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Where to go out, dance, and revel. Hand-picked events in Shanghai, curated by a team with combined decades in town.
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  • The Great Gatsby

    This is the start of Glam's SUMMER MOVIE NIGHTS featuring all movies full of Glitz, Glamour and Charm. Extended happy hour during the movie. First up: The Great Gatsby.
    • Community | Glam | Today
  • Farewell My Concubine

    Widely considered contemporary China's best film, Farewell My Concubine is the beautifully wrought story of two male stars in a Beijing opera troupe and the woman who comes between them. What give the film its edge is its exploration of...
  • Kohala Pool Party

    SHFT throws a pool party bash in Pudong with DJs, cold drinks from Corona, Absolut and Monster Energy, BBQ hot off the grill and a "secret X-rated weapon". 240rmb pre-sale, 290rmb on the door, tickets include 2 drinks. ShouShan Wealth...
  • Roses in the Salad

    From the book by Bruno Munari comes a theater show for small children. It's a game that'll put wings on your imagination... starting from vegetables. Have you ever seen roses in a salad? The show has been performed at the 2017 Edinburgh...
  • Shanghai Love x Stone Beer Release Party

    Stone Brewing has paired up with Shanghai Love to create the sour, fruity, and dark roasted malt balanced Shadowbinder Black Plum Gose. At 3PM on July 21st, be one of the first people to try this unique collaboration brew and get a...
  • Sick Rose Tattoo Parlour Flash Day

    Sick Rose Tattoo is having a flash day to celebrate the opening of theiir new shop on Ruijin 2nd Road. Hundreds of designs available for 500-1,200rmb a piece. There will also be vintage clothing and jewelry for sale from Sleepy Spinach.
  • Free Open Classes

    Free open classes for total beginner, elementary and intermediate level students. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will be introduced to phrases and sentences related to practical and popular topics, get a chance to perfect your...
  • Sunday Jazz Brunch

    An al fresco summertime brunch with live jazz at Ocean Grounds in Changning.
  • The Effin B Brunch

    To celebrate all the folks that keep the Shanghai restaurant and bar scene running, CAGES is throwing a Boozy Brunch. So whether you work in the industry, or just happen to have Mondays off, come down after a long weekend and start the...
  • Anje Weithaas Violin Recital

    Prolific and talented German violinist Antje Weithaas started learning to play at four years old. Her musical career has seen her win prestigious awards such as the Kriesler Competition in Graz, the Bach Competition in Leipzig, and the...
  • ColorJam Mini Museum Art Summer Camp

    ColorJam will have their Mini Museum art summer camp from July 22 to August 23. Kids will study a world-famous museum every week, exploring its history, culture, architecture, paintings and sculptures. In order, it's the Louvre, Galleria...
    • Arts, Community | ColorJam | from Jul 22 until Aug 23 2019
  • CodeAcademy Summer Camp Machine Learning For Kids

    A course for kids aged 7-12 on building, training and then testing machines through the IBM Watson Machine Learning environment and Scratch. The class of 6 students will be taught in English. Another 6 will get an opportunity in August...
  • Steak Night

    Buy one order of Argentinian Steak and get a free Zapfler 500mL craft beer. Available every Monday night at Zapfler Shanghai.
  • Kathleen’s 20th + 1 Year Anniversary

    The first Kathleen’s Shanghai opened in 1998 on Mao Ming Lu. To celebrate their 21st anniversary, they're offering 20rmb tapas and BOGO special cocktails all month.
  • Free Open Classes

    Free open classes for total beginner, elementary and intermediate level students. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will be introduced to phrases and sentences related to practical and popular topics, get a chance to perfect your...
  • Monday Night Laughs

    Comedians of all levels come together every Monday to try out new material and polish tried and tested bits. Join the audience for a free look into how the Stand Up Comedy Sausage is made. If you'd like to try performing stand up, just...
  • Hero

    In ancient China, before the reign of the first emperor, warring factions throughout the Six Kingdoms plot to assassinate the most powerful ruler, Qin. When a minor official defeats Qin's three principal enemies, he is summoned to the...
  • Tuesday Tunesday: Trip Hop Edition

    Arts outfit Elevate occupy TY7 for their bi-weekly social night. It's an opportunity to drink, meet some creative people, and listen to some music. This week the focus is on trip hop, the jazzier kind. For more info, follow the QR code....
    • Community, Nightlife | TY7 | on Tue Jul 23 2019
  • Taco Tuesday

    All you can eat tacos for 100rmb!. From 5pm to 10.30pm at one of Shanghai's most established taco shops.
  • Free Your Inner Child Through Animation

