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Sherpas Is Stepping into the Real World with a Charity Food Festival
By Nov 30, 2017 Dining
Ahhh, Sherpas. Always there when you need it. Always helping you maintain a blissful personal cocoon from the rest of the world, minimizing the needs for human contact in the tedious task of maintaining enough sustenance to stay alive. Eh? What's this? You're doing a food festival for the first time? But... that sounds like actually making human contact and existing out there in the real world. You sure, Sherpas?


Last one of these for the season, get it while you can. Sherpas delivery service is hosting their first food festival Tastebuds this Saturday, December 2 featuring some great restaurants doing some pay-as-you-eat food stands. Custom eats from Brothers Kebab, Deli Boys, Dodu, Homeslice, Tomatito, and more. In particular, Homeslice is doing a special "More than Meat" pizza and Dodu is doing a Mediterranean sandwich.

They've also got guest cocktail makers and craft beer, beer, beer for drinks and a bunch of DJs and raffles, and live music and comedy. As you do.

Y'know, classic Shanghai food festival thing.

BUT, they're also supporting Heart 2 Heart charity with the raffle proceeds so that the main reason why you should go stuff your face with the dudes in orange.


Tsatebuds food festival is this Saturday, 12pm to 8pm at 800 Show. No entry fee.


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