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Best DJs
By Dec 17, 2009 Nightlife

As you are no doubt sick of hearing from me, here's a lot of people who live in Shanghai talking about their favorite DJ shows of 2009. Thanks to everyone who responded.

And to those that didn't: ya fuckin' dead to me.

Reggie Laxatives aka R3 (DJ, STD Promoter, side-chained bass enthusiast):

Right... After racking my brains for about 10 seconds, it became obviously clear that the best DJ I saw this year wassss *insert drumroll*... The Badtastic DJs.

Ok, ok, ok... hold up... back the fuck up. I know they are actually like 497 DJs, BUT they perform as one. And when they play, well it really does feel like one entity, a feeling of honest singularity. The transitions between songs are immaculately consistent between every DJ and they just drop shit... from NOWHERE... without even a hint. It's kinda like Pearl Harbour but the aftermath is people thrusting their pelvises into the air. They play better music than most DJs I've heard in Shanghai (actually I don't even think that they know other DJs in Shanghai exist).

Oh, most of them are pretty hot and wear really nice clothes that I can't afford.

Dan Battle aka el nomo (DJ, Promoter, Banana Boy, No. 1 Taoist):

I wish I had a list of all the DJs who played in 2009. I'm too old and stoned most of the time to remember what was which year and whatnot, or if I was even there. I remember really enjoying Stretch Armstrong at the Shelter, but I think that was 2008.

The one that first comes to mind (probably cuz it was the most recent one, and because I missed a lot of other gigs, like Dam Funk and Armin Van Buren) was Eliot Lipp at Shelter (Nov. 6th, I think). It was not a crowded night for the Shelter, but that seemed to mean that everyone who was there was there because they were really excited about this guys' music. I had listened to his stuff before seeing his live show and was not totally blown away, but his set really went over well live; it just seemed to work out better really loud and mixed on the fly. Plus, it was cool to see someone doing a "live" set and really get the feeling that it was, in fact, live... like he pushed this button and it made that sound, he twisted that knob and it distorted the shit out of everything or did some cool EQ sweep effect or beat stutter thing... I'm always skeptical of these "live" sets where it mostly just looks like a guy checking his email with his mixtape playing in the background. Eliot was even playing a keyboard alongside his tracks, which scores points in my book. And the musical selection he played on the night was right up my aesthetic alley, so yeah, Eliot Lipp... he also let me scratch while he played, so I'm sure that adds to my bias : )

Hope that was as rad as your wildest dreams. Feel free to edit it however, put words in my mouth or tell the people Armin Van Buren made me bust a load in my pants.

Clement Sevestre (DJ, Acid Pony Boy, French person)

The best DJ of 2009 is Laura Ingalls. His chest is so hairy that all the girls are going crazy. They are so exited that I can pick up one really easily.

Justin Fischer (Food & Drink Editor, That's Shanghai, hilarious dude):

DJ 4Skin. I normally don't dig DJ music, so needless to say, I wasn't too sure about this guy when I saw the fliers for DJ 4Skin. But once he came on the decks, it was an incredible. A big, long and totally uncut set of throbbing, turgid beats.

James Creegan (shoe critic, giver up'er on Shanghai):

For pure entertainment value it's hard to argue with the Daft-er Party that the Bananas crew threw on a certain night back in February.

The story is that a couple of French guys made flyers and a website advertising a Daft Punk gig at a secret location: you give us the money, we’ll tell you where the show is, errr later.

It all seemed believable at the time and every Graphic Designer in the city cracked open their piggy bank to buy tickets.

Meanwhile Bananas, scheduled for the same night, had already started making digs at the whole circus on their Facebook (ah yes, I remember Facebook) page:

"Venue kept secret until you look at the flyer.... Once you are inside the venue, you will not be able to send or receive any sms, so all further secret communication will have to be done by talking to people and gesturing through dance moves"

Needless to say, the secret gig turned into... well whatever the French word is for a debacle is, and once the scam was revealed- Bananas really took the piss.

The DJs wore gold-painted motorcycle helmets, there was a special cocktail called "The French Cunt" behind the bar, and tear-soaked fake tickets got you a 10RMB discount on the door.

I guess you could either laugh or cry. I laughed. I laughed hard.

