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IconX Summer Skateboard Camp 2019
Editor's Description
Based at the West Bund indoor skatepark, Iconx are hosting several three-day summer camps helping kids aged 6-15 years old learn how to skate like a pro, with a side of character development, health and nutrition. A three-day course costs 1,980rmb, with discounts for members, members friends, twins and early birds (if you enrol before May 31). More info if you scan the QR code on their flyer.
© Photo by SmartShanghai
3399 Longteng Dadao, near Dong'An Lu
龙腾大道3399号, 近东安路
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© Photo by SmartShanghai
3399 Longteng Dadao, near Dong'An Lu
龙腾大道3399号, 近东安路
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