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Mandarin Community

  • Editor's Description

    Mandarin school just north of People’s Square. There’s a placement exam for general group classes, after which you’re placed with students at a similar level; the classes roughly correlate to HSK levels, up to HSK6. The normal options (small groups, 1-1, business Chinese) are offered here, with intensive or part-time schedules. There are also classes for more specific needs or interests:  Shanghainese, social media literacy, literature, debate and drama sessions are all advertised.

  • Self Introduction

    Mandarin Community is conveniently located near People’s Square.  We offer one on one classes or small group classes (2-4 students).  Our teachers employ a unique and fun teaching method that will prepare you to use your Chinese in every day situations. 

    We operate on a set of core values that include integrity, treating everyone with respect, and doing the right thing.  That is embodied by our commitment to paying our teachers fairly and only cooperating with businesses who support a similar moral code.  We welcome students of all backgrounds and everyone will be treated with the same level of respect. 

    • Year Founded 2019
    • Age of Students 15+
    • Number of Students
  • Tuition

    Approx 130-300/hr before available discounts

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  • Curriculum

    At Mandarin Community,  there are courses for HSK prep, business Chinese, Chinese for daily living, or bespoke programs to suit your needs.   

  • Class Size

    1-4 students per class

  • Teacher Demographics

    Mandarin Community is committed to maintaining a high quality of instruction for our students.  They only hire professionals who are passionate about teaching Chinese.  Their teachers are all highly dedicated and care very much about their students’ progress.  They plan each class themselves based on the needs of the students and don’t rely on “one size fits all” software.  Mandarin Community constantly seek feedback and take action based on what we receive. 

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  • Extracurricular Activities

    Mandarin Commuinty offer a wide array of activities at our school that support not only learning Chinese, but also teaching students how to be successful expats in China. They do events like CV classes and lectures about visas, business registration, etc.  In addition to fun events like movie nights, dumpling making, and majiang nights.

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