of wine, and then more wine and tapas in the cellar.

I'm sure we'll be talking more about this as the opening nears. The Bund -- really getting its act together these days.

Here's the House of Roosevelt's listing (no relation to the steakhouse or newly opened wine storefront).


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  • marduko

    sounds great, any contact info?

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