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[Mixtape]: Yeti Out's Allan Marshall and Tom Yeti with Some Tunes
By Jul 14, 2017 Music
One of Shanghai's most beloved (and prolific) music and culture platforms turns three. Yeti Out is celebrating with three different parties and three different venues around town. Part 1 was last night (Thursday), with Part II tonight at Elevator, and Part III a big blowout Saturday night at Arkham featuring Kingdom of Fade to Mind, a live performance from Young Queenz, and more. That's going to be a sizeable to-do. Don't miss out on it. You can buy tickets to that big-time third one right here. Ahead of the par-tays this weekend SmartShanghai talked to Yeti Out's Allan Marshall and Tom Yeti about giving us some good songs to ride into the weekend with. Click on the jump for some tune from them. (VPN ACTIVATE.)


The Mixmakers:

Tom on the left; Allan on the right

Yeti is kind of a weird beast. Starting out as a blog in London, the platform burst on to the Shanghai scene in 2015 hosting in a diverse array of artists from Ivan Smagghe to Novelist to Free the Robots to Tek.Lun to Jarreau Vandal to Falcons. You can find them in the club. All of them: Le Baron, Arcade, Elevator, The Shelter (RIP), and Arkham, among others. This is addition to the fashion thing -- Hélas, Adidas, Yo'Hood, Hood By Air, and Mishka. Among others. Maybe in a nod to never nodding off, they're throwing three parties this week to celebrate their third year, trying to encompass the many musical off-shoots they support. Starts with disco. Then maybe some trap. Then grime. Then funk. Then leftfield. Then bass.

It's all in there.


Allan Marshall Says: "We are celebrating three years of running parties in this crazy city, So though It would be best to pick songs and artists that have provided us with the best memories. From disco to hip hop, post punk, to bass our music selection at Yeti has always been eclectic."

Timothy J Fairplay - "The Car Prowls Again"

The Asphodells - "Late Flowering Lust"

Allan Marshall Says: "It was hard to just pick one track here, so Im including 2. I first discovered his work though my slight obsession with Andrew Weatherall. Tim is his studio engineer and collaborator on The Asphodells, gaining their name from a scribbled word in a notebook "Asphodel - the flower of regret". Their 2012 LP Ruled by passion, destroyed by lust is an electronica meets post punk masterpiece.

The Cat prowls again is one of Tims more recent works, releasing on nordic 7 inch label, Höga Nord Rekords late last year. Im particularly looking forward to Tim set tomorrow night at Elevator."

Fotan Laiki - "火炭麗琪" ft. YoungQueenz

Tom Yeti Says: "This track’s an anthem right now in Hong Kong especially with the younger trap heads. Released by Hong Kong rapper Young Queenz and features Laiki, an emcee from Fotan district, which has seen a recent uprise of creatives with labels like FTK and their own Wild$tyle Records. Being from Hong Kong, its exciting to hear new music from a DIY generation thats not TVB fuelled Canto Pop. I’m stoked to bring some of that flavour to our anniversary finale next week, with Young Queenz and Junkie T live at Arkham."

Curses - "The Deep End (Holy Ghost Day School Remix)"

Allan Marshall Says: "One of the most memorable weekends was with Berlin via NYC madman Curses at Yeti Dis:ko last year in March. The weekend didn't really stop until we got him on his plane on Monday morning. Having run labels Safer at Night and more recently Ombra INTL a vinyl only slowmo imprint, His classic "The Deep end" is still one of my favourite tracks 8 years on."

FKJ - "Skyline"

Tom Yeti Says: "It’s hard to look back at the past 3 years without shouting out FKJ’s live performances. He’s a one man band of pure funk and positive energy, plus a genuine good lad and always manages to pack at least 3 rows of screaming girls in the front of his show! haha. The last two shows have been a musical journey with everything from funky basslines to jazzy hip hop. We’re bringing him back to Shanghai this September with a even crazier live set up, stay tuned!"

Eddie C - "The Southern Nights"

Allan Marshall Says: "Having Honed his craft in a log cabin in the Rocky Mountains for 10 years. Eddie is now doing great things in Berlin. I met up with him late last year in Europe and over 10 or so Negroni's we hatched out an Asian tour plan. Catch him playing for Yeti Dis:ko in late September in Shanghai and Beijing. This is his new track The Southern Nights, super nice Disco Jam!"

Kwam - "Hot Boy (Prod by Moleskin)"

Tom Yeti Says: "This track reminds me of a mental week back in March. We did something silly like 5 parties during Art Basel in Hong Kong. We had Moleskin play in Hong Kong then Shanghai a few days later at Le Baron, both shows he played was a rowdy affair, to the extent of a missing flight to Tokyo the following morning! This was the banger that set things off. The track starts off calm and jolly then goes hard and mellows out at the ends ; kind of like the week we had! "


Yeti continues to turn three this weekend at Elevator tonight and at Arkham on Saturday. Get pre-sale tickets to Saturday's shaker right here. Keep tabs on Yeti Out's stuff right here.

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