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    Learning Leaders is an after-school debate and public speaking program for children, developing oral and leadership skills.

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    At LearningLeaders, we believe that personal, academic, and professional successes all find their roots in an individual’s potential to learn and lead for life. Our expertise encompasses the disciplines of debate, public speaking, and critical reasoning. Our coaches guide learners develop, enhance, and apply exemplary communication skills. Our alumni view public speaking as a delightful, effortless, and valuable activity. We deliver impactful learning experiences that delight and inspire. The foundation of our learning methodology is a passionate focus on the personalized development of the individual. At LearningLeaders, we coach learners to demonstrate comprehension of new concepts, retain that understanding for the long-term, and guide others to do the same through our three-step process: Active, Interactive, and Reflective Learning.Learners first encounter new concepts on our Online Learning Center, where they actively engage in guided independent learning experiences, including original instructional videos and multimedia activities. During practices, learners collaborate with small groups of peers to interactively develop new skills and receive direct feedback from coaches. After each practice, learners compose written reflections to assess performance and progress, highlighting individual strengths and target improvement areas. In this way, our learning methodology enables learners to achieve their own skill development goals by receiving personalized guidance.

    • Year Founded 2014
    • Age of Students
    • Number of Students 500-1000
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  • Curriculum

    2016 – 2017 Course Offerings Public Speaking and Dramatic Storytelling: Learn the fundamentals of storytelling and engaging an audience. Become comfortable speaking in public. Presentations and Speechwriting – Learn to conduct research and collaboratively compose speeches and presentations. Deliver an original researched presentation. Introduction to Debate - Learn the skills and behaviors to become a confident debater. Participate in your first competitive debate. Novice Debate / Critical Thinking – Learn key critical thinking skills, including formal, informal, and symbolic logic, and inductive and deductive reasoning. Win junior-level debates with valid logic and strong arguments. Intermediate Debate - Learn higher-level debate skills to speak with clarity, structure, and style, focusing on strategies for both the affirmative and negative. Debate on advanced topics and global issues. Advanced Debate - Learn the multiple formats of competitions and how to prepare comprehensively. Succeed during international debate events. Persuasive Speaking for Debaters - Learn to persuade audiences and judges alike with rhetorical devices and a strong understanding of the role context plays in speeches and debates. Deliver your own TED Talk. Elite Debate - Learn to speak articulately and eloquently in any situation, focusing on impromptu as well as prepared topics and presentations. Train for High School Forensic competitions at an Elite level.

  • Class Size

    Maximum of 8:1 student:teacher ratio. Average of 6:1

  • Teacher Demographics

    Six different countries with previous employers including, Teach for America, Yale University, Apple, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, top law firms, private equity background.

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