    Storytelling is a time-honored tradition as old as mankind itself. Stories transcend the bonds of friendship and acquaintance, and bind together groups of people who would otherwise have nothing in common. Visual storytelling is a key...
  • Shanghai Startup Summer School

    A series of events and workshops hosted by Lean Venture Partners, covering a variety of topics ranging from an introduction to the Lean Startup Method to intensive masterclasses on UX Design and Fundraising, hosted by Grace Ng and Trevor...
  • Introduction to the Lean Startup Process

    Learn the Lean Startup Process, a method to tune your startup idea and discover what your customers want. Lean Startup Machine has helped countless startups prove their ideas with customers and use market feedback to find product/market...
  • How to Share Vulnerable Stories

    Explore a process for opening up and being vulnerable on stage and at work that makes you look credible, strong and inspiring. What is the workshop about? Vulnerability is part of being empathic. The ability to open up and be honest with...

    Hit maker, cultural phenomenon, artist, singer-songwriter/producer, Andrew Bazzi is set to perform his first-ever live in Shanghai as part of his Asia Tour. Born to a Lebanese father and American mother, Bazzi took the first step on his...
  • Come Correct

    The Come Correct Crew hosts the OG weekly hip hop and urban music night every Wednesday. Come Correct has been running since 2011 and has been a platform for many of the cities aspiring DJ’s and rappers. Free entry.
    • Nightlife | Dada | on Wed Jul 24 2019
  • Courtney Barnett

    Australian indie artist does her first tour in China covering Beijing and Shanghai. The singer-songwriter mixes deeply insightful observations with devastating self-assessment. 240rmb pre-sale or 300rmb at the door.
  • New York, New York

    Ahh, New York, New York. Empire city; the Big Apple; the capital of the world; The city so nice, they named it twice. No matter how you say it, it’s a city full of dreamers. Dreamers with the same old story. Girl dreams of fame. Girl...
  • Mandarin Community Movie Night

    Mandarin Community is hosting a Chinese movie night. This time they'll be showing "Dying to Survive," a comedy-drama from 2018 that tells the story of Lu Yong, a leukemia patient who smuggled medicine in from India to help over 1000...
  • The Dark Art of Fundraising

    “The problem with investors isn’t about finding them, but about finding the right one.” Trevor explains the ways and methods to connect with the right investor enabling you to scale your business effectively. Learn about social proof and...
  • Models Night

    Beautiful people, strong drinks, loud music and free cocktails for ladies. It's the M1NT Models Night and it happens every Wednesday. Free entry for everyone until 12.30am with password MVP.
    • Nightlife | M1NT | on Wed Jul 24 2019
  • Deniro Farrar with DonMonique and Trent the HOOLiGAN

    ALL goes deep on the Cult Rap, with Deniro Farrar and Trent the Hooligan, plus Brooklyn MC DonMonique. Deniro Farrar has collaborated with some of the most progressive young producers in music (i.e. Lunice, Ryan Hemsworth) and has been...
    • Nightlife | ALL Club | on Thu Jul 25 2019
  • Eating Music presents WHEELZ Vol.19

    WHEELZ is a monthly Thursday night party at Elevator hosted by Shanghai independent label Eating Music. It has been running for 2 years with 18 times at old Elevator space. This night focuses more on local producers / DJ & the beat...
    • Nightlife | Elevator | on Thu Jul 25 2019
  • Wine & Latin Street Food

    American Wine Merchants are teaming up with Latin American restaurant La Mesa at More Than Eat for a wine tasting event. The event will run from 6pm-8pm and will highlight some of their favorite wines. 50rmb.
    • Dining | La Mesa | on Thu Jul 25 2019
  • Rock of Ages

    Rock of Ages…. venturing through 70s, 80s, 90s up to the present hits. The Pearl’s Red Stars rock the audience with hits from ABBA to Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson to Queen and everything in between. Entrance includes 2 drinks, doors open at...
  • A Plastic Ocean Movie Screening

    “A Plastic Ocean” documents the global effects of plastic pollution and highlights workable technologies and innovative solutions that everyone - from governments to individuals - can do, to create a cleaner and greener ocean. 80rmb on...
  • Intro to Google's Design Sprint: How to Improve Your UX Design Faster

    Have an app idea or working on a website that needs UX design improvements? UX improvements can help your product acquire new users, grow and retain your customers, and make your business more money. With Google’s Design Sprint, learn...
  • Theseus

    Formed in 2015, the Taiwanese band Theseus emerges folk music rhythm and post rock atmosphere into the song writing. in 2018 and 2019, the band released the EP Lia'h Kau Thè and more singles, telling the different stories in the life and...
    • Nightlife | YYT | on Thu Jul 25 2019
  • New York, New York

