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Two Pho Thought
By Jul 7, 2009 Dining

Shanghai is a city of infinite and transitory dining trends. How nice it is for me then, that after something like five years of waiting for the city
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  • rob.r

    For Pho Yummy, I think the addition of mint is a North American variant as I\'ve seen it appear sporadically at pho places in the US and Canada.

  • jennwong

    all the pho places in canada serve it with basil, sprouts, lime AND mint. yum!

  • Beast of the East

    Are these places better than FCC?

  • slx

    in response to the beast. if you\'re looking to wine, dine and hopefully score than go to FCC. But if you just wanna chow down on some good viet grub for a sensible price than check out this new joint. (last i checked a same sized bowl of Pho at FCC goes for around 48rmb where as its only 26rmb at Pho Yummy..taste pretty much the same) Their service and decor is pretty decent too.

  • rob.r

    FCC? You have got to be kidding.

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