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Pet Sitting Services in Shanghai

Tying up that one last loose end before you head out for the upcoming holidays. Here is a list of businesses that will take care of your pet.
By Feb 11, 2015 SmSh


CNY starts next week. You're about to flit off to the Boracay for a week, but you've got a pet. Little do you know that your Ayi has harbored a deep-seated resentment for your cat ever since he sprayed on her. And let's face it. Your friends and neighbors are useless. So we've compiled a fairly comprehensive list of pet sitting and kennel services. Don't thank us. Just doing our job.


We've seen lots of positive reviews for this service in the blogosphere, too. Catatom specializes in home cat care and wait for it... cat psychology. So if Mittens has daddy issues, this service might be the one for you. They also offer dog-walking services.
Price: 100rmb*
CNY Rate: 120rmb*
Click here for their website.

Pet in Shanghai

Pet in Shanghai provides pet sitting, walking and training services. They say they're trained professionals with a wholehearted love for pets; and seem have some rave reviews on blogs and forums from customers. They're also equipped for cats.

Price: 130rmb*
CNY Rate: Double normal rates*
Address: Your home
FULL FOR CNY as of Feb 10, 2015
Click here for their website.

Lovely Paws Lakeside Pet Resort

More of a hotel than kennel, Lovely Paws is about an hour drive from Shanghai in the Dianshan lake area. They advertise being a no-cage resort where dogs are free to run, swim, sniff asses, hump legs, etc. If that's too far afield, they also offer pick-up and drop-off services.

Price: 158rmb*
CNY Rate: +50rmb per night
Click here for their website.

Paradise Kennel

This kennel in Songjiang district advertises itself as a five-star luxury hotel for your pet, with frequent email updates being sent out to nervous owners, large outdoor spaces and a pool. Paradise Kennel also offers training and grooming services.

Price: 120rmb*
Address: 888 XiShe Lu, SongJiang
Click here for their website.
FULL FOR CNY as of Feb 10, 2015

Doctors Beck & Stone

Primarily a veterinary clinic, this pet hotel offers international standards of boarding at reasonable prices. In addition to your dog or cat, they'll take care exotic pets. All facilities are air-conditioned/heated and ventilated, too.

Price: 71rmb*
CNY Rate: 121rmb*
Click here for their website.

Buddy Dog

This training and baording school is located in a park on the outskirts of Pudong. They have 80 air-conditioned/heated kennels, a 3000 square meter running area, obstacle courses, play areas, and an indoor training room. The place is staffed 24 hours a day as well.

Price: 100rmb*
CNY rate: Same
Click here for their website.

Pet Park

Another one out in Songjiang, Pet Park offers obedience training, agility courses and a pet pool, and is considerably cheaper than others on the list.

Price: 50rmb*
CNY rate: Same
Click here for their website.

Jialiang Pet Shangrila

Everything is dog-related at Jialiang: they sell dogs, board dogs, groom dogs, train dogs…the list goes on. They have an array of rooms available, with prices starting from 160rmb a night.

Price: 110rmb*
CNY Rate: Same
Click here for their website.

Pet Zoo

Pet Zoo is primarily a shop but has a pet hotel attached to it. Prices start from 99rmb, and inevitably increase depending on the size of the animal.

Price: 99rmb*
CNY Rate: Same
Click here for their website.

Bark Shanghai

Bark Shanghai claims to offer sociable boarding for dogs and a calm, quiet environment for cats. They also offer pet grooming, pick-up and drop-off services and pet travel planning. Whatever that is...

Price: 90rmb*
CNY Rate: Same
Click here for their website.

*All prices shown here are the "starting from" costs per night. In most places the bigger the dog/cat/ostrich, the higher the price.



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  • 5 years ago Unverified User

    This is all good, but you know no dog owner really wants their pets in a glorified prison. I think most of them have to put them in cages just because the dogs don't get along with each other. The way to go is having a house sitter to walk and feed them. I have a number of university students that have done this for me in the past. And its worked out great. Pups doesn't have to leave his home and the sitters will do it for 70-100 depending upon the situation. If anyone wants their contacts please msg me on smartsh.

  • 4 years ago cazzarola

    I agree with the comment below about getting someone to go to your home. Whatever you do, don't send your dog to Buddydog. I sent my dog there, and instead of taking care of her, they killed her. They left her in an area with an aggressive dog that lives at the kennel, and that dog attacked and killed my little Isabel. And afterwards, Buddydog showed zero compassion and actually defended the dog that killed mine. Horrific. Find an ayi, a friend, anyone who can go to your home.

  • 4 years ago JEAN - XIAOLIN


    I have a golden retriever and she is really a supper imortant parts of my life, however so is a vacation.
    If you have some reliable University person to recomend for house and dog sitting in a really cool part of Shanghai I would very much appreciate reference.
    I do have an Ayi and she is really great but full time dogy sitting would probably be outside of her ability.

  • 3 years ago JohanneSwe


    If anyone has any recommendations of good dog walkers, me and my wife has a puppy who needs to be taken care of for a week in September. Please message me here and let me know! Regards, Johannes

  • 3 years ago missAngelique

    Hi @JohanneSwe I know someone who would be interested in helping you out :) perhaps you can message me and we can chat.

  • 3 years ago JeanineAK

    I moved to Shanghai in 2015 and got a golden retriever pup. The first thing that came to mind was there goes my holidays as I wouldn't be able to entrust my little baby with anyone. Come summer holidays 2016 and of course we have to travel. I checked out every single kennel except Bark. I was disappointed because to me these kennels looked like glorified prison! I just couldn't bring myself to send her there until I found Lovely Paws by DianShu Lake. It is run by dog-loving couple. It is very expensive but that's what I chose because that is the only one I knew which had social boarding.

  • 3 years ago ElsaM

    Please check out

  • 3 years ago KevinK1975 Unverified User

    Wondering why ohmycat is not listed? I love them, v organized & pro, I highly recommend them

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