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[Ask Mats]: Three's Company?

Apr 09, 2014

Dear Mats

Let's talk about relationships. I've been involved in a couple of serious ones, broken an unclear number of hearts and visited many beds. In all these activities I've never been jealous: I like to share. I've had threesomes more than once and this is the place where you can experiment with new things.

People normally see a relationship as a one-on-one thing, but what if I'd like to try a one-on-one-on-one relationship?

I know it might be impossible to find two right ones and not only one, and they have to get along with each other as well.

But at least I could have great FWBs.

So what do you think about having a three way relationship (and screw monogamy)?


3 Way Lovers

Dear 3WL,

Glad to know I keep you entertained during bored moments at the office. Maybe I should send you a few pics to keep you more entertained? Though my shrinking little titties may not be the best wanking material anymore...

So, the three-way relationship. Isn't it a nice idea? Three people madly in love with each other with no jealousy, just pure love? I once wished I could have this and truly believed in it. I even searched for it. I don't believe as humans we're meant to be with just one mate. Historically polygamy was quite the norm -- across all the continents from Africa to China to North America where it was encountered sporadically with the Native Americans.

But I'm sad to say 3WL, in this modern world, it's going to be hard to come by and be accepted. I'm not saying it doesn't exist. It definitely does but unfortunately it's very rare.

I've had many readers ask me similar questions. Where and how can they find the third? And even just for purely sexual reasons, it's hard to find. Of course, I can tell you what I tell everybody, post ads, talk to friends, get the girl to search as it's more likely she'll find someone (unless you're looking for a guy).

But if it's a "relationship" your looking for with three people, well, come on now, you know that just has to happen naturally. I don't think it's something you could ever force or try to put together. So in some ways, you have to be lucky to find three people who are equally attracted to each other. It ain't easy. Even trying to find two people who are attracted to each other to stay in a relationship is hard.

So keep it as a fantasy. Or post an ad. Or even pay for it, if you're desperate.

But hey, if you happen to find a girl who has similar ideas, then there's nothing stopping you from searching for the third. Just make sure, she is in charge of who comes into the bed or relationship with you. You don't get to be picky here. It doesn't work like that.

Good luck with it!