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on Fri Jun 21 2019 2019-06-21 2019-06-21
RP Boo
Editor's Description
RP Boo is to Footwork what Juan Atkins is to Techno – a source point for a busting out of innovative ideas and new directions. When asked about his role as progenitor of the genre he humbly notes, “It has taken me a while to adjust to. I actually had to think about how it could have come to be by listening to other producers and DJs that were around as it was forming. All of them said, at different times, hey RP you know you created a mean following of people that are inspired by the way you make tracks and get the dancers into a whole new battle stage with energy. It helps me see that I represent a breathing source of sounds.” Dancing is central to RP Boo. If you’ve been lucky enough to catch one of his DJ sets, such as his groundbreaking 2013 European debut at Unsound Festival in Krakow, you’ll have seen him come out from behind the decks and start dancing in and with the crowd, spreading Footwork both sonically and as an evolving set of movements. People who meet RP Boo may note a stark contrast between the intense battle aesthetics of his latest album “Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints” and the joyousness of RP Boo as an individual. He says, “I know how to speak battle from being in the circles. Footworkers need fuel and they often say, only you can get us to battle like that. Once outside the turntables, I use the same energy to speak with people. It’s a job and I am strong on giving encouragement to others, I want to uplift people. I have to try and walk that life for as long as I am alive.” 70rmb pre-sale, 100rmb on the door.
© Photo by SmartShanghai
2/F, 17 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Changle Lu
襄阳北路17号2楼, 近长乐路
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© Photo by SmartShanghai
2/F, 17 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Changle Lu
襄阳北路17号2楼, 近长乐路