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a'a'a'jiao: an ID
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This show is part of HOW NOW exhibition series featuring young Chinese artists. From How Art Museum: "Faced with the given predicament, if artists hope to play any sort of role in all of this, then they must first posit their practices at the core of the technological mechanism. Due to aaajiao’s background, he welcomes and fully embraces new technology and thought brought about by this revolution; exploring the potential emergency exit for the psychological disposition of human beings through reflecting on technology while proposing a new way of thinking and aesthetics in the form of artworks."
© Photo by SmartShanghai
No. 1, Lane 2277 Zuchongzhi Lu, near Shengxia Lu
祖冲之路2277弄1号, 近盛夏路
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© Photo by SmartShanghai
No. 1, Lane 2277 Zuchongzhi Lu, near Shengxia Lu
祖冲之路2277弄1号, 近盛夏路
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