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Live On Solid Rock
By Jul 31, 2008 Nightlife
Just one more weekend before the Olympics (or is it two?), Shanghai's live music venues feel the squeeze from The Man, and the city's affections turn from power chords to power lifting.


How about this one then: ... and the city's affections turn from stage dives to arm-stand, back, double somersault tuck, swan dives.


Super VC @ Windows Underground

The big one this weekend is the S.T.D.-presented, BJ Brit-pop-ish band Super VC from Beijing playing at Windows Underground. Hailed by Newsweek (Chinese Newsweek or that other one?) as "a representative of new Chinese rock generation," they formed back in the post-Brit pop, Travis-happy days of 2001, and have managed to accrue success both at home (albums, awards, chart scorchers) and overseas with international tours.

Here's their MySpace page.

Super VC this Saturday at Windows Underground. Cover is 50rmb. Starts 10pm.


Metal Night @ Yuyintang

Metalheads are super excited because Guillermo del Toro is directing The Hobbit movie and buddy who played Gandalf is signed on to reprise his role. Should be real sweet.

So it's a good time to kick back, slip an Obituary disk in the player, draw Iron Maiden and Pantera logos on your school binders, and just get dramatically morose with life.

Maybe Mastadon will never come to China (even though they're just now touring with Slayer), but Yuyintang's got the next best thing: a triple shot of local metal bands spanning the gamut of the genre from nu, to black, to death: Chaos Mind (experimental metal), 5-Pointed Star (nu metal), and ... Screaming Jesus (melodious black metal).

If Satan is your homeboy, head on down for that one for sure.

Metal Night this Friday at Yuyintang. Cover is 30rmb. Starts 8pm.

The Dropkicks @ Logo

Playing a Friday night show at LOgO bar are The Dropkicks, a locally-based band who do hardrock / punk covers (and originals these days maybe?). They're a talented trio of musicians, great performers, and suitably loud enough to pull off covers of Dead Boys' "Sonic Reducer" and The Stooges' "Search and Destroy," among others.

Hopefully they don't do that goddamn Jet song, though. It bums everybody out. How about a Dicks cover?

There's no door charge for that one, so head on down if you're up for a night with the classics.

The Dropkicks this Saturday at LOgO. Starts 10pm. No cover.


Last week was the deadline for bands to apply to be in Beijing's Midi Festival (scheduled to take place, God willing, from Sept 28 to Oct 1, this year), so they'll be releasing their line-up of bands for that one in the coming weeks. August might be a pretty thin month for local shows though, so here's to hoping things turn around in September. Live Bar has a full month planned, however, with live music every weekend and other assorted weirdness during the week (Nirvana tribute show on August 9 and some dudes playing video game theme songs on August 10).

There are also a few rumors of bigger festival-ish concerts taking place after the Olympics -- in addition to the standard cavalcade of geezers applying for performance licenses -- as people look forward to September, but it's all still up in the air, and you can't really be sure what's going to happen.

Although probably, if you put your songs on a "Songs for Tibet" comp and play a live show to that theme, odds are you're going to be denied a performance permit. Hi Sting. First day?

But hey, Beijing post-rock band extraordinaire PK14 have rescheduled their canceled show at Windows Underground for September 13, so there's some silver lining...

And I'm crossing my fingers that 2009 will be the year of KISS in China.
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