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MESH (and Diplo) Primer

Jump up, jump up -- MESH and Diplo all over Shanghai this weekend. All you need to know to get meshup up -- tickets, talks, shows.
By Jun 1, 2011 Nightlife


Lots of things going down for this two-day MESH and Diplo event this weekend. Lots to get your head around. Here’s a breakdown on who, what, where, when, so you can see if any of it is up your alley. Here’s MESH explained.

MESH In Brief

MESH -- Music Exchange Social Hub -- is a two-day, day, evening, night time event, happening this Saturday AND Sunday in various venues around Shanghai. During the day are various talks, demos, and panel discussions comprised of people culled from the Shanghai and greater China music community. They’re doing topic-oriented discussions, dealing with issues concerning the manufacture and dissemination of new music in China. More details on the daytime events below.

After the daytime stuff is two main MESH after-parties: the first is on the Saturday, this Saturday, and it features a performance by American DJ/ producer/song writer Diplo at The Mixing Room. The after-party for the next night, Sunday night, is a “Block Party” on Yongfu Lu, and the majority of MESH participants are playing at The Shelter, Shiva Lounge, and The Apartment concurrently. All three of those venues are doing the MESH after-party thing on Sunday night. And everyone has work off the next day, so expect that to get pretty nutty.

Bet the hashish-marijuana- hashish-marijuana- hashish-marijuana guy is really looking forward to this thing.

TICKETS: Tickets are broken down depending on what you want to see. Do you just want to see just Diplo and not the day-time stuff? You can do that, man. Do you just want to go to one day of it, as well as Diplo? No problem, guy. Do you want all of it? Get the MESH + Diplo pass and that gets you into everything, son.

More details on the specific ticket categories at the ordering page, but we’ll leave you with this: if you order the MESH tickets as well as the Diplo tickets, you get your Diplo tickets cheaper. Think about it.

Click here to order MESH and/or Diplo tickets.

Just Tell Me About Diplo

Okay, so forget about all the other stuff going on. If you’re only interested in Diplo, this is all you need to know: He’s performing this Saturday at The Mixing Room, along with a slew of China-based DJs and producers. Pre-sale tickets are 150rmb (order here) versus the door charge, which is 250rmb.

You don’t even have to deal with this other MESH stuff if you just want to go to the Diplo thing. So apparently, for this event, there’s two rooms of music. Complete line-up is these people: elnomo, Cavia, Mau Mau, Siesta, and Diplo is joined on stage by two true playaz from China: V-Nutz (SH) and Wordy (BJ).

Oh wait, Mixing Room is real far away in Pudong, right?

Yes. Yes, it is. That’s why they have arranged shuttle buses to and from the event this Saturday. These are for pre-sale ticket holders only.

Shuttle Service:

22:45 / 23:15 JINGAN (Changde Lu Metro)
23:00 / 23:45 XINTIANDI (Madang/Zizhong)
23:45 / 00:30 BUND (ATANU - 1 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu)

Return shuttle service 03:00-04:30, from the venue to the Bund Area. (Every 30 mins.)

But Who Is Diplo Again

Diplo is one of the most famous DJs, songwriters, producers from the States, and the founder of Mad Decent record label. He rose to prominence on the heels of some mixtapes that blew up in the early part of the last decade, and later became a household name from his work with UK musician M.I.A., on her album Kala (2007). In particular, Diplo is known for writing the track “Paper Planes”, which was quite the hit. Pretty ubiquitous. Here is it again. Go straight to hell, boy.

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Throughout the ‘00s in the States, Diplo was one of the key guys breaking electronic and new hip hop to mainstream audiences, showing the rock kids that they in fact quite like the blips and bleeps and not just the guitars. Along with, I dunno, probably Steve Aoki or someone, Diplo represents to the kids the new face of American dance music, such as it is. His lists of collaborations and writing/producing/ and, in particular, remixing credits is long and mighty: Shakira, Robyn, Kid Cudi, Snoop, Die Antwoord -- I’m not going to list them all. Basically anyone who has been making music for the last 10 years. He’s even remixed Bart Simpson.

Lately, he’s known for his collaboration with UK-based producer Switch, called Major Lazer, which is also roundly heralded by the pertinent music crickets as the word of GOD. It's a demented dancehall kind of thing -- sounds like hitting the studio after a marathon session of Asteroids. Their latest was Lazers Never Die, which was released in 2010, and they have another one planned for this year.

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So that’s Diplo in brief. Again, you can get tickets to just see Diplo, without attending the other MESH stuff.

Diplo. Saturday. Mixing Room. 150rmb pre-sales. Click here to order.

What About Those Other After-Parties

So, Diplo is on the Saturday, and on the Sunday night (remember: no work on Monday), after the talks have been talked and the demos have been demo’ed, is the “Yongfu Lu Block Party". Starting at 10pm on Sunday, three venues on Yongfu Lu -- The Shelter, Shiva Lounge, and The Apartment -- will be hosting bulging line-ups of MESH guests in all categories: DJs, producers, musicians, singers, MCs, whatevers, the works. Should be a fustercluck of random music and things. DJ and live musicians mixed up, playing in a variety of styles.

At The Shelter you have: Han Han (Duck Fight Goose), Leizi (Sonnet, Pinkberry), Drunk Monk + ChaCha, Sulumi, SIG, Fred Hu, Webber, Siesta.

At The Apartment you have: Little Punk, Acid Pony Club, sax player Willow Nelson, The Uhh, Mau, Mau, Doggy

At Shiva Lounge: Acupuncture Crew from Beijing represents -- Elvis T, joined by MIA and Milan J.

Scroll down to the bottom for intros and weblinks for all these dudes.

So all three of those run from 10pm till late, and are free entry for MESH ticket holders. (Again, click here to order tickets.) Non-MESH pass holders, on Sunday night The Shelter has a 50rmb cover. You have been warned.

But What About The Ice Cream Truck Parties

Yes, along with these two after-parties -- Diplo on Saturday and Block Party on Sunday -- local party impresarios The Ice Cream Truck are doing a “Rooftop Series” on both Saturday and Sunday at Atanu on the Bund. These are afternoon parties -- running from 2pm to 11pm, featuring TICT DJs and Beijing 8-bit wiz Sulumi on Saturday, and TICT DJs and Elvis T. on Sunday.

Basically, it’s to get you from the afternoon discussions to the after-parties. Go, hang out, have a drink, get some sun, listen to some tunes. Cover is 60rmb but it’s free for MESH pass holders. And…. Click here to order tickets.

Alright, What Are These MESH Talks All About, Then

Okay, finally, here’s the main idea of this MESH thing: two days worth of panel discussions and related events focusing on China music industry issues.

In brief: all these events are happening at KIN, and scheduled between 1pm and 9pm. Some of these talks are in Chinese with a bit of English translation, and some of these are in English with a bit of Chinese translation. It varies.

Ticket status: SmartTicket has limited supplies of these tickets to these daytime MESH events. It’s a pretty intimate space, KIN, so if you want to go, make sure you order now.

Here’s what’s on, what they’re talking about, and who’s doing the talking. Sorry for the scrolling... it's a long list. This is Saturday:

And this is Sunday:

So that’s it. Hope it’s all clear. You should go to it. Some of it. All of it. Up to you.



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  • psinology

    Fuckin'ell, hats off Jane for pulling together a massive chunk from all walks of China's music life together for what seems to be a pretty unique event in terms of breath, scope and ambition. Wish I could be there, sure this will be an amazing event!

  • luckyone2006

    Best part:
    "Bet the hashish-marijuana- hashish-marijuana- hashish-marijuana guy is really looking forward to this thing."

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