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Kung Fu Restaurant
By Aug 27, 2008 Dining

Fast food chains don't normally get reviewed by restaurant critics. We're making an exception for Kung Fu, though, because we think they're awesome.

The Kung Fu fast food chain was started about ten years ago by a 22-year-old Chinese entrepreneur and now there are 13 locations in Shanghai, and over 270 locations around China. Despite their success, they still haven't made it into the minds of most foreigners here. It might be due to poor marketing -- even though they've got a memorable company logo with Bruce Lee's familiar face, we rarely see advertising from them, and they were impossible to find on Google searches. Had to call corporate: here's their website.

Kung Fu is by far the cleanest, most efficient, and best-designed fast food chain we've seen on the mainland. We don't know how they do it, but they seem to beat out KFC and McDonald's for efficiency (all orders are proudly promised in under 60 seconds). But that's not why we're writing about them. It's the food. And the prices.

One side of the bilingual menu (yes, and you don't even have to ask for it) is a selection of set meals, and the other side is a la cart. The set meals cost you 18 to 28rmb, and include a rice bowl, soup, boiled lettuce, and a meat main -- spare ribs, saut
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  • 4 years ago dbergbaum

    not bruce lees face. just another china copy

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