Ben Thriller, (DJ, Futurist, Promoter, super nice dude):

My vote for the best DJ gig 2009 goes to DJ Bone when playing for VOID at Shelter. He made me feel I was on drugs without taking any. He plays Techno with a dose of funkiness and since that night I knew what I wanted to sound like... at least for a couple of month ahead.

Hallelujah for deep, raw, dark, popping radio unfriendly Techno!

Jenn Wong, (Badtastic DJ, W+K person):

Though I moved to Shanghai in mid-2008, it took me a long time to actually LIKE this city. Sure, I went out and enjoyed what this crazy place had to offer, went to shows and made some amazing friends, but it wasn't until the DAFT-ER Party (put on by the Bananas guys) in February that I had my first "Fuck Yeah, Shanghai!" moment. I'd had a house party earlier in the evening and we drank, got merry and once the neighbours started freaking out, the whole lot of us mobilized and headed down to Shelter. We got there just in time for things to start kicking off - Dan and Kami had just busted out their Daft Punk helmets and were jumping around like crazy people. The music was perfect, things got hectic, everyone got home safely and it was one of those perfect Shanghai nights where everything comes together and you’re just happy to be here, right now.

There are a lot of people who wanna talk about all the great international artists that sweep through our city, but I think we gotta give props to our own. Of course, I can't write about the best DJs of 2009 if I'm not going to mention the worst -- Hey Bananas! On behalf of (and as a member of) of Shanghai’s worst DJ crew, Badtastic salutes you and thanks you for showing us how it's done.

Handsome Boy Hensel aka DJ Kamikaze (DJ, Promoter, Banana Boy):

I liked DJ Passion the most. He played actually twice this year in Shanghai. First at the cities biggest scam-dafter-party at The Shelter and then returned a few months later to play at M1NT. I think it's dope if you have a kid serving two totally different crowds but still you're having each time a blast. Here's some music of my favorite Turkish boy.

Ian Lousell aka Heatwolves! (DJ, Promoter, Freelance Writer, blogger, Baiju Bot):

Best of the year -- DJ Dexter. That dude went all over the genre spectrum and just killed it. He made the kids I brought from Hong Kong feel bad about their city's music scene. Plus I interviewed him and he was way chill.

Nat Alexander played an amazing italo and disco set on vinyl one night for like twenty people at Shelter. That was ill.

Worst -- Roni Size -- fuck that dude. I still have serious buyer's remorse about that 80rmb cover.

Alastair Sloan, (Freelance Writer, Editor of

Most people arrive in China by plane I guess, but being slightly odd in the head I decided to drive most of the way here (from London), ending up in Mongolia after a couple of months of dusty roads and endless deserts -- and more importantly a dearth of decent club music. Kazakhstan "zuperdiskoklubs" didn't really cut the mustard, sorry DJ Borat. So on arrival into my first metropolis in a while, I leapt at the opportunity to dive straight into Shanghai's finest underground joint -- The Shelter. It turned out to be Free The Wax's 1st Birthday. To be honest the guest DJ, Fransisco, wasn't what I'm usually into -- it was billed as "psychedelic disco" -- and I have to confess my fairly deep-seated objection to afros, as well as the more outlandish forms of mind-altering discobiscuits. But with my musical drought needing quenching, I thought I'd give it a go. And boy am I glad I did! Donning his disco bandana and hyping up the crowd from underneath his sweaty mullet, that Fransisco kept us going with an artfully-crafted and surprisingly energetic blend of Chicago house, disco (of course), and smatterings of techno to keep things grooving. What a welcome to Shanghai, and of course a valuable lesson learnt - never judge a club by it's flyer.

Alicia Fierce, (Teacher, peacock, musical theatre auteur):

Although everyone expects me to say Sulumi, the best DJ I saw in 2009 was Doshy (Nov 16) at the Shelter. It was a Thursday, I was exhausted, and even though there were maybe only 20 people there, Doshy put on a great show combining my favorite 8-bit sounds with dub-step that had everyone in the place head bobbing with admiration.

