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on Thu Jan 10 2019 2019-01-10 2019-01-10
Gita & Green in a Gigabyte World: Green Drinks
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments in recent times have proven that an intriguing concept such as human intelligence is programmable. This has enabled machines and robots handle many activities with better precision than humans. Inventions like robotics, autonomous vehicles, smart contracts and artificial TV anchors indicate that there is no limit to such future possibilities with AI. Given the rapid developments in the AI space, it would be valid to ask: Can AI pose an existential challenge to humans in future? Interestingly, possible answers to this question not only stem from technology, but through other sources such as the physical environment we live in, and the philosophical discourse we learnt through Gita ('Bhagavad Gita'). Environment and Philosophy have taught us much before than technology that "consciousness" is a more challenging and existential concept that defines human life, than "intelligence" that can be programmed into machines. Join the 117th Green Drinks Monthly Sustainability forum for an exploration of AI technology (Giga-byte world), through lens of philosophy (Gita), and the abstract world of physical environment we live in (Green). 50rmb for registered guests, 70rmb otherwise. WeWork @ Hunan Road. RSVP:
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