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Interview: Feel My Bicep
Love Bang hosts Feel My Bicep Friday night for Jue Fest kick-off. Their Creatine Supplement shake brings all the boys to the yard...
By Mar 9, 2012 Nightlife

Feel My Bicep is two dudes from Belfast via London who play slutty, sweaty house, disco, funk music for people to enjoy themselves to. They’re in tonight at for the “Love Bang” debut at The Shelter, kicking off the Jue Festival -- they’re in the mix of five DJs, two MCs, and more, moar, more.

Basically, just good times to go have a lil’ drink and dance to if that’s what you like to do, with genre hopscotching music -- 80s analogue jam-sounding house to hip hop and maybe juke and UK Funky and whatever else. More about Feel My Bicep: originals and remixes on Domino, RVNG, and Throne of Bood (co-owned by The Rapture), and a DJ resume that lately includes Space Ibiza, Sirip Nation festival, and London club Plastic People.

Taste the goods:

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They also do this popular mp3 blog,, which features downloads and streams of rare releases and new stuff, from lowly, visceral genres to heady cosmic concerts. You should check that out.

SmartShanghai talked to Feel My Bicep about ‘roid rage dance music.


SmSh: Maybe you could start with introducing yourself? Who are you guys? What do you do?

Bicep: We, Bicep, are Andy and Matt based in London for the time being, but both originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Have known each other since we were like four -- went to the same high school and both had a love for music in general. We run the blog and also DJ under the name Bicep.

SmSh: Shitty question but it must be done: Describe what kind of music you’re playing? For people hitting The Shelter on Friday night, what’s sorts of stuff can they expect?

Bicep: I think the New York or Chicago music scenes have been a big influence -- disco, house, and everything in between. We both consider Ron Hardy and Larry Levan our favourite DJs… but putting tracks in genres just creates boundaries and to be a DJ you need to just be confident enough to drop whatever you want.

We take a similar approach when we play -- expect to hear everything from Prince to Aphex Twin.

SmSh: You got a few tracks that you always play?

Bicep: This year we have been playing a lot of our own stuff out recently, especially our Blondes remix. I think that has consistently been in our sets the last sic months, and also our new track “$tripper”.

SmSh: So what’s London like these days, in terms of the music coming out of that city? And what’s it like making a living there now off music?

Bicep: London is probably the best city in the world for music right now in my opinion. Every weekend we are spoilt for choice with an array of amazing local talent and international guests. Producers are pushing the boundaries and everyone is really supportive of each-others' respective scenes.

London is an amazing place to live, not easy to be a DJ and live there but it can be done. The inspiration of the place is enough for us to stay…

SmSh: I understand you’re in the middle of a short China tour and you were in Shanghai before… What have your experiences been with playing in China? And can you tell a discernible difference in the crowds and clubs between the UK and China? Do you have to change what you do?

Bicep: Totally, there’s is a big difference in the audiences in UK and China. In the UK, you can get away with playing dark, 12-minute soundscapes that just create a vibe, in China, however, they like to be served up a new track every couple of minutes. It’s challenging but interesting at the same time -- lots of party vibes behind the decks out here which can only be a good thing.

SmSh: You guys are doing remixes and working on producing your own material -- how does it work producing as a duo – what is your process in regards to putting a track or remix together?

Bicep: We usually have a mess about separately and get lots of sketches down, then we make a kinda hybrid track of all our ideas. Having two different angles on every track definitely adds something quite unique to our productions…

SmSh: You’ve done some remixes recently – Blondes, Toby Tobias... If you could do a remix from anyone, anywhere, anytime, who would it be and why?

Bicep: We would love to work with Depeche Mode in their heyday – they’re one of our all time favourite bands and would work really well with our style of production. Dave Gahan's vocals are always amazing and the band always use amazing noises. There would be so much to work and play with which is always nice.

SmSh: Tell us about the website -- how did that start. Did that come out of you guys DJing or did you have the website before?

Bicep: We have been DJing since we are in our early teens, and when we started the blog, it was never our intention to create a website, it was more a place where we could share music with our close friends when we all moved to different parts of the world… and here we are.

SmSh: How do you go about selecting songs with that? And do you have issues with copyright holders and labels getting pissed about you uploading tracks?

Bicep: We listen to music everyday and actively look for new stuff all the time. We are always in record stores across the world or on YouTube trying to track down new stuff -- it’s just something we love to do and still get excited by the prospect of finding amazing music. We have only ever had two complaints on the blog and that was in the early days. Ironically the people that complained, now beg us to put up their stuff now.

SmSh: With the imagery of the website, the music, and the feel of the show, humor seems to be a pretty big element of your stuff -- where would you say that impulse comes from?

Bicep: Yeah, it's really our personal expression -- we like to be positive on the blog and hopefully feel a bit more personal to our audience than your average music magazine or website. We love photography and art, we often joke that we spend more time looking for images on the blog rather than the music.

The ace thing about a blog is that we have no restrictions about what we can write, sometimes hungover you can think up some funny stuff.

SmSh: What are you guys currently working on and what’s next for Feel My Bicep?

Bicep: Production wise, we are going pretty deep and there is a definite NYC/UK garage influence in our music that we are going to release over the next year. It was a natural progression coming from a hard techno background, we are coming round full circle almost with a refreshing outlook and progressing the sound. FMB will still be going strong and hopefully still finding gems for you…


Feel My Bicep is on Friday night at Love Bang at The Shelter. Cover is 50rmb. Starts 10pm. Support from The Super Ayi Cleaing Team and super friends.

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  • Heatwolves

    much love to everyone who came out to Shelter, and to Smart SH for doing this interview. <3 觉

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