Are you doing a biggest bullshit DJ of the year? Like for example: Richie Hawtin at Mao Livehouse was possibly the biggest smoke and mirrors, overpriced egomaniac I have ever witnessed. Did you know he has a bald little man that sits at his elbow level, adjusting his four pre-matched songs in a computer that looks up at him with Igor like tendencies for his sun-in headed nod of approval? The only redeeming factor would have been the free drink included with the ticket price, but the free drink was fucking WATER.

Damien Kay, (Bar Rouge Resident DJ, Shanghai Music Society founder)

Surprisingly, the DJ that impressed me most this year is not a big top 100 DJ mag DJ as people would expect, and I saw some this year in Shanghai!!! To me, the best show I saw in 2009 was from KIWIX who played at Bar Rouge in July during an SMS party. He’s a French DJ based in Czech Republic. He was a new comer in electro, but he is also a superstar in hardcore techno for years under the name "Mat Weasel Buster". He did a live set at Bar Rouge using hardware only, no turntables, and it was really impressive to watch and listen.

You can check out his MySpace to listen him.

Super Sophia, (Yuyintang Booker, Promoter, PR):

So my favourite is Funky Fingers... Ha! When thinking back on all the DJs I saw in 2009, that French 8-bit mad kid Funky Fingers is my favorite. (Logo, Jan. 9.) His 8-bit tracks just made me dance like a crazy bunny. But if you saw his live set with the Jacky Chan mask and a telephone microphone, you would know that's the maddest thing ever.

Hope it's not that lame!

Pauly Can, (pillar of the community, boxing superhero):

DJ Mick Martinez. Hands down best resident DJ in Shanghai.

Originally saw him at Sugar then Velvet and Dragon... No one can compete with his knowledge of hip hop genre as a whole from its origins to the current modern day crap shoot of mash-up. His savvy-ness behind the decks is only eclipsed by his ability to take control of a dance floor and turning into a sweat box.

Nuff said.

ChaCha, (MC, DJ, Promoter, Editor of

Out of all the DJs I saw in 2009, the best one for me should be the Kid Koala at Shelter last October.

Although lots of people thought that the Kid Koala show was not as good as they were expecting, for me seeing him live was one of my biggest dreams.

An hour and half long, 3 turntables, and an amazing set without headphones. He sampled lots of weird stuff mix them together and everyone went mad!

Gary Wang aka V-Nutz (DJ, Promoter, Shelter big cheese):

My favorite guy was Tucker at The Shelter, why? Even though I knew what kinds of crazy stuff he was going to do, I was still shocked (in a good way) like everyone else at the show. He made everyone smile, high, and dance in a very short 30 minutes. It was the most entertaining show of 2009.

Nat Alexander, (VOID DJ, Promoter, all-round nice guy, future restaurateur?):

My favourite DJ of 2009 was Surgeon A/V -- a long time musical hero of mine (I first bought a record by him in 1995), he has been one of techno's most interesting and innovative producers since he first came to prominence. He performed with his wife, Doris Woo, as a VJ and she provided an ever weirder cycle of visuals to accompany Surgeon's multi-textured set. Musically his set moved through genres with ease, playing reggae, industrial, techno, house, dubstep.

For me a good DJ should take dancers on a journey, varying the pace and texture of their set to keep the audience interested, with familiar landmarks along the way (classic tracks) as well as broadening horizons (introducing people to music they haven't heard before). Surgeon did all of this. If my testimony isn't enough, at least once during his set (and maybe more) Gaz was on his feet pumping his fist in the air and anyone who goes to Shelter more than occasionally will know that doesn't happen an awful lot!

Now, obviously I was going to pick a Void guest as number one, but were I allowed to pick a runner up, I'd choose Dam Funk -- because he was so damn cool. Superb tunes, smooth microphone announcing of the music, occasional keyboard improvisation and singing over the top, wearing a fine pair of shades all the while.

Morgan Short, (Steward of Gondor):

Santo Chino and el nomo for their nitrous oxide shaker at Anar. Whippets!

Cammy Wilson aka Shanghai_Ultra (VOID DJ, techno agitator)

Oscar Mulero at Void, The Shelter, February 09. Dark and driving techno from the Spanish master, he set the dancefloor alight with a relentless set, really made me feel like it was a European techno night. Pretty full-on with a lot of complex polyrythyms in his tracks, we don't hear this kind of far-out edgy techno in Shanghai very often at all. Plus all the Spanish guys who turned up at the Shelter out of nowhere chanting "Ultra's Sur!" at the end (Real Madrid football fan's chant) really made it quite a crazy night.