    Ahh, New York, New York. Empire city; the Big Apple; the capital of the world; The city so nice, they named it twice. No matter how you say it, it’s a city full of dreamers. Dreamers with the same old story. Girl dreams of fame. Girl...
  • Tech Entrepreneurship in China

    Tech course offered by Le Wagon Shanghai. Adam Kalimi will provide a technical overview of all the skills, tools and culture necessary to launch a digital product in China. This course is designed for beginners and there's no need to...
  • Hatsune Summer BBQ

    Yakitori, cold beer and wine with DJ and prizes on Hatsune's outdoor terrace. Free entry, yakitori ranging from 15-25rmb and beers 20-50rmb.
  • Xavor E2P Workshop: Smart Pet for Elderly Care

    The topic for this workshop is SMART PET for ELDERLY CARE. Great Chance to learn and practice how to apply modern smart technology to real elderly care case! Food and drinks are provided and enough time for social networking. Link for...
  • Girls Night Out

    Bar Rouge's Ladies Nights has been running since forever, packing them in with the free manicure service for ladies and free cocktails from 9.30-11.30pm. Never stop! Free entrance until 12.30am with password MVP, otherwise 150rmb cover...
  • Queen Tribute Concert

    Queen! Men! Myths! Legends! Mixing stadium rock, metal, glam, and Freddie Mercury's operatic vocals, Queen exploded into the rock arenas around the world with the over-the-top performance antics of their lead singer and the intricate...
  • Noizu

    Los Angeles based Noizu is quickly climbing through the ranks of house music. Making his debut on the Chris Lake and Skrillex curated ‘HOWSLA’ in 2017 with "Lasers’" before catching the eyes and ears of French label boss Tchami, his...
  • WC7 & KSNKST

    Serbian duo Drumovi will lead you along an aural pathway, weaving through alluring and at times alienating sounds, consisting of pagan, ritualistic, primal (dis)harmonies. Free entry.
    • Nightlife | Dada | on Fri Jul 26 2019
  • Stone Brewing One Year Anniversary Party

    The Stone Brewing Tap Room - Shanghai is turning ONE on Friday, July 26th, and pouring unique variations, vintage releases, barrel-aged brews, and other Stone-crafted beers. The celebration kicks off at 5pm, and everyone’s first beer is...
  • Stone Brewing Founder's Dinner

    Stone Brewing has officially been open in Shanghai for one year, and to mark the occasion, Stone’s co-founder, Greg Koch, will be in town to celebrate. Meet him at this 4-course beer pairing feast of Stone’s dishes and beers. 308rmb.
  • THY ART IS MURDER Album Listening

    Formed in 2006, Thy Art Is Murder have pulverized the deathcore scene with their relentless hard hitting-you-in-your face-till-it's-a-bloody-pulp sound! Their new album Human Target threatens to grab you by throat and pummel you into...
  • Belvedere Eclipse Party

    Celebrate the eclipse party with Belvedere Vodka and Bar Rouge with house, house, house and dance, dance, dance music. 150rmb.
  • Barbarism Vol. 14

    The monthly club night for civilized barbarians. BARBARISM is an escape for those who work hard all week. Expect dancefloor-filling and boundary-pushing new hip hop, forgotten classics, familiar vocals in strange new contexts, and songs...
    • Nightlife | Le Baron | on Fri Jul 26 2019
  • Moscow State LM. Lavrovsky Ballet: Gala

    The Moscow State LM. Lavrovsky Ballet, named after the prestigious Russian ballet choreographer Leonid Lavrovsky, is a non-profit organization founded in 1993, financed by the culture commission of the Moscow government. The Moscow State...
  • Live Green Love Eco! Market

    Three-day eco fair with fresh produce, zero waste solutions, healthy snacks and drinks, and activities. Free entry.
  • Stand Up Comedy Showcase

    It's that time of week again, with the Shanghai Comedy Bunker bringing you another stand-up comedy showcase at CAGES Bar and Sports, featuring among others visiting US comic Freddy Stebbins and SCB founder Barney Rivera. 80rmb at the...
  • The White Rabbit Funk Committee

    White Rabbit Funk: jam up/jelly tight grooves; sticky, sweet sounds; and grounded in Shanghai's soul. Captain Batty and DJ BO make up the White Rabbit Funk Committee, bringing some all vinyl funk to the Shanghai scene. Whether your...
    • Nightlife | C's | on Fri Jul 26 2019
  • Mark Bradford: Los Angeles

    Organized by independent curator Diana Nawi, ‘Mark Bradford: Los Angeles’ is a site-specific exhibition that explores the evolution of Bradford’s practice over the past decade, and his treatment of themes from present-day American...
  • Summer Slaughter

