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Thursdays until Jun 27 2019 2019-06-06 2019-06-27
Overhand Class
Editor's Description
The gym can be boring or hard to get to. Overhand enables active lifestyle via social, entertaining fitness experiences right in your office. Our system tracks your movements in real time to power this engaging, gamified social workout. Overhand Fitness brings you GameFIT, a fun, intense and competitive workout using wearable tech. Scan the QR code to register. 48rmb.
© Photo by SmartShanghai
Bldg 9, 1199 Panyu Lu, near Kaixuan Lu
番禺路1199弄9号楼, 近凯旋路
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© Photo by SmartShanghai
Bldg 9, 1199 Panyu Lu, near Kaixuan Lu
番禺路1199弄9号楼, 近凯旋路
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