Matsume Kai, (Advice Columnist, hair enthusiast):

Ok so the best thing I've seen this year was hands down Reptile and Retard at the Antidote Zhujiajiao music festival. Their music was great but what made them so entertaining was their performance. Man, do they know how to get the crowd going!!!

Jay Mark Caplan, (Freelance Writer, Videographer, corporate shill):

Actually 2009 was the year I realized I don't care about DJ sets so much as I thought previously. I must have missed almost every 'major' show in 2009 (but that's just 'cause I'm not educated enough to choose wisely, and hype kept steering me wrong). I cannot remember one time a DJ playing me like a clavichord so I had no choice but to lose it on the dance floor. It's happened before; happened several times in 2008.

So I'd have to go with Reptile and Retard at the Antidote Music Festival. Not DJ's, mind you, but at the time I felt in the core of my being that they were enacting the dialectic escape from order and chaos Nietszche wrote about in The Birth of Tragedy. I thought the sky was going to fall and smite us. Awesome.

Kyle aka DJ Sickstar, (DJ, Promoter):

Hmmm, best DJ event of 2009 has to be either Dam Funk or Clive Chin. Futuristic funk vs old school reggae? Who's to say, both absolutely blew my mind away, if I had to pick one? I gotta give the nod to good ol' Clive Chin. I don't know about you guys, but I personally don't know too many 55 year old guys that can rock the club from 1-6am. =)

Jake Newby, (local music writer, blogger, podcaster):

Maybe it's because my beer-addled brain can only remember back a couple of weeks, but one of the best DJ performances I saw in 2009 was Tucker at The Shelter. I'm not even sure he qualifies as a DJ, but whatever. He only played 20 minutes, but it was insane. Like, sign the commitment papers and strap me into a straight-jacket insane. He leapt up on top of the turntables to play guitar, did a handstand on his keyboard and then set the thing on fire. It was pretty memorable.

Dan Bignold (Editor Drink Magazine, British heart throb):

Andy CEEEEEEEEEEE. The jump-up jungle don, the one the ravers would wait to hear, above all the other big names like Hype, Grooverider, Mickey Finn -- Andy C was incredibly in Shanghai (amazing! Jane! score!) and those that knew rubbed their hands in glee, and then put up their lighters in the air, original gangster man was here! The timing of this gig was perfect, with the 2009 trend in dnb being the resurrection of the true sound of the London underground – jungle – and his set was as tearing as those when he was a teenage DJ in the early 90s. Rolling breaks, bananas basslines, fun.

Forget 2009’s other incoming dnb attraction, Roni Size, with his lightweight jazz n bass business. Zhijiang Dream Factory had space to dance and we used it.

John, (Communication Manager for Sky Club):

DJ G-Deep: On all the hip hop djs I heard in 2009, DJ G-deep is doing the best hiphop/dance/electro mashup and remixes around. When you hear him mix, you always have a smile on the face. When he is playing, the dancefloor is always going crazy.

DJ Choyce Kutz: Still hip hop, other genre. Choyce Kutz is the best in his field, and his field is and always have been heavy and underground hip hop music. When you can hear commercial stuff played all around shanghai, he is sticking with the music he likes, and that's a blessing.

DJ B-kut: I think you can call B-kut a chameleon DJ. He is really good, that's for sure, but more than that he can change music style on the go, depending of his public. Every DJ is doing that, but he has something more, he's always finding the right beat, the right style that will make the crowd go wild. Chinese or foreigners, young or old, heavy hip hop amateurs or commercial listeners, he has something ready for everyone.

Nathan Michael aka The Melkman (DJ, Promoter, yoga practitioner, bringer of the cream):

Dam Funk's show at the shelter made all other DJs look like lamos who mix other peoples music with technology that I could teach my grandma if she wasn't bed-ridden. Dam Funk dropped gem after gem of genre crossing tracks that all of the 25-odd DJs and cranky music snobs in attendance had never heard once. Awesomely rare disco from Zimbabwe at 128 BPM miraculously mixed into a slow west coast B-side from Kurupt-How the fuck do you do that? Dam Funk knows how.

