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on Sat Jan 14 2017 2017-01-14 2017-01-14
Shanghai 123 Orientation Seminar
Editor's Description
Shanghai 123 is a free half-day orientation that gives you the resources to navigate your first year and beyond. Knowledgeable speakers and experts address topics important to you: Adjusting to your new environment and culture shock; Water and air concerns; Navigating the medical system; Food safety; Workplace challenges and work-life balance; Resources, opportunities, and supporting spouse topics; Ayis and drivers; Mobile phones and the internet; Fun in Shanghai. No participation fee. Starts at 9am.
2/F, 360 Xingle Lu, near Lianyou Lu
幸乐路360号2楼, 近联友路
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2/F, 360 Xingle Lu, near Lianyou Lu
幸乐路360号2楼, 近联友路