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[Going Out]: Where to Party on New Year's Eve
Nearly three dozen ideas for where to drown in free-flow indulgence on the last day of the year.
If Shanghai knows how to do one thing, it's party. And now that we're past Christmas, it's just a few days until the biggest party of the year, sending 2018 out with a bang. Here are 32 ideas about how and where to spend the last minutes of this year.



Party It Out

Bar Rouge does a Gold Party with Champagne showers and pole tricks (500rmb on the door or cheaper here). Mr and Mrs Bund do their annual La Boum blowout (100rmb), MVP throws a see-and-be-seen bash on the 91st floor of the bottle opener with freely flowing Veuve Clicquot (1,500rmb on the door), DJ Zimmer headlines at Le Baron (just try to get in). Electric Circus flies in big-name DJ Dimitri From Paris with free-flow all night in four of the Edition Hotel’s bars (1,588rmb). At Club 3 1/3 it's a Champagne supernova (250rmb). And at Kartel, it's a Champagne shower (648rmb).


Make It A Show

The Pearl throws a Red Phoenix-themed bash (388rmb or cheaper here) with confetti cannons, while Candor has Carnival Blanche, reigned over by drag queen Cocosanti (300rmb here). Coco Zhao, Ginger Kwan and Denise Minnifield headline Heyday’s jazzy new year party (180rmb). Shake goes for funk & soul with their highly polished band. Horns, drums, cocktails, and dancefloor madness (180rmb).


The Cool Kids

The Elevator crew throw a big rave at X Space (120rmb on the door). Arkham takes it to Outer Space with a local lineup (180rmb or cheaper here). NIGHT SHFT does their own rave with headliner KILL THE NOISE (240rmb or cheaper here). Dada is given over to The Minimalist for three imported techno-ish DJs (100rmb).


The Other Bubbles: Beer

The Rooster does free-flow on draft craft beerz (300rmb). Stone has free-flow on selected beer and free-flow DJ Heatwolves (388rmb). Boxing Cat at Sinan Mansions does free-flow starting at 8pm (268rmb).


Theme Parties

Crazy Rich Asians at Cobra Lily. Great Gatsby at The Long Bar and at The Four Seasons Puxi’s Jazz 37 bar (688rmb). Samba at The Peninsula (1,288rmb), Into The Wild at POP with four hours of free-flow (588rmb or cheaper here). The 1515 West Chophouse & Bar does The Great Countdown, a “fun house full of circus magic gone wild” (231rmb here) while neighbor Calypso does an aviation-themed night including free booze (398rmb here). Caza does Masquerade (250rmb).



Cages does a party full of games, drinks and giveaways. The Nest if you don’t mind standing at the bar. The Cannery had 450 people last year and is free, free, free. The Parrot has that sweet house music and is free until 1am (50rmb after).


Five Stars

The Middle House has a house party with food and two hours of Champagne (988rmb). VUE at the Hyatt on the Bund has free-flow Champagne to match their views (888rmb).

For the full list of parties, see our special page right here.



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