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Tower A, 3/F, 1146 Biyun Lu, near Huangyang Lu
碧云路1146号A号楼3楼, 近黄杨路
Saturdays until Jan 12 2018 2017-08-05
Shanghai Community Center: Shanghai 123
Editor's Description
The Shanghai Community Center is offering a free half-day orientation every Saturday from August 5 to the middle of January. They're calling it Shanghai 123, a workshop to help newbies crack the city, with discussions on common issues and frequently asked questions (like: how do I get healthcare?). The center will also share some tips they've accumulated from running Shanghai 123 over the last 10 years. The orientation is family-focused and provides lunch and childcare for kids 2-12 free of charge. Every Saturday, starts at 9.30am.
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