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851 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan'an Xi Lu (Entrance behind the Metro Station)
凯旋路851号, 近延安西路口
on Wed Nov 15, 2017 2017-11-15
Vurro, The Amazing One, Half-Man, Half-Cow Band
Editor's Description
Vurro is a shirtless, cow skull-wearing one-man band. Vurro: Half man, half cow. "With magic coming through his 2ingers and rhythm running through his veins this animal of the keyboards hits the cymbals with his horns and plays powerful drums with his feet. With bells in his arms and a voice from beyond the grave invites the believers to be transformed in his shamanic ceremony of rhythm and rock and roll. Vurro, the wild virtuoso, will open the gates of the rough underworld of rock so you can go across dancing." Seriously, the dude wears a cow skull on his head. Sold. 70rmb at the door. Starts 10pm.
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