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MP3 Monday: Local Milestones
A rundown of local band news -- releases, upcoming shows previews, and some downloads from local math rock band, X is Y.
By Feb 21, 2011 Nightlife

MP3 Monday is a weekly SmartShanghai column, serving up mp3s from bands living and making music in China (or coming to China, or thinking about coming to China, or whatever). Copyright holders: if you would like your song removed, please email us here, and we'll honor your request promptly.

Lots of stuff going on in Shanghai in March and more, with basically all the Shanghai-based promoters pulling in some “international big names” as we rock the EFF out on our way into spring and summer. On top of that, it’s festival season again, with Strawberry Festival heading in to Suzhou (among other cities around China), whatever unconfirmedness Midi is cooking up, your multi-venue, multi-date Jue Festival, and the return of Fete de la Musique down the line in June, not to mention all the other stuff all over China, in Beijing, Chengdu, Nanjing, and beyond.

So you’re going to start being inundated with “not to be missed” events and concerts and all that, but we beseech you -- humbly so -- to not forget about your local rock, bigger than ever before, doing lots of record release concerts and cool shows and stuff. Support the home team. Unsponsored, mostly unpaid, praises unsung, probably not appearing in a Gap ad anytime soon, here’s to your local bands. And here’s a few dates to slot into your calendar in the upcoming month or two or whatever.

Details are still being worked out for these vis a vis cover charges and support bands, so check back later for that.


CD Release Shows:

March 18: Rainbow Danger Club CD Release @ Live Bar

Rainbow Danger Club celebrate their much-anticipated hard copy release of the first disk. Expect trumpets to swoon. The indie rock/modern rock four-piece has been gaining momentum and converts leading up to this thing, and we’re expecting this to be a great night with the focus on a great and varied live act. Thumbs up.

March 26: Moon Tyrant CD Release @ Yuyintang

Loud-ass hard rock four-piece, Moon Tyrant, laying it down on disc for the first time. You can already hear bits and pieces of their recorded stuff at their Douban, and we’re looking forward to the final product, as it speeds through Luwan Rock studios. Expect a go-for-broke night -- they tend to be pretty rambunctious. Certified fresh.

April 9: Break for Borneo CD Release @ Yuyintang

Free-wheeling pineapple rock from Break For Borneo, Shanghai's finest tropical wave band. We talked about this one before right here. Seems like this one is a bit of a send-off for B4B, as members concentrate on other projects (i.e. Friend or Foe). Should be a bitter sweet night then. And you get your hard copy of their CD then as well. Awesomeness.

[Ed's note: Had my wires crossed on this last one. Originally had it as a Friend or Foe release party -- the two bands share members. Look for a FoF release later in 2011.]


Bits and pieces:

And some more stuff: new songs and band news uploaded on their Douban page from Pairs (hat tip, newbdog); The Fever Machine have a couple of interesting shows lined up – those Fever Machine + Friends things – with a couple of bands in from Nanjing at Yuyintang on March 12, including legacy punks, Old Doll. Also look for The FM guys at festivals all around China, hopefully through big clouds of bong smoke; rumours abound that Duck Fight Goose is getting in the Maybe Mars business, or vice versa; Beat Bandits boys have two Trash a Go Go nights coming up -- look for them as The Instigation as well -- they killed everyone dead, dead, dead at YYT last Saturday. Hopefully they can make it to Japan in the near future; Stegosaurus? have a snappy video and are probably recording something -- I just feel it. And capping that all off you’ve got a new media platform in town -- -- which is local music, arts, opinion. Show reviews and local music coverage and the like.

And that’s just off the top of my head. There are many, many, more local acts that deserve your attention. Why just this weekend there’s two shows at Live Bar, with lots of local shit. Fever Machine and Friends in for the Friday, and more local rock on the Saturday.

On that note, we're closing off with another local band you should watch out for because they’re real good -- thinking man’s RnR. Sounds like they’re down with good stuff: Dinosaur Jr., Shellac, etc. X is Y are recording, or have just finished recording, and will be putting it out soonish. They’re organizing a free showcase of local bands this Saturday night at Live Bar. That’s the ticket this weekend. Click here for the event details of that show. Here’s some stuff I ganked off their Douban. Go there for more. Enjoy.

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