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[Covet]: Porsche 911 Carrera 4

Well, truthfully, I covet a Lamborghini Countach more, but I think they're all the way out in Hongqiao or something so EFF that. We're going with the Porsche 911.
By Jun 30, 2009 Shopping


"Covet" is a celebration of the mass accumulation of commodities. Basically, it's just seeing purchase-worthy stuff around Shanghai and sometimes purchasing it.

Item: Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet (2009)
Store: The Porsche Dealership
Jigga, duo shao qian: 1,868,000rmb (friend price)

Well, truthfully, I covet a Lamborghini Countach more, but I think they're all the way out in Hongqiao or something so EFF that. We're going with the Porsche 911.

Located right in the buzz, buzz, buzz of People's Square, the Porsche dealership is next to the Mercedes Benz dealership, across the street from those bastards at Ferrari. In the showroom they've got about four sports cars and four Porsche SUVs, all stunning testaments to the exalted character of German engineering. The most expensive sports car there -- and therefore my first choice -- is the Carrera 4 Cabriolet, rolling off the lot for 1,868,000rmb. They've got an SUV that costs more, but they're symbols of wasteful extravagance and moral impoverishment. I steered clear of the SUV section. Accompanying posted documentation to the 911 is all in Chinese (are they aware that they're cutting themselves right out of the English teacher market?), so here's the gearhead rundown:

Now, the Cabriolet's got 3.6 bags of milk under the hood and she'll definitely chirp in third if it's wet out. She's coming stock, and I'd get some new shoes on her, instead of those pizza cutters she's got on right now. Even though she's beemer (drop top, eh, guy), I could still drag with 'er if I poured a bottle of whiskey my throat and just drove 'er like I stole 'er.

In addition to luxury automobiles, the dealership has key chains (175rmb), lighters (1106rmb), driving gloves (2755rmb), and other apparel, in case you wish to accessorize your love for Porsche. These items are also useful if you happen to be away from your car and you would like to subtly indicate your ownership thereof.

But there you go: Porsche 911 is 1.8 mil.

The Porsche Dealership is on the ground floor of the Chong Hing Finance Centre, at 288 Nanjing Lu. Just walk in and holla.



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  • shanghaikai

    LoL, right about how to pronounce \"Porsche\" but oh so wrong on spelling \"cabriolet\"! C\'mon, you SWINE! ;)

  • morgan

    so BUSTED. Thanks. Corrected.


    I\'m going to offer them like 1/10th of the asking price and then walk off really slowly when they refuse. Works every time.

  • psinology

    me want!

  • jjose115

    I heard the Countach drives like a block of lead with a wooden gearbox and that the steering is so numb it feels like it was machined out of a block of Marmite.

    I\'m guilty, though, because I had a poster of a white Countach on my bedroom wall all through elementary and middle school ;-)

  • morgan

    White countach poster. Exactly. I also had one as well, right next to my Montley Crue poster (Theatre of Pain).

    I\'m not exactly sure how the countach drives, but the doors open UPWARDS and that\'s it for me.

  • shanghaikai

    No worries about the \"cabriolet\" Just thought I\'d rib you for it after your whole \"swine\" comment. It was hilarious.

    LoL, I wonder if I had the same Countach poster! The old Lamborghinis (pre-VAG takeover) weren\'t known for being comfortable to drive though. Like all fashion, what looks good on the outside often isn\'t too comfortable or even painful on the inside. Cheers.

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