And what did he do during that large chunk of the set that most DJs usually spend transfixed by their computer screen, or drunkenly shouting "yeah" while waving their hands in the air (note to DJs: the latter actually works better if you are looking to get laid after the gig)-- Dam Funk instead took the opportunity to sing with the sweet soul of Stevie Wonder and solo on his moog and korg-board. This made his show actually "live." Singing over an instrumental that is perfectly mixed is really hard too, especially without the reverb jacked to Cash-box type levels.

By the way, can we officially stop using the term "live set" for "DJs" who use Abelton. Yes, Michael Ohhlson I am talking to you as well as other many other promoters worldwide...

By the way, I love you Michael Ohlsson. Your bar Dada is the coolest one in Shanghai.

Michael Ohlsson aka Ozone (DJ, Promoter, Bar Manager, frequent Shanghai Daily subject fodder):

Can I have a tie? Dam Funk and Gaslamp Killer. Dam Funk was absolutely classic, somehow pulling that funk shtick off without seeming "retro". And Gaslamp Killer for being insane and bold and massive and a rock star. Both put on a show but also played mind-blowing tunes.

Nick Taylor (Nightlife Editor, City Weekend, stand-up dude):

I saw Nat Alexander play a dozen times in 2009, but I'm going to pick his set at the big warehouse party that VOID threw in the Spring. They'd said they had this huge space that could fit a couple of thousand people but I think a lot of people were skeptical whether the whole thing would work: a huge free illegal warehouse party with almost no promotion.

I got off my shitty former job early (about 11pm) and went down alone. When I got there, there were hundreds of people milling around outside, buying beer, sitting around. The warehouse looked like something from an industrial suburb of hell. It looked fantastic. Upstairs Nat was playing to a room of about 2,000 people, most of them Chinese kids and they were all into it. It was full of accessorized girls in heels and well-dressed Chinese guys. It was a completely different crowd from their Shelter parties and I have no idea how they did it. The bar was selling beers for something like 20rmb.

The room sounded amazing, like the roof was about to fall in any moment and almost as soon as I walked in, Nat dropped this Dave Clarke remix of a Felix Da Housecat track from about 15 years ago...

George Wyndham, (Freelance Writer):

Probably the best DJ I saw in 2009 was Dam Funk at The Shelter (Sept 26). Before the show I read somewhere that he had been called the new "Ambassador of Boogie Funk" (whatever that means) and that his shows were meant to be amazing. He didn't disappoint. Not least with his rather distinctive appearance. It was pretty hilarious watching him decked out in green retro future sun glasses and trilby hat playing a vintage synth whilst singing in a high pitched wail over early Prince tracks. He just looked fucking cool! I'm sure everyone who came had a blast that night.

Archie Hamilton, (Promoter, Split Works, imbiber of "Pimms"):

I've been out a bit less this year but I've still seen some cool bits and pieces. What really stuck out is the amount of cool shit coming through China these days, from reggae to folk, hardcore to post-rock, dubstep to glitchcore. It is amazing the amount of promoters out there working (essentially for free) for the pleasure of the people. But what REALLY made it for me is the amount of great talent coming through in Shanghai (and the rest of China) from the people that live here. And my choice is not a DJ per se, but that oh-so-vital DJ partner, the MC.

A couple of year ago, I first saw ChaCha on the stage at our YUE festival and thought there and then, star-in-the-making. I was at the Cojie night at the Shelter a few months back, and my jaw hit the floor. ChaCha is fucking amazing, and for me, her and Charlie (who is probably my "most improved") blew me absolutely away. I'm sure Cojie was great too, but the night, and the year, belonged to the Uprooted MCs. Oh, and if you want my DJ pick, that has to be Sacco at the Shanghai Studio. I love that boy (and Desert Fuck Eagle isn't bad neither!)

Grant-Oh Buchwald, (Photographer, beard, psytrance apologist):

Best Dj performance of 2009? That's a very difficult one, but after some thinking and looking through my galleries, I would have to say DJ Ravin at Lounge18, March 27. It has been a very long time since a DJ has kept the groove going non-stop for so long (well over 3 hours) while the whole crowd was dancing and numerous times during the evening I would realize his music style had completely changed and no one noticed because he was flawless.

