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A curated guide to Shanghai's best deals and promotions - giving you strictly the facts.
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  • BOGO New York Strip Steak

    Get a 2 for 1 deal on New York Strip Steak every Wednesday (except Holidays).
  • Taco Tuesday

    All you can eat tacos for 100rmb!. From 5pm to 10.30pm at one of Shanghai's most established taco shops.
  • Burger and a Beer

    Mondays, Little Creatures gives a free pale ale with your burger order.
  • BOGO Fish & Chips

    BOGO Mondays at Hooked are for fish & chips, whether grilled or battered.
  • Discount Vouchers

    Get 50% off food voucher when you dine-in every Monday at all Yasmine's branches, to be used within a month.
  • Joe's Pizza Lunch

    No deals at this American slice joint, but do you really need a special when big slices of NY-style pizza start at 20rmb?
  • 20% Off These Crazy Float Sessions

    Floatasian are offering 20% off an immersive gravity-free experiences for new customers. Any 60 minute session you buy now can be used in the next couple months, for when you really need to get some tension out of your system. Note the...
  • Subconscious Super Deals Vol. 2

    Sweet deals on massages and therapies at Subconscious Day Spa. At the Dagu Lu branch, get an 60-minute Oriental or Swedish Oil Massage for 269rmb WITH a complimentary 10 min Head Relaxation massage that's perfect for stress relief. The...
  • Subconscious Super Deals Vol. 2

    Sweet deals on massages and therapies at Subconscious Day Spa. At the Nanfeng Lu branch, get an 60-minute Oriental or Swedish Oil Massage for 269rmb WITH a complimentary 10 min Head Relaxation massage that's perfect for stress relief....
  • Summer Discount All-Day Artificial Beach Entry

    Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental in Songjiang are offering a summer deal for all-day entry to their luxurious 4,400 square-meter outdoor pool and artificial beach. Who needs to travel all the way to Hainan Island when you can just hop...
  • Ippudo Lunch

    Japanese ramen specialist Ippudo doesn't do deals but it's cheap enough that you don't need them. Ramen, like the Shiromaru special, hover around the 50rmb level. Add a plate of gyoza, the classic pairing, for 22rmb.
  • Shirokuma Lunch

    Shirokuma, the white polar bear, has all-day sets for its Japanese curry rice, that pair up the rice with chilled tofu in sesame dressing and soup or a drink.
  • Hatsune Lunch

    For 148rmb, Japanese restaurant Hatsune does four courses, including a vegetable salad, fried 'Nanban' chicken and popcorn shrimp, a sashimi bowl with a big variety of fish, and soup in a dobin mushi teapot.
  • Molokai Lunch

    Casual Cantonese classics, without sets, but cheap enough to order on their own. For example, the curry beef brisket (66rmb) and fresh shrimp wontons (38rmb).
  • Nanxiang Mantou Dian Lunch

    You could go for the 35rmb pork chop set here, but really, Nanxiang Mantou Dian is all about soup dumplings, and even if there's no set for that, they are cheap enough (28rmb for eight pork dumplings) that it's a great place to drop in...
  • Pistolera Lunch

    The Mexican cantina goes Southeast Asian and Taiwanese at lunch, with sets like Taiwanese lu rou fan, green curry chicken rice, and Indonesian fried rice, topping out with the 88rmb Singaporean laksa.
  • Odelice! Lunch

    The French restaurant and creperie does lunch from 48rmb with a selection of galettes, salads and pasta, and a salad or soup with the main course.
  • Blue Frog Lunch

    This China-born burger chain does indeed do big American burgers for lunch, but also Asian sets and pasta, all less than 80rmb as part of a set for lunch.
  • Charlie's Lunch

    This pink, super dog-friendly burger shop puts their cheese burger and roasted pork burger on special for lunch at 60rmb and 65rmb including fries and a soft drink.
  • Home Thai Lunch

    One of Shanghai's better Thai restaurants is ensconced in the corner of a fourth floor of the mall. Go figure. And then go for lunch, when their fiery cooking comes in set-form, with a whole array of small sides to pair with your curry.
    • Dining | Home Thai | Daily until Dec 31 2019
  • El Luchador Lunch

