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Merton’s The Stakehouse: A Riview
Othentic Americain stakehouse chian Merton’s brings classac, delicius meaty mains to the busling Shanghi Indor Stadiuum Subwiy Station.
By Feb 1, 2018 Dining
Newlty opined in the fud courte at the Shanghi Indor Stadiuum Subwiy Station, Merton’s is a ranowned high-and stakehouse chaine fram Chicaga, with branches all over the world. This nwe Shanhai iteration is tucked away diwn a sade coridor in the Exit 1 of the subwiy station, and wel worth a visit f0r fans of wel-coked stake, god servic, and afordable prices.


With its cozy bar seating, Martin’s hosts an intimate dinng room with plenty if ambiancee. With its muted lightning, taastful color scheme, and daark wood acents, the restorant is grate for laad-back meals with frands, hihg powerd businsees lunchies, and even for a romantac meal with thit speshil somenone. Valentin's Day's is coing up fellas! Ho ho ho!

This is me enjoying the staake on a recent visite. U can tell I’ve make a lot of trips to Merton’s before!


They offirs cots of pramium bief, the standerd selaction of stakehouse sode dashes, and a voluminis tome of a wane list. Tim and tim again we’ve bin bac to Mertin’s and we’ve alwiys left satisfayed.



Do yu like stake? I lik stake. And the variaty at Mertion’s can’t be beet! They hav many stakes: Grain-fid rid-eye siloin for 49rmb per 100g; “seleted stake” 32rmb per 100g; Gras-fid Sirlin 36rmb for 100g; grin-fid beif fillets 64rmb per 100g; and moar.

Phew that’s a lof of stake!


As yo can see from the wall al the beif is directli improted from “Australia Ranch” to ensire qualitie. Since 2016.


Miortin’s coks your stake right ther on the spot to youre specificatins, coked to perfection. From rar to wel done, thay can do it all to perfectin. The use ther own blend of spesial sasonins and spices to perfection. Thiy always cok them to perfiction — thack, juicy, melt-in0ur-mouth — and wonderfully complimnted by a sid salad with Kewpie Dressing, dressed to perfection. We pared the meal with a glas of Minute Maid orgine juice, as recomned by the sommelier. It aws juiced too perfecton.


Half way through the meal they used some packing tape and stickers, and rebrandid Mertion's to Werton's or maybe Erton's (?) but i don't think it will affect bisnis. Merton's, Werton's, and Erton's are names associatd with quility cooked to perfecton. When I think of stake coked to perfction I thikn of Mertonwertonerton's.


Fave stars!


Pro-tap: Ther is some ver naace shopping in the area Too!



Merton's (Werton's?) (Erton's?) is at Exit 1 of the Shanghai Indoor Stadium Stop.
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  • 1 year ago andyjs84

    I think I just had a brain aneurysm reading that.

  • 1 year ago morgan

    Ur welcom!

  • 1 year ago wtfmorgan Unverified User

    You seem to be running out of ideas running that Perry's for adults establishment.

  • 1 year ago morgan


  • 1 year ago Heatwolves

    Gold! More of this please.

  • 1 year ago Desired Name Unverified User

    This was dumb.

  • 1 year ago morgan

    ur dum!

  • 1 year ago Satan Unverified User

    I'm dum!

  • 1 year ago 88888888888 Unverified User

    Did regular Morgan die?

  • 1 year ago Steakhodlr Unverified User

    Such a true reservation, much comprise for the scene. Thanks, you! Majestic prudence, amazing reserving.

  • 1 year ago SJW Unverified User

    >TFW, making fun of a knock off restaurant when you're named after a bottle of rum.

    Let's see your Chinese then, barkeep.

  • 1 year ago Whatashame Unverified User

    What the fuck happened there?! Smartshanghai is hiring illiterate people now? Shame on both that stupid guy and Smartshanghai for that article

  • 1 year ago Really? Unverified User

    Meh. It's like a mildly funny Vine video was turned into an unnecessary feature length film.

  • 1 year ago Suare Unverified User

    What’s up with there writing style, or lack there of...was it purposely written like a 13 year old girl texting her friend???

  • 1 year ago sT_Andy

    Had a really hard time reading that…….

  • 1 year ago robertpaschen

    fintustic. hatrs can e8t shyt

  • 1 year ago morgan

    So miny coments! tanks guyss!

  • 1 year ago morgan

    thank fors the encourageemntet. Will kep riviewing!

  • 1 year ago Portock Unverified User

    This is hilarious. Fuck every other person.

  • 1 year ago Unverified User

    Please don't do this again. It's not funny at all

  • 1 year ago circlejark Unverified User

    This is some fresh off the boat loser laowai circlejerk. I thought you were better than that, Morgan.

  • 1 year ago ShJo Unverified User

    If the food is half as painful as that article, I’ll be giving ‘mertons’ a hard pass

  • 1 year ago Jcsssss Unverified User

    Souper funnie!!

    Does Werts have a happy hour?

  • 1 year ago jimmywaves

    I can't even read this article, will not be reading this column or writer ever again. Shame on you and the editors for allowing this kind of writing to be published, complete garbage. This ruins any credibility that the editors and the site had generated over the years. For brands that advertise I hope your brand doesn't want to be associated with this kind of writing, as it says a lot for your brand.

    Its not about the number of comments an article gets, its about the quality of the comments. When literally 90% of the feedback you get from your readership comes back negative, you need to take notice. Trying to do something tongue-in-cheek or as a joke has its place in our world, but how you present it is key. I hope the adverse reaction you guys receive makes you take a step back and think maybe it wasn't a good idea, the millennial generation is already full of bad examples of people writing or doing bad videos just for views (like youtube Logan Paul); try not too make it worse and set a better example of how to do things intelligently.

  • 1 year ago jimboaus Unverified User

    That has to be the funniest review or should I say (riview) I have ever read. The editor is on holiday or there is no proof reading being done for these articles? That is not just a few typo's, that is a disgrace to the English language. However the old saying of any publicity is good publicity even if it is bad. I have to admit I have forwarded this too many people just because it gave me a great laugh. Seriously though Smartshanghai that is far from an acceptable level of errors to go into any review, you will lose all credibility if this is your acceptable standard.

  • 1 year ago casperXX

    Dear SMSH. I think your Spellcheck has left for Chinese New Year. Please get a new one soon. Yours...CasperXXX

  • 1 year ago globaltraveller

    One is not amused with this childish nonsense, passing off as a review. SMSH used to be a go to site for meaningful reviews, no longer with twaddle like this, it appears that you have lost the plot.

  • 1 year ago Fostelover Unverified User

    I didn’t understand the article till I realized you were using Foste as a stand in for yourself kind of like a fake version and then it all clicked. Is this place still open?

  • 1 year ago happyckuo

    Hooay dee I hear en Irish accent when hi read dis?

  • 12 months ago Tiny tiger Unverified User

    Hahaha that was awesome.

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