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Mandarin NOW

  • Editor's Description

    Mandarin NOW is a centrally focused Mandarin school that teaches practical Chinese for real-world situations with realistic usage. They measure progress and use the results to provide feedback to students and test students’ knowledge at regular milestones.

  • Self Introduction

    Mandarin NOW Language School is founded by a group of professional and experienced teachers with advanced degrees in Chinese education and literature. We continuously explore innovative teaching methods and apply these in the classroom. This means that the students learn to speak, read and write Mandarin Chinese in the shortest time possible. Our teachers also love teaching! It is their lifelong career and they have the full support from Mandarin NOW to be the best teachers they can be. Because of this passion for teaching, Mandarin NOW is a fun and rewarding environment for both students and teachers.

    • Year Founded 2012
    • Age of Students 18-45
    • Number of Students 800+
  • Tuition

    90rmb per session

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  • Curriculum

    Mandarin NOW has a very interactive and holistic approach to learning Chinese. The lessons are throughly designed to be useful for everyday life with focus on all language learning skills: Oral, listening, reading and writing.

    Courses: Comprehensive Chinese, HSK preparation, Business Chinese, Survival Chinese, Chinese cultural events, Mandarin Camp, Corporation Training

  • Teacher Demographics

    Professional and experienced teachers with advanced degrees of Chinese education and literature.

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  • Extracurricular Activities

    Chinese cultural events.

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