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MP3 Monday: Upcoming Yuyintang Shows
By Apr 26, 2010 Nightlife

Despite a significant run-in with the fuzz this past Friday, the crack PR team down at Yuyintang (read: Super Duper Sophia) assures us all this morning that the upcoming rock shows down at the oft-beleaguered venue will be taking place as planned -- a punk show is planned tomorrow night in fact -- so now more than ever you should head down to one or all of these to show your support.

With the onset of festival season in China, Shanghai gets a good run-off of touring international bands looking to tack on an extra city or two during their visit. On top of that, promoters Split Works have a busy few weeks as well (click here to look at their upcoming concerts), so there is a lot of stuff going on from... oh... say tomorrowish right on into May. Here's the Yuyintang schedule:

April 27: Northern European Rock Showcase

A bunch of Euro skate / "street" / emo punk bands in for a full night of pick-scrapes and jump kicks. Four bands in total: K-Jell; Goldenboy; Steinar Hjelmbrekke; and Desert Son. Entry is 40rmb. Starts 9pm.

April 28: New Faces Underground

For their ongoing series dedicated to showcasing new talent in Shanghai, this week's New Faces Underground features The Spondees, Ho-Tom Conqueror, and The Gooda Boys. Music is folk, blues and classic rock from three acts new to the Yuyintang stage. Cover is free. Starts 9pm.

April 29: Nine Eleven

Piquantly-named French five-piece Nine Eleven drop in for a show at Yuyintang before heading up to the Midi Festival in Beijing. Music is "old school hardcore". Tickets are 40rmb. Opening for them is a band called Broken Promises. Starts 9pm.

April 30: The Revitalization of Shanghai Rock

To kick off the holiday with some city pride, this Friday Yuyintang is hosting a full dance card of local emo / punk / pop punk. It’s called "The Revitalization of Shanghai Rock" and the following bands are playing: Double Control Where, Candy Shop, Forgive and Forget, Little Nature, and Momo. It's a mix of a few Soma acts and some newer bands in Shanghai. Expect this one to get the kids out. Cover is 40rmb.

May 1: Frozen Street

This one will be another big night for Yuyitnang as they host two veteran bands: Frozen Street and Yuguo (Flying Fruit), along with The Rank and Fingers Dancing. Music is Brit pop and alt rock. Cover: 50rmb.


May 2: Xiu Xiu

On May 2 (this Sunday -- it's a holiday), Yuyintang hosts one of the most anticipated acts at this year's Strawberry Festival, Xiu Xiu. An experimental art rock band, Xiu Xiu is basically Jamie Stewart, blending noise and folk with a bunch of wacky instrumentation to cacophonous ends. Shit gets guttural. And real emosh. Throughout most of the '00s, Xiu Xiu has been a critically-acclaimed bastion of the American avant garde, with a massive output in collaborations, singles, covers, and full-lengths. They're in China behind the new album Dear God, I Hate Myself. Read an interview Stewart did with the AV Club about that record here. With local art band Boojii opening -- and Xiu Xiu is probably the first band Boojii has ever played with that they might have an affinity to -- this show will most likely be one of the best ones in Shanghai for 2010. If you're in town, don't miss it. Tickets are 120rmb.

As a side note, Xiu Xiu is also doing a fundraiser for their tour -- check their MySpace info for more details -- swag for you for your donations through the band to At The Crossroads, an organization helping homeless youth. This song if off their 2005 disc, "Women as Lovers".

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May 5: Exile Parade

The next MP3 is from Exile Parade, a band from the UK making it down to Shanghai after doing the festival rounds in Beijing. These guys are making some significant heat on the Douban. Although they’ve only been around since 2006, they got a big leg-up in the UK when their demo caught they eye of Oasis and The Verve producer Owen Morris. They're at Yuyintang on Wednesday, May 5. Tickets are 120rmb. Opening band TBC.

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So there you go. Lots of interesting stuff at Yuyintang. Head on down and buys some beers. See some rawk. Have summore beers.
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  • mikebass14

    I can see why you might bill Xiu Xiu as possibly the best show of \'10, they\'re not entirely un-BCR-ish

  • Andy Best

    They also not entirely un-world famous.

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