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Best Laid Plans: Part II
By Feb 3, 2012 Nightlife

Reeeeee-wind. Here's part 2 of 2 -- another bunch of Shanghai-based promoters discussing what music, nightlife, clubbing, whatever events they're working on for the year of the dragon.

Good times, my friends. Good times.


V-Nutz for The Shelter

The year of dragon will definitely busier than 2011 for me -- just locked down Cut Chemist for March 3. I will also have the DMC China 10th anniversary in this summer, so I'm thinking to have Z-trip and Nu Mark both in for that… there are few guests on my list, including Kid Koala (June), Craze, and Hifana. Also, there is opportunity to bring out Madlib this year since both his manager and I want this happen in 2012 -- it will be his debut in China.

One more interesting event I always want to do is the Do Over party from LA. It’s been hosted by Jamie Strong who was the manager from Stones Throw for years and it’s one of the most interesting event for the music community. It is a free event and the line up is amazing -- Flying Lotus, Madlib, Dam Funk, Jazzy Jeff, May Hawthorne, Cut Chemist and more. Great musicians and DJs have been performing at it in past few years. I have been talking about having it in Shanghai with Jamie since last year -- seems like it will happen early in the summer of this year.

Archie Hamilton for Split Works

As for us, we have our usual slate of festivities: Jue is coming up fast and is looking like the best we've ever put together. What's really exciting is the massive improvements that we've made with respect to the art component. Abby and her team have done an amazing job pulling together Shanghai and Beijing's creative communities and we have a veritable smorgasbord of treats on offer. We're extending the concept of "JUE" (sense) to incorporate see, hear, feel, touch and smell: everything from sensory installations to our Jue Next Gen photography competition where this year our friends, Ospop are enabling us to give a considerable amount of money to the winner. It's going to be super exciting to see it all break down.

In May we'll have the fifth edition of TransmitCHINA. We're seeing the emergence of real solutions to the problems that the music industry (and in particular, content creators) face as viable streaming services and other digital offerings emerge, so we're excited to see what will come out of 2012's creative industry think tank. We have another really exciting festival that we are trying to launch immediately afterward, one that will concentrate on the juxtaposition of city and urban living allied to sustainable life practices. We have an incredible post industrial venue about 40 minutes outside of Shanghai -- watch this space…

We're already talking to artists about Black Rabbit 2012 and we're working out size and scale at the moment, but we are definitely back in Shanghai in late September early October 2012.

In between, we're working with the British Council on their programming for their UK Now initiative, bringing four British artists on extended tours of China between April and November. We have offers lodged for other artists through to July and there are some great ones in the mix. As with everything, it's a balance between size, frequency and price -- we don't want to flood the market and we aren't really interested in artists that are pricing themselves beyond the pockets of the average Chinese fan.

So, not giving away a great deal I'm afraid, but plans are big, ambition is high, and excitement is palpable. We've got our fingers crossed...

Oh, and you can add Henry Rollins to that if you like, coming to Shanghai doing his spoken word show. Will be super underground… off the radar.

Toni Aparisi for Lola

Lola starts the year of the dragon with a lot of diverse upcoming shows. Resident DJs Teasy, Tony Blunt, and Frank Costello just added a new talent to the team: Alecs Marta. With over 20 years in the music scene Alecs is one of the most respected DJs and producers from Spain. He’s also the owner of Cuatro records and he himself has releases on Treibstoff, Harthouse and Global Underground, to mention a few.

We’re also playing up the Spanish element of Lola, with a flamenco night twice a month, hosted by Ana Sevilla and Los Antonios -- live flamenco show, live guitar and singing, and the most powerful flamenco dance performance in town.

Looking ahead to the year, Lola will be working with different external promoters from China and abroad, helping to build our monthly line up. The idea is to cooperate and participate with Shanghai´s music scene, trying to please different crowds while maintaining relevance in the city.

Manabu Kitabori (JPN) is the first bet for this month, Friday, February 24. He’s the resident DJ at Solfa club, and one of the most active DJs in Japan.

Following that, March is a big month: Friday, March 2, we have Tagtraujmer and Daredude (GER). Tagtraumer is the label chief of BlackFoxMusic. Both of them are doing a tour for the five-year anniversary of BlackFoxMusic -- the best techno and house coming from the capital of electronic music, Berlin.

After that on March 9, the Ding Dong night is teaming up with Lola, bringing DJ Kaos (GER) -- the German master has released in the best labels around the world: DFA, COMPOST, and K7.

This is all mixed with this shows with locally-based DJs -- Razor, Skinny Pants, Jay.Soul, Skinny Babou, and many more...

Expect a year of big surprises at Lola.

Cynthia Fernandez for The Ice Cream Truck

For the year of the dragon, TICT resolves to dance dirtier, party harder and have more fun than any other dairy-product-based events agency in Shanghai.

We’re kicking things off with a new series called 'HERRO!' The idea is to introduce our favorite acts to Shanghai with giant parties in warehouse-type locations. The first one goes down on February 17 and features San Francisco heavyweight Justin Martin (dirtybird). We’re stoked to have him come out and play in the amazing space at the Waterhouse. The way dubstep, techno and indie dance have taken root here thanks to great promoters and parties, HERRO! is here to show China what’s happening around the world in fun/dirty/bass-driven house and electro.

