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Outbound is SmartShanghai's travel features series dedicated to fascinating and wonderful places, nearby and far-flung, around China and sometimes not, that you can take yourself on for a little vacay.

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  • Neoroll Glamping

    Get out into nature without sacrificing any of the comfort or convenience! Neoroll's Glamping offers tents permanently set up for a very extra camping experience in 6 locations near Shanghai. Facilities include billiards, kayaking, biking, children's playgrounds and various workshops.

  • Shanghai Insiders

    Shanghai Insiders offers a range of tailor-made tours in one of their convertible Beijing Jeeps through the most diverse and stimulating neighborhoods of Shanghai. Your ride is off the beaten track and designed according to your interests. Book now instantly on SmartTicket.

  • Burma Boating

    At Burma Boating, we organize sailing holidays in Burma (Myanmar) and beyond. Passengers can charter private yachts or join one of our cabin cruises, be pampered by our experienced crew and at the same time take part in the sailing aboard our yacht or just relax on deck.

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