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Daily until Jul 23 2016 2016-07-22 2016-07-23
KFK pres. Matt Davis
Editor's Description
International headliner Matt Davis performs two nights at the Kung Fu Komedy Club. Davis tours around the world and has appeared at comedy fests in San Francisco, Montreal, and Toronto. His material has appeared on,, and he's been featured in radio and short films. You can get an idea of his material on YouTube. Tickets are 100rmb in advance or 150rmb at the door for both nights.
  • TAGS: Nightlife Comedy
  • DATE:Daily until Jul 23 2016
  • TIME:9pm on Sat, 8.30pm on Sun
© Photo by SmartShanghai
4/F, 1 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Julu Lu
襄阳北路1号4楼, 近巨鹿路
© Photo by SmartShanghai
4/F, 1 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Julu Lu
襄阳北路1号4楼, 近巨鹿路
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