Brilliant! Second, would be Sandy Rivera June 5 also at Lounge18. I would like to give a memorable mention to the absolutely best monthly DJ event for the past 2 years I have covered it and that is MagicGarden. MG never fails to rock and trip out the masses every single time. For me, it also brings back memories of the huge psy-trance parties we had in Tokyo in the late 90s and the turn of the millennium. I never miss a MagicGarden party!!!!!!

Rob Jameson, (DJ, Promoter, British guy who seems to know about shit like this):

Id have to say Andy C was up there with the best as even though not crazy busy Andy C is the best Drum and bass DJ in the world and also is the best dj and placing 'drops' in D&B music and mixing in quick fire styleeee.

Ok so here is my best....

I have been here 3 years and although I love VOID's techno events and in particular Robert Hood when he came, my best night for 2009 and since arriving in Shanghai has to have been Roni Size at the Shelter. I'm from the UK and I love drum and bass jungle style. Ok, so Size didn't bring his vinyl and he was an arrogant twat himself, not remotely interested in the super rare vinyl I was getting him to sign cos of course I wasn't thrustin my jugs in his face! To be fair him and Dynamite make a great pair and a great act that took it back in time.

It reminded me of the good old days in the UK, the scene I miss. Great beats on a better sound system! (Thanks Shelter.) And actually I thought the best and most reactionary/knowledgable crowd I have witnessed in Shanghai to date. NB Drum and Bass in the UK usually has a "wide-boy, chav-it-up innit!" following full of bad attitude and bugger-all smiling, so ruins a good night, bit like bad-ass hip-hop and R&B in the US. The only people that night with attitude were the DJ and MC complaining about the smoke 00 ha ha!. The crowd knew tunes and reacted to the drops. And hearing the MC give it the old sarcastic UK MC-rhyme "Uh oh!" on the build up to the odd amazing tune just made my night! Loved it, was still buzzing 2 days later! Thanks Jane! Never a dull moment from start to finish!

Dylan, (Shanghai Tattoo head honcho):

The best DJ of the year for me was way back in February when Oscar Mulero played in the Shelter. Mulero supplied a superb night of techno darkness with his industrial bangings. It also kicked off an amazing year from Void, who brought in pretty much every techno DJ worth a shite.

Either that or all of the DJs on any night in No. 88 Bar.

Ben Thebaut, (Riviera Events grand poo-bah, pool party impresario):

Cut Killer at Bar Rouge. It may seem lame to some readers because Cut is now getting a little older and is not really edgy anymore and also because Bar Rouge is not quite the place it used to be (even though it's still packed and some very good friends work there), but to me it was the best DJ gig I attended this year in China.

Some would say that his technique is flawless etc, but for me the reason is quite simple, it's mainly because it reminds me of when I was 14-15, when Cut Killer was pretty much the biggest thing ever. As a teenager I used to listen to him a lot. I bought all his mix tapes I could get my hands on, went to most of his parties (Double H at Espace Wagram was a must former, if any readers know about that one, I remember using my ugly American exchange student mate to get in!).

Listening to him that night brought me back to that time. Seems that Cut Killer is my "Madeleine de Proust"!

Gaz aka Drunk Monk (DJ, Promoter, Uprooted Sunshiner, film night host, Shelter big cheese):

We’ve had many great DJs throughout 2009 at The Shelter. I don't really get to go out many other places unfortunately, but I think the most enjoyable for me was Dam Funk. The music was so refreshing as it's very rare to have an 80's boogie funk night in Shanghai, and his vocals sounded amazing. The crowd were also really feeling it and there was a lovely atmosphere in the club.

