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MP3 Monday: RDC CD Release
Lots of stuff going on this weekend but don't miss out on this one: Rainbow Danger Club this Friday at Live Bar. Em Pea Sans inside.
By Mar 14, 2011 Nightlife

MP3 Monday is a weekly SmartShanghai column, serving up mp3s from bands living and making music in China (or coming to China, or thinking about coming to China, or whatever). Copyright holders: if you would like your song removed, please email us here, and we'll honor your request promptly.

It all hits the fan, righteously, this weekend, with tons of Satan music being performed on stages all over Shanghai.

Shout at the devil:

Friday at Yuyintang is Besnard Lakes, a not-shitty-by-any-means band from Montreal, Canada, playing the old rock sounds that sound new again. That’s part of your Jue Festival (pronounced, Jui-aiiyee-aaahh Festival), and is a highlight of the weeks-long event. Seriously, a good band, I assure you. Actually, while we’re on that -- quick reminder -- The Whitest Boy Alive is on tonight at Dream Factory. Hamiltonwave riders and fans of white boys in general, details for that are right here. Bring your cameras and cigarettes. Feel free to head backstage with both (it’s the side door; keep going past the toilets).

But back to the Friday, it’s the Rainbow Danger Club’s CD release concert, at the Live Bar that is, and they’re the subject of this week’s MP3 Monday column. More fantastic fantastical local rock. See below.

Before we get into that, here’s the Saturday, which is going to be an interesting night for sure. Jue Festival (pronounced, Hoo-rraayy-yay Festival) is teaming up with Beijing label, Maybe Mars to host their label showcase night, which will see two of that label's better acts -- AV Okubo and Snapline -- share a bill with two of Shanghai’s better acts: Duck Fight Goose and Pairs. A full dance-card of forward-thinking rock-plus-electronica, played to a big crowd. A big deal for sure. Meanwhile over at Yuyintang, you’ve got Hedgehog in town, another fine, fine act from Beijing, playing that buzzed out indie rock. Another really good band with a big local following. Tough call to choose. You can’t go wrong with either.

But wait that’s not all. Also on Saturday over at The Mixing Room, the new mid-to-large-sized club / live rock venue compliment to enormous Mercedes Benz Arena in Pudong, is like eight generations of Shanghai rock -- Tian (The Honeys), Yuguo, Pinkberry, Sonnet, and others -- along with Bigger Bang! (dance rock from Beijing) and Motor (international act) playing a 12-hour concert called, “The Longest Night”. Those bands are supported by R3, Teng Boon and Afro J on the decks, rounding out that show. Details here. Starts 8pm. Keeps going until 8am in the morning.

But wait that’s still not all. Over at Lune is your Beat Bandits party, which is The Beat Bandits joined by other goodness from the local crowd for a Japanese Earthquake Benefit Show. So listen, this one is starting late, so you can still go to one of the other concerts and catch this at Lune afterwards. All cash is going to help with the relief efforts in Japan, so make sure you go to that -- 20rmb cover. Yes indeed, starts later on -- like midnightish -- so you can slot that into your night.


So, phew. Back to Friday and back to the Rainbow Danger Club. This Friday at Live Bar, RDC release on physical format, their first CD, Where Maps End -- a momentous occasion, a fine achievement. Hopefully, ‘tis just the first step for this fine local band -- the first step on a long and fruitful journey for Rainbow Danger Club, ending in lawsuits and heroin overdoses -- the dream of any band -- fingers crossed.

And because we all know bass players are the true intelligence -- as well as the heart, balls, and soul behind any rock band -- SmartShanghai talked to RDC bass player, Nichols about this CD and got him to choose two songs from it.

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SmSh: How did you go about recording? What was the process and how long did it take?

Nichols: All the music was recorded at Jesse's apartment [singer / guitarist] and the Juju bomb shelter/music toilet, mixed and produced at my house, and mastered at Luwan Rock. The very first recordings (those that ended up on the EP) were done 10 months ago. At the time, we had very little clue about what we were doing. The last year has essentially been a graduate course in audio engineering and music production. The final product has a lot of beautiful accidents. It's def got flaws, but it's also got character and we couldn't be more proud of it.

SmSh: How many CDs did you make and how are you going to distribute? Like… how can people get the CD if they can’t make the show?

Nichols: We made 1000 Physical CDs and will give them for free at our CD release and free/dirt cheap at all of our shows (next one being the Black Atlantic show) until they run out. If you can't come to our shows or don't believe in going to see live music, you can download the album from our BandCamp page (using the pay-what-you-want model -- minimum (zero USD). Digital release is cool, but I think the physical CD with the original artwork and lyrics sheet is more exciting.

SmSh: What are you plans for the future – touring or anything like that? More recording?

Nichols: Def more recording. We have a ton of new ideas to explore and we are looking forward to experimenting with those pretty much immediately after the release of this CD. Touring? who knows. We'll see who wants to pay us to play somewhere else.


Rainbow Danger Club CD release party is this Friday at Live Bar. Support from Friend of Foe, VJ Tina Sprinkles, and Pairs + The Dudettes together as one. Cover is only 35rmb, and that nets you a free CD.
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