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Our Sourdough Saviour - NYC Deli
By Aug 17, 2006 Dining

New York City Deli is only a baby at 5 weeks old, but I can say with all honesty that it tastes like they've been making sandwiches for years. Granted, I only sampled the hot roast beef on sourdough at this tiny shop, but if that one sandwich is anything to judge by, NYC Deli may have a very wholesome future in Shanghai indeed (destined for delivery). I was also able to sample the homemade chili, which had an agreeable flavor plus that all-important spicy kick to it. Granted, it isn't Louisiana chili, but if you're craving genuinely good chili then give it a shot. My friend ordered the meatball sandwich, which was huge. Three large meatballs served on toasted sourdough (or white roll), with red sauce and melted cheese (American or Swiss). He enjoyed the sandwich and said the meat wasn't over cooked or undercooked, but just about perfect.

Nelson Chu is the owner of NYC Deli, hailing from both Cali and New York. When asked why he named the Deli after New York City he remarked, "Because you can't get better sandwiches than in New York, and we want people to get the best sandwiches here." In making good on that claim, Chu says they will soon start making their own pastrami, and importing high quality French sourdough bread for their sandwiches. Though the bread I was served was already quite good. Chu also said he has plans to eventually expand to other areas such as Jing'an or perhaps Pudong.
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