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Mustaba: Project for UAE
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You remember Christo and Jeanne-Claude...that preposterous artistic duo that "wraps" things. A previous outrage beyond words included the 2005 staking of hideously orange flags through Manhattan's Central Park ("The Gates"). Anywho, Christo comes to Shanghai, which is pretty big news. The exhibition shows plans for work in the UAE. Good luck trying to "wrap" that sucker.

Park Ryu Sook Gallery Shanghai is proud to present the preparatory works of THE MASTABA: project for The United Arab Emirates by Christo and Jeanne-Claude for the first time in China. The exhibition will be comprised of a set of drawings and collages prepared in pursuit of realizing the project in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The Mastaba is one of two projects in progress after the completion of the The Gates in 2005, the famous art installation project for Central Park of New York City. The artists are also well-known for their remarkable art projects in the past, including Wrapped Reichstag (Berlin 1971-95), The Umbrellas (Japan-U.S.A 1984-91), Pont Neuf Wrapped (Paris 1975-85), Surrounded Islands (Miami, Florida 1980-83), and The Running Fence (Sonoma and Marine Countries, California 1972-76).
Mastaba, the Arabic word meaning bench, is a forerunner of the pyramids, which is in oblong, trapezoid geometric shape.

First conceived in 1977, The Mastaba will be a work of art made of approximately 410,000 horizontally stacked oil barrels. The Mastaba for the United Arab Emirates has 2 slanted sides and 2 vertical sides, with a flat top. When completed, it will be larger than the largest pyramid in Giza, Egypt. Contrary to all other projects in the past that lasted for 14 days, from which the materials were recycled, The Mastaba, will not be deconstructed after it is built.

Although often mistakenly known as conceptual artists, Christo and Jeanne-Claude do not refer their work as conceptual because the goal of their projects is to realize and build them instead of letting them remain as conceptions presented on paper. Rather than being labeled as artists of a certain genre, they prefer to say their works are about joy and beauty.
Both born on June 13, 1935, this destined couple has been working together since 1961, living and working in New York City since 1964. They do not accept sponsorship of any kind because they value their freedom as artists most of all. They have financed all their projects solely through the sales of preparatory studies, drawings, collages, scale models as well as early works and original lithographs.

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  • DATE:Daily until Oct 7 2008
78 ChangPing Lu, near Suzhou Xi Lu
昌平路78号 近西苏州路
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78 ChangPing Lu, near Suzhou Xi Lu
昌平路78号 近西苏州路