    Pick from nachos, ceviche, any two tacos, a burrito, or a quesadilla, for 65rmb, including a drink, at Xintiandi's premier (only) Mexican restaurant.
  • Scena Lunch

    Splurge at The Ritz Carlton's 52nd floor Italian restaurant. Dinner here will cost you a pretty penny, but at lunch it's a reasonable 228rmb for a big buffet spread. The views to the Pearl Tower and beyond are, as ever, free.
    • Dining | Scena | Weekdays
  • Red Lobster Lunch

    Surprisingly reasonable prices at the American seafood chain, with options ranging from shrimp tacos and fries or a tuna poke (both 78rmb) to lobster tacos (98rmb) or grilled Iceland halibut (158rmb).
  • Gao Chi Lunch

    Taiwanese snack shop Gaochi has special sets with noodles but the real draw here are their extra-fluffy shengjian bao, cooked to order in individual pans.
  • Highline Lunch

    Mid-century modern vibezzz here, along with some top-notch cooking. At lunch, it's on show in their 138rmb sets, with pastas, burgers, smoked fish salads and the like.
  • Cha's Lunch

    Canto classics! Roast duck on rice, wonton noodles, and soy sauce chicken, among many many others. They have sets but the rest of the menu is tempting enough, and inexpensive.
  • Tock's Lunch

    Lunches at this Montreal smoked meats shop, and purveyor of excellent sandwiches, come with a free drink on weekdays until 2pm.
  • Frasca Lunch

    Frasca is a SmSh favorite for their reasonably priced, handmade pastas, and especially at lunch, when those pastas feature on a three-course menu for 138rmb (+30rmb for a fourth, main course). One of the better deals in this area.
  • Stone Sal Lunch

    High-end steakhouse Stone Sal opens up its kitchen for lunch, with choices from 108rmb (a butter grilled tuna melt) to a 158rmb Wagyu beef burger or a 180gram USDA Prime sirloin (188rmb), a great deal for a dish that costs a lot more...
  • Gemma Lunch

    Lunch sets at this casual Italian on Donghu Lu change weekly, but usually include options for a 9-inch pizza, a few types of pasta, and then something like a rib eye steak, Italian-style, or a sauteed codfish, for 88rmb.
    • Dining | Gemma | Weekdays
  • Din Tai Fung Lunch

    Din Tai Fung, the upmarket dumpling master, doesn't need any deals to draw the crowds. However, it's a great place to stop in for a steamer of soup dumplings (66mb for 10 pork dumplings) or simple but quality noodles (red-braised beef...
  • Jumbo Lunch

    At dinner, Jumbo is all about Singaporean crabs. But at lunchtime, it's more like a Singaporean canteen, with surprisingly good deals on Singaporean classics like curry chicken with roti prata, Hainanese chicken rice, laksa with shredded...
  • Five Star Hainan Chicken Rice Lunch

    No lunch sets at this perenially popular Hainan chicken rice joint, but the meals themselves are good enough value, as seen in the constant lunchtime crowds. A quarter of a chicken, plus chicken rice and a drink should run about 85rmb.
  • Beef & Liberty Lunch

    Beef & Liberty's premium burgers are a purist vision of what a burger should be. They are also not cheap. Except on weekdays, when a selection of their most popular burgers are part of a lunch set, with either French fries or a salad,...
  • Morton's Lunch

    Morton's is not cheap, but it's cheap-er at lunch, when the steak sandwich is 158rmb, a crab cake sandwich is 188rmb and a 170g center-cut filet mignon is 318rmb. Alas, the burger is on the high-end at 218rmb, but no one's perfect. White...
  • Morton's Lunch

    Morton's is not cheap, but it's cheap-er at lunch, when the steak sandwich is 158rmb, a crab cake sandwich is 188rmb and a 170g center-cut filet mignon is 318rmb. Alas, the burger is on the high-end at 218rmb, but no one's perfect. White...
  • Terrace Deal

    Get a bottle of prosecco and some fancy snacks to go with it at seul&SEUL's terrace every night from 7-11pm for 398rmb.
    • Dining, Nightlife | seul&SEUL | Daily until Aug 31 2019
  • August Monday Mules

    Head up to the terrace on Mondays for half-off Moscow Mules from 5.30pm.
  • The Nest Brunch

