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Freesoul Montessori Kindergarten

  • Editor's Description

    Accredited sister campus of Italian Casa dei Bambini, operating out of a gorgeous campus. The curriculum is focused on early childhood and follows the Montessori approach. Teaching environment is bilingual, providing an immersive English and Mandarin learning environment from a young age.

  • Self Introduction

    The Freesoul Kindergarten of Pudong is the sister school of the Italian Children’s House established in 1907. This campus is accredited by, the Opera Nazionale Montessori of Italy. Our curriculum is designed for children ages 1.5 to 6 years old and we focus on a child-oriented progressive Montessori approach. Unlike traditional school courses, Montessori courses are designed to help children independently master the basic skills used in everyday life. At Freesoul, we encourage independent learning and natural progression. We are a bi-lingual school where your child will learn both Chinese and English.

    • Year Founded 2015
    • Age of Students 1.5-6 years
    • Number of Students 150
  • Tuition

    15000rmb for the full day program, 10000rmb for the half day program (available only for IC class)

  • Grades Offered

    Mixed age classrooms 18-26 months, 3-6 years

  • Number of Nationalities

    American, Australian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Singaporean

  • Curriculum

    The Freesoul curriculum is based on the Montessori education philosophy. Therefore, we created a special learning environment designed for children who are in their sensitive period (Age: 1.5 to 6) to absorb knowledge effortlessly. As a bi-lingual school, your child will learn both Chinese and English.

  • Class Size

    Casa (ratio 1:6): 24 studentsIC (ratio 1:4): 16 students

  • Teacher Demographics

    Average student-teacher ratio of 6:1 for Casa and 4:1 for IC.

  • Languages Taught

    English, Mandarin

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Each term Freesoul offers different after school activities like ball games, yoga, dance, ballet, orff music, cooking, golf, science classes, art and gymnastics.

  • School Facilities

    Swimming pools, science lab, grand dining hall, multimedia activities center

  • School Bus

    1,200 RMB per month