Springtime will see the return of D.A.F.F. -- TICT’s Design, Art & Fashion Fair. We were so blown away by the support we received from participants, sponsors and attendees last year that we decided to make it a biannual event. D.A.F.F. is different from what we’re known for, but animated by the same goal -- connecting people from different creative backgrounds, whether it be music, fashion, design or art, to inspire a sense of community. Expect more local designers and creative minds of all types showing and selling their stuff, more live art and music performances, and more tasty food, at the same brilliant waterfront location.

We’ll also be helping our friends at Nova throw three more banging Ministry of Sound events for the 4 Seasons series. The first one packed the Wharf warehouse with 1,500 partiers -- we’re aiming to outdo ourselves by finding more unique venues and bringing top DJs for the spring, summer and fall editions.

When Summer hits, the Truck shifts into high gear: the third year of our Summer Rooftop parties sparking twelve-hour dance parties at the Bund signal tower; beach and pool party mayhem, a block party plus a few other surprises in the works. Here’s hoping it warms up soon! Good times ahead, Shanghai.

Shanghai_Ultra for VOID

The cult of Void attracts more and more followers. Big things are happening for the collective this year -- fresh new DJs from Russia, Serbia and France joining the crew, live performances with trumpet players from MHP, the long-awaited release of an album from myself, Mr. Ultra, some crew tours to Chengdu, Kunming and Xiamen in the offing, and a new website following the previous propagana minister's disposal.

But it’s in Shanghai were Void are upping the party heat as the team prepare to light more searing infernos on the city's dancefloors. In preparation for dragon year, the new Void members have gone through an initiation ceremony which involves the sacrifice of a laptop DJ whilst standing in a circle chanting, ad captandum vulgus.

The indoctrination of Tzu Sing into the Void collective is a big development -- he's got the everyone buzzing recently with his aggro-acid and weird synth-pop sounds Nat Alexander will return also having been rescued from deep freeze -- he is the Dr. Who of the Shanghai scene with his multi-dimensional performances and sets. DJ Zammo, Void's glamour playboy, brings sounds of smoothness, verve, and panache whilst being the acceptable diplomatic face of edgy Shanghai underground collectives today.

And, as predicted, in an unexpected development, Void's prodigal son, Ultra has returned from re-education in the jungle gulag of Kunming after offending the promotion gods in 2011 with too many impertinent outbursts and rants. He successfully underwent a self-rectification ritual which involved eating a flying squirrel after a spiritual journey to Nujiang Valley (pics available). He plans to make an impromptu appearance at Void after China's Jedi knight, Dj Jackie, this Saturday at Shelter having been purged of all integrity and programmed to play beatport techno.

Elsewhere we are working on a venue for another warehouse party, and some very exciting international guests are coming -- at least a few of whom may shock the music-loving community in Shanghai and delight our loyal band of cult followers. Rob Hood may be back, and expect to see more Void DJs coming out of hiding to appear at festivals -- I’ll be at Modern Sky in April and other crew members will bring their noise to the outdoor party people later this year. 2012 -- a year of musical PASSION from Void.

R3 for S.T.D.

Shanghai, but we've already had some stellar nights this year with Yuksek earlier in January and then had a good all fashioned Rock/Dance spaz out at YYT last week...

As for things on the horizon, well we have legendary guitarist and founding member of Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna, Mr. Jorma Kaukonen next Sunday at Yuyintang. He's supported by the very talented folk singer/songwriter Arms and Legs and it looks to be a great way to get some piece of mind on a Sunday evening.

The next big show will be on March 9 with MEN also at Lune. They've had a really big year in 2011 and made their way to Coachella and supported acts like Peaches, The Gossip and CSS. They've got an outrageous live show and we'll be looking to go pretty late with that one as S.T.DJs will be supporting. And then the very next night at YYT, S.T.D. hosts Steely Heart from Beijing. You may remember the first show we did for them at LOgO…singer was falling all over the place...probably the drunkest front man I've ever seen perform. Completely rock ‘n’ roll... it was excellent.

Then we look at April and that is when things are getting real juicy for us. There's a lot of big... BIG acts we are trying to pin down. Hard for us to say now... but I'm sure you'll hear about it soon enough. We have a lot of collaborations in the pipeline, including one with The Hacienda (yes, the one from Manchester) on bringing a residency to Shanghai. That means we can expect some top artists from UK coming here every couple months. We're also speaking with the regular Chinese festivals in helping them produce their electronic stages and book artists for them as we did last year.

I think the one project with S.T.D. that I'm most excited about this year is something called OK, PLAY! We felt that the Shanghai nightlife needed a stir to keep things interesting... so we're just gonna go ahead and do that. It really does have the potential to blow shit up in this city but more about that to come. See you round.


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  • Heatwolves

    Gary please make sure that Madlib comes to Shanghai. That would be a preview of the Matrix 12.

  • tranescend

    yes, madlib, please. could you just get Lootpack back together, actually?

  • garyshelter

    @heatwolves: Mad can not come by himself for sure.

  • sal_hawk

    Yeah, I think this has been my first post on here. MADLIB!

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