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A curated guide to Shanghai's best deals and promotions - giving you strictly the facts.
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  • Shanghai Insiders Jeep Tour

    Shanghai Insiders offers a range of tailor-made tours in one of their convertible Beijing Jeeps through the most diverse and stimulating neighborhoods in the city. Travel back in time and hear stories about the Art Deco buildings in the...
  • Moganshan Solvang Village Boutique Hotel Autumn Promotion

    Special fall deal at this hotel in Moganshan's quieter parts. Two nights in a room with a king bed, a vegetarian meal for two, and two hours of cycling for 1,980rmb. Contact info on the flyer.
    • Travel | SmSh Territory | Daily except Fri, Sat & Sun until Dec 31 2019
  • Neoroll Glamping (Shanghai)

    Get out into nature without sacrificing any of the comfort or convenience! Neoroll's Glamping at Haiwan Park, located outside of Shanghai, has 27 huge tents permanently set up for a very extra camping experience. Each 45m² tent has a...
  • Yellow Mountains + Hot Springs

    See the best scenic spots of the Yellow mountains in one weekend. Relax in the Huangshan hot springs after a day of hiking. Visit a typical Huizhou style ancient town and try local snacks. 1,299rmb.
  • Yellow Mountain: The West Sea

    Hike Yellow mountains and see the best scenic spots including the Lotus Peak. 1,050rmb.
  • Wuyi Mountain Walk + Bamboo Rafting

    Wuyi Mountains provides one of the most spectacular views of southeastern China. In 1999, this area was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site both for its natural environment and for its culture. By joining our trip, you can enjoy...
  • One Day Hiking and Hot Springs

    Join for a half day hiking at mountain Shu: walking across a bamboo forest, pass a beautiful temple and reach the top to admire the view and appreciate the drastic rise in elevation. After exercise, relax in the outdoor hot springs:...
    • Sports & Recreation, Travel | Wanna Travel | on Sat Nov 16 2019
  • Maple Tree Viewing + Hiking

    Hike on a mountain holding a maple tree festival, with beautiful red leaves, fresh air, and lake views from the mountain. One-day trip. 350rmb.
    • Sports & Recreation, Travel | Wanna Travel | on Sun Nov 17 2019
  • Moganshan Hike

    Spend the weekend in Moganshan hiking the ancient trail, bamboo forest and visit the reservoir. 950rmb.
  • Paragliding + Hiking

    Experience paragliding, hike the plum peak and do a Photowalk in an ancient town in a weekend. 1,350rmb.
  • Zhangjiajie Trip

    See the most important scenic spots in one weekend. - Zhangjiajie National Forest park: Avatar mountains, - Hallelujah Mountain, - Natural bridge, - Tianzi mountain, - the Golden Whimp - If you are lucky, you'll see the Cloud Sea. 1,899rmb.
  • Zhejiang Glass Bridge and Hot Springs

    Walk on 365m long glass bridge and glass platform * Relax in the hot springs at night* Hike ancient trail in bamboo forest. 899rmb.
  • One Day Volcanic Lake Hike

    Relax at a volcanic lake in Zhejiang province and hike through the forest. 350rmb.
  • Shanghai Writing Workshop Retreat

    The Shanghai Writing Workshop is headed to Chongming Island for its fourth three-day writing retreat. For three days, they'll go through different writing exercises, talk craft, and share work. Leave on November 29th and return December...
  • Golden Bell Ancient Trail Hike and Glass Walk

    THE HIGHLIGHTS: Walk on a glass walkway, cross a 1,000 year old bridge, go on an easy hike and enjoy the fall foliage. 350rmb.
  • 8 days Tibet and Everest Base Camp

    8 days tour in Tibet including visiting of Lhasa, the highest city in the world, the highest monastery in the world as well as overnight at Everest Base Camp. 5,920rmb.
  • Qiyun Mountain Hiking

    Winter getaway to one of the four Daoist mountatins, with clear streams, green pines and bamboo grooves, sounds of bells and drums coming from the temples. Explore the unique temple built in the rock. 999rmb.
  • Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

    Visit the first Snow Country in China: the famous Harbin Ice Festival Wonderland, the biggest Siberian Tiger park in the world, wander around Russian street and visit the biggest Orthodox church in the Far East. 2,200rmb.
  • Silk Road Trip

    See the biggest desert in China, snow-capped mountains, ancient cities, Unesco world heritage Mogao caves, the famous Rainbow mountains and a lake in the desert on this trip to Gansu province. 4,800rmb.