    There are two relentless forces of evil in this universe, metal and Shanghai summers. Every so often they cross orbits, and eclipse this city in a savage shadow, that doesn't cool, but only darkens the souls of all who stand beneath it!...
  • Viva Ibiza Sunset Series

    Sunset chill, dat Pudong skyline, drinks & bites, electrifying music performances, and more… The WET Bar is getting all IBIZA up in Shanghai's face this summer. It's 250rmb per person, which gets you unlimited cocktails, wines, brews and...
  • Hologram Dreams

    "A voyage from funk into the future…" DJs Heatwolves and Jianz take Dada's dancefloor on a hyperloop journey from City-Pop, Italo Disco, and Chicago House into New Wave, Electro, and cybernetic madness. Seminal classics, brand new...
    • Nightlife | Dada | on Sat Jul 27 2019
  • The Original

    The Original formula -- champagne, DJs, beautiful people. 150rmb cover.
  • Playing Cards with Himself

    Quan Hongyi's individual exhibition "Playing Cards with Himself" comprises 12 pieces of canvas works engaging social and individual subjects, Hongyi depicts human life and existence on his canvas to intervene in the social progress....
    • Arts | Gallery 55 | from Jul 27 until Aug 25 2019
  • Deutscher Stammtisch | German Night

    Networking and socializing event with a German flavour. Meet and greet expats from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries of the world. Special beer and finger food deals for the night. English speakers welcome too. 50rmb...
    • Community | Vapiano | on Sat Jul 27 2019
  • Murder on the Oriental Express

    A murder aboard a snow-stopped train… There was a victim, and you can help us find out the killer. During the course of the party, everyone tries to find out who the murderer is. (The murderer, meanwhile, tries to avoid detection!)...
    • Arts, Dining | FOGO | on Sat Jul 27 2019
  • Peaking O, Dahlia Rosea, Cementin

    A psychedelic night with three Shanghai bands: Peaking O, Dahlia Rosea, and Cementin. All of them are heavily influenced by neo-psychedelia, classic kraut rock and experimental music. 60rmb pre-sale, 80rmb door.
  • Vinyl Retro Party

    Theme party that mixes 1920s Shanghai with "retro" music. Dress up and dance. 100rmb.
    • Nightlife | TY7 | on Sat Jul 27 2019
  • Der Elefantenpups (Mandarin)

    A child-friendly audiovisual symphony, blending story and music. Based on a German picture book by Heidi Leenen with music by Christian Klaessen, it follows a friendly Animal keeper, his elephant and his zoo friends as they explore the...
  • Open Day Summer 2019

    Meet students, see their designs and their emerging fashion brands, also learn about their new courses, collaborations and projects. Limited spots available, please RSVP: Free.
  • Tapes | Disco, 80s, Hits

    Break out the leg warmers, off-the-shoulder tops, and Frizz up your hair, it’s time for a totally tubular tribute to some of the greatest music of the ‘80s coz they’re doing it all again, and throwing a mega 80s party. 100rmb including a...
  • The Rooftop Pool Party

    Swim on the rooftop pool (not super high but still very nice) of the Pudong Shangri-La at this regular Sunday party by MVP Events, meaning DJs, beautiful people and lots and lots of booze and cocktails. Goes from noon to 6pm. 78rmb...
  • 1st Shanghai Sensual Fest 2019

    Three days, three nights, and more than 30 artists confirmed, with over 30 hours of workshops... look, "3" is sort of a theme here. Basically a three day celebration of all things Brazilian, zouk and kizomba, with masterclasses,...
  • Casablanca

    Glam's SUMMER MOVIE NIGHTS featuring all movies full of Glitz, Glamour and Charm. Extended happy hour during the movie. This week: Casablanca.
    • Community | Glam | on Sun Jul 28 2019
  • Live Green Love Eco! Market

    A neighborhood market at More Than Eat with specialty food merchants, healthy lifestyle products and eco designers/makers. Clean out your closets and cupboards for the Clothing Swap and E-Waste Collection. Free entry.
  • Rooftop Detox

    Enjoy an energizing vinyasa flow yoga class on the rooftop of Xintiandi Mall. B.Y.O.M (Bring Your Own Mat). 88rmb per person and then 15% off brunch downstairs.
    • Dining, Sports & Recreation | Rye & Co | on Sun Jul 28 2019
  • Summer Social Swap & Sustainability Talk

    A Summer Swap-Shop-Sip-Sustainability Talk Social. Four sellers have signed up to sell luxury second-hand and a sustainability designer coming from Beijing will be coming down to talk to savvy swappers. 40rmb entry, including a 100rmb...