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280 Aomen Lu, near Changhua Lu
澳门路280号, 近昌化路
on Tue May 23, 2017 2017-05-23
Critical Thinking Dinner & Discussion on 'Chivalry'
Editor's Description
"Love, honor, loyalty, bravery. These are the ideals that formed the knight's code of chivalry in the Middle Ages. The myths and legends of King Arthur, Camelot, and the Knights of the Round Table continue to captivate us and bring us back to an era when battles and wars were fought not for victory, but for ideals. In the age of billionaire presidents and airline reaccommodations, we lament that chivalry is dead and that the world has become morally bankrupt." The Shanghai Critical Thinking Group is having a round table dinner and chat on the concept of chivalry. No participation fee but guests pay for their own dinner and drinks. More info here.
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