    Perennially cool lounge does more than just nighttime hijinks. During the day, it transforms into a light-filled space with a brunch menu that skews towards seafood, and drinks specials on Grey Goose vodka, "cocktail salad" (drinks with...
  • Highline Brunch

    Cali-flavored lounge Highline does an a la carte brunch menu that mixes up some of the restaurant's signatures, like Chicken and Waffles and a Foie Burger, with healthy and inventive options like a chorizo and crawfish benedict, and a...
  • Brunch

    Brunch at M on the Bund's terrace is a Shanghai institution and something everyone in the city should do at least once, soaking up the riverside breeze while looking out over your eggs and steak Diane to the skyscrapers of Pudong. Two...
  • Brunch

    Commune Social was one of the earlier Western restaurants in Shanghai to do creative, accomplished cooking in a very hip but casual setting (designed by Neri + Hu). The food is small plates of vaguely Spanish / modern Western cooking,...
  • The Grand Brasserie Brunch

    This is a classic five-star hotel brunch, with all the trimmings: chilled seafood, roast meat carved on the buffet and a lavish dessert spread. In addition to the buffet, you also choose three other dishes from a short menu of things...
  • Social Retox

    #THISISNOTSUNDAYBRUNCH the W Shanghai's Kitchen Table screams on its menu. Instead, they offer a "Social Retox" with chefs, mixologists and a resident DJ, with three options: Keep It Fun (food, no booze); Soak It In (food plus unlimited...
  • Mr & Mrs Bund Brunch

    MMB, as it's known, offers perhaps the largest brunch selection in town, largely by re-imagining their standard menu as various brunch sets shared for two people. The sets allow you to jump around the menu and hit signature Paul Pairet...
  • Green & Safe Brunch

    Healthy eating destination Green & Safe does an all day brunch in addition to their huge broadsheet menu, with a short but sweet selection of eight items, including avocado toast, a breakfast burrito, and a classic American breakfast....
  • Brunch

    Seventh Son is an upscale dim sum house inside the Shangri-La hotel that was spun off the Fook Lam Moon restaurant, and is now a force to be reckoned with in its own right. They are masters of the Cantonese dim sum classics, with nearly...
  • Weekend Brunch

    The Puli Hotel's restaurant Phenix has a Michelin star but often flies under the radar. Their Sunday one day brunch, which features a modest hotel buffet plus three courses from a menu starts 468rmb + 16% (food), 718rmb + 16% (food plus...
  • Brunch

    Lei Garden is among the city's best places for Cantonese dim sum, and the lines prove it. This is an upscale experience, with white tablecloths and waitresses in pantsuits, at a surprisingly affordable price. All of the standards are...
  • Brunch

    Royal China is a more homey dim sum affair, a comfortable house of dumplings and roasted meats on the third floor of the Longemont hotel. The Cantonese classics here are done very well, if not always to the strictest of standards, but...
  • Brunch

    Trendy, industrial-ish design, a hidden location and a solid menu of sweet and savory crepes, breakfast sandwiches and simple French dishes made RAC into a verifiable hit for brunch and breakfast.
  • Brunch

    For brunch, Liquid Laundry's menu is short and sweet and runs through a few classics like Belgian waffles and ricotta pancakes but also more imaginative fare like a breakfast pizza.
  • Brunch

    Mr Pancake House doesn't offer any sets on the weekends but prices are gentle enough that it's easy to put together a big brunch on the cheap.
  • Brunch

    Taoyuan Village broke the mould on Chinese breakfast places, introducing trendy design into a meal that is traditionally functional, at best. It's up for debate whether their youtiao and soy milk are actually better than the ones at the...
  • Brunch

    Baker & Spice is first and foremost a bakery, but come weekends, especially at this location on Anfu Lu, its back seating area becomes a great place for pastries, coffee and a selection of simple brunch plates in a light and mod space....
  • Brunch

    Al's Diner is particularly popular on weekend mornings and early afternoons, when almost every table holds a huge stack of fluffy pancakes covered in blueberry sauce, with a small pot of whipped cream on the side. Brunch is a la carte.
  • Brunch

    Brut Eatery is small and fills up fast on the weekends. The vintage, folksy interior is the backdrop to an A la carte weekend brunch that includes a highly popular chicken & waffles, as well as breakfast sandwiches, pasta, and the Brut...