Chris St. Cavish, (disco, bike, and food snob):

Dam Funk is, as they say, the truth. Here's three things I learned during his set:

1. Blackness is Greater than Cliches

Dam Funk blew the lid off The Shelter with G-funk and boogie jams galore. His performance was sprinkled with ghetto cliches both modern and ancient, extolling the crowd to "Ride, let's ride!" while reminding the crowd of pasty-faced Caucasians that "you gotta keep your hood pass intact. You never know when you gotta go back." In the hands of anyone whiter than a late 30s black dude from LA in sunglasses, a vinyl sports jacket, long slicked-down hair, who goes by the name Dam Funk and plays dusty space funk records worth ridiculous sums of money, those are unforgiveable cliches. In his, they are the party.

2. That thick smear of "authenticity" applies to music too. No white person can play Metro Area or a Theo Parrish track at The Shelter on Saturday evening at 1.30am and make it a party. Doesn't happen.

3. Dam Funk's tripod of success rests on the three legs of excellent track selection, pitch-perfect 1983-to-the-future image, and a lot of singing, crooning, and vocoding over the songs he plays. It's a fine art. The technical side, the seamless mixing? Way, way down the list; barely important. Robot DJ's are so 2001 Trance Hits Vol. 4.

Sacco, (DJ, locally-based drain on society):

I literally have no respect for DJs, the art of DJing, or any such performance -- albeit enjoyable -- put on by a DJ.

Front picture is of the Dafter Party. Thanks to Jenn Wong. Top picture is of the Truth from his press shit.
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    I\'m going to print this out and stick it on my fridge

  • Nedved

    Sorry Shorty, never got round to submitting due to be an all round lazy git. My vote goes to local boy and all round sweet cheeks DJ Levy. He looks like Gollum and he\'s been known the play the A-Team theme tune. I can\'t get enough of that...

  • Nedved

    Oh, and by DJ Levy I obviously meant DJ Levi. Finger. On. The. Pulse.

  • tranescend

    \"I\'m always skeptical of these \"live\" sets where it mostly just looks like a guy checking his email with his mixtape playing in the background.\"

    I always wanted to do a DJ set like that, except that I would be playing solitaire on the laptop while the mixtape ran. I would end the set after I finished the game, turn the screen around, expose to the audience the cards bouncing around, flash a shit-eating grin, and run for my life.

  • Nawash

    When it comes to hip hop in Shanghai, the best DJs are definitely Choyce Kutz and B-Kut. Those are my boyzzzzz!!! They can play commercial mash up and make the girls shake their booty, but what they are the best at and what they enjoy the most is playing REAL HIP HOP, underground and brand new tracks. Cuz remember, the role of a DJ is not to play all the songs you hear on radio everyday, but to make you discover new tracks!


  • ClementPony

    thx for this comment Sacco!
    djs are taking all the credit for music they havnt written...
    100% with you on that...

  • carlonseider

    DJs, DJs, DJs. Yawn.

  • Stewie Griffin

    shiiit i forgot to send mine...
    \"My favorite dj for 2009 is clement pony because anytime he tries to grow a moustache i laugh my ass off.
    besides that djs are useless pretentious cunts, and frankly if you don\'t produce or at least scratch you\'d rather stay home and jerk off.\"
    Laura Ingalls (PRODUCER, dj for cash and ungrateful motherfucker)

  • catherine vilia

    is this such a best dj perfrom in Shanghai? i recommended DJ Danes. i dunno either he\'s a freelance dj or not, but i often saw him \'DJ-ing\' in so many party such as shanghai fun party and his song was very awesome.

  • DJ.BKut

    Our work and a lot of people forget this, is to promote the song of the artist make the people jump on it so they can sell album, we are here to show to the customer that even an Artist made a Radio Shit song he can also bring real beatz and make people bounce so they will sell more CD this is a job of a Dj and it\'\'s real...THe bad things is nowaday the people jumping only in some classic shit, and radio stuff and are not really open to new vibes...But still I love my job and Fuck the people who think that Dj is not a job..
    Peace to all my Hommies DJ keep going we are not dead and Itune not gonna take our place :)
    DJ B-Kut

  • psinology

    \"...And to those that didn\'t: ya fuckin\' dead to me...\"

    woops, sorry mate, completely forgot...

    glad I made the pic selection tho :)

    e z

  • alice264

    Very recently witnessed Clem try to grow a tash... I was impressed and blinded by its mighty bushiness ;-) That, and some other irrelevant factors like music and shit, places the ponies alongside with Dave K at the top of my fav dj list!

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