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Where to go out, dance, and revel. Hand-picked events in Shanghai, curated by a team with combined decades in town.
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  • Hologram Dreams 全息梦境

    "A voyage from funk into the future…" DJs Heatwolves and Finascia take Dada's dancefloor on a hyperloop journey from City-Pop, Italo Disco, and Chicago House into New Wave, Electro, and cybernetic madness. Seminal classics, brand new...
    • Nightlife | Dada | Today
  • Midnight Rendezvous

    Candor continues to pick at the seams of burlesque, this time presenting another wholly original Dark Circus Experience. Midnight Rendezvous combines traditional circus elements with a newer, darker aesthetic. This genre-bending...
  • Craig David | TS5 Tour Live in Shanghai [CANCELLED]

    Craig David! Yes, Grammy-nominated British R&B, garage and pop royalty Craig David, that Craig David, is bring the TS5 tour to Shanghai. He's fresh off the release of his single "I Know You," featuring Bastille, which hit the Top 5 on UK...
  • Brian Aylward: Stand-Up Comedy

    Multi award-winning Canadian stand-up comic Brian Aylward is coming to Shanghai. A relentless and engaging comedian, Brian has performed in excess of 2600 shows in more than 20 countries over a career spanning over a decade. In 2016 he...
  • Kurt Dunsing: Clown Syndrome

    You might recognize Kurt Dunsing’s haggard face from the China International Comedy Competition finals or from all the cheap bars around town. 70rmb.
  • Eating Music feat. Talonehead

    Beatmaker group "talonehead" from Taiwan. Consists of three musicians: “Conehead”, who set foot on earth from the remote planet Remulak; “Klone”, a former Stromtrooper excluded from the 501th; and a humble creature who prefers to stay in...
  • Into the Darkness

    Stone pulls out all 10 of their dark beers for one day only. Buy any tasting flight of all ten beers (5-ounce pours) for 398rmb, and receive a Dark Knight medal.
  • Start Ups in China

    Want to know how a Start Up works in China? Attend this round table discussion to hear practical cases from founders of successful start ups: Enrico Iaria, Founder of DooPLus and a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, and Giuseppe Tomasello,...
  • Italian Craft Beer Night

    Free flow Italian craft beer -- Mastri Birrai Umbri -- from Umbria for 99rmb, one night only. Double Malt, Weiss, IPA or Dark Ale all available.
  • Space Cats

    When no one is around the best conversation you could have is with the Techno. 100rmb including a drink after 2am.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Tzusing

    Tzusing is going to get drunk and play other people's music. Support from Illsee and Luka. Visuals by WOMB. 60rmb.
  • Shanghai Dancehall

    The best vibes in Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, R & B and Afro Beats. Free entry.
    • Nightlife | C's | Today
  • Ramz Presents Jungle Rules

    The fashion and musical taste of Australian-born Chinese DJ Amber Akilla has allowed her to play in Asia. French young artist AUX CORP fell in love with hiphop music under the guidance of his father, and he has since gone all to melt...
  • Roller Disco

    Classic roller disco party down at the rink for flashy wheels with DJ Fat K. Free entrance.
    • Nightlife | RIINK | Today
  • A Night in Paris

    Club 3 1/3 partners with a bunch of French brands to throw a French-themed night. 100rmb including a cocktail.
  • ESSE

    Chongqing-based Symphonic Goth Metal band ESSE are hitting Shanghai for their debut show in our fair town. People who've heard lead lady Tong Tong's powerful, symphonic vocals have name-dropped Nightwish. Special guest stars include...
  • Lillies and Remains

    Formed in 2006, Lillies and Remains is one of the leading bands in the Japanese new wave/post-punk scene. Always dressed in stylish black outfits, the band's musical influences include iconic post-punk acts The Cure, Bauhaus, and Joy...
    • Arts, Nightlife | YYT | on Sat Feb 23 2019
  • Elevator Out feat. HWA

    For Elevator's next Out event in the concrete cave of Xspace, they've invited down Beijing techno wizard HWA aka Elvis.T; he'll share the decks with MIIIA, plus a first-time back-to-back session from Provoda and Theory of Noise. 80rmb...
    • Nightlife | XSpace | on Sat Feb 23 2019
  • Kitchen Party

    Patric Gigele, Chef de Cuisine, together with five talented chefs, will use a variety of ingredients and cooking techniques to create a multi-sensory dining experience for all guests. The number of guests is limited to thirty. Guests...
  • Fantasy Soiree: Cabaret Show

    To follow up the Cabaret Soiree, the Moulin Rouge Soiree, and the Desire Soiree—the Pearl presents: the Fantasy Soiree. Back for a one-night show in February, this steamy summer show will feature singers, dancers and acrobats,...
  • SHFT. Presents Bass Station

    SHFT getting the millenials up in a frenzy again, this time with Bass Hoodie, DJ Jason Casper, and DJ Scarmixxed. 120rmb on the door.
    • Nightlife | Arkham | on Sat Feb 23 2019
  • Midnight Rendezvous

    Candor continues to pick at the seams of burlesque, this time presenting another wholly original Dark Circus Experience. Midnight Rendezvous combines traditional circus elements with a newer, darker aesthetic. This genre-bending...
  • Huit Etoiles, Tokyo Disco Crew

    I.D.W. Asia takes the discussion to the next level, while tracing a line of continuity through the years where the dance floor exploded (thanks to Moroder, Baldelli, Alexander Robotnick), through the clubs between the '70s and '80s that...
    • Nightlife | Dada | on Sat Feb 23 2019
  • ISCMS XII Gala Concert - Spirit of Peace

    YK Pao School hosts the 2019 ISCMS XII Festival, themed “Spirit of Peace”, from February 20-23 in Songjiang Campus, culminating in a grand gala concert at Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall. Tickets from 80-380rmb.
  • Urban Classics Vol.3

    Featuring 2 special guest DJs from Japan, bringing their favorite vinyl. Live-painting from Toru Harada and specially installed Martin Audio sound system. 100rmb on the door including a drink.
  • Murder Mystery Dinner: Medieval Madness

    It’s time to go back in time to reveal a murder during a noble wedding. There was a victim, and you can help us find the killer. During the course of the party, everyone tries to find out who the murderer is. The murderer, meanwhile,...
  • Brazilian Carnival

    Celebrate the Brazilian Carnival at M1NT with a bunch of performances and of course DJs DJs DJs. Free entrance until 12.30am if you RSVP to Otherwise, 100rmb.
    • Nightlife | M1NT | on Sat Feb 23 2019
  • Cocktail Cinema

    Cocktail Cinema screens Fight Club (1999), a cult classic of the 90's, plus three bespoke cocktails inspired by the dark drama for your delight, paired with snacks and soft drinks. 250rmb including three cocktails, light snacks and soft...
  • Stand-Up Comedy Showcase

    Featuring China International Comedy festival winner, Josh Tyas and visiting comic Eric Selley from Beijing. 70rmb.
  • Dragon Swap

    A fundraising event to build waste collection points and water filters for the Dragon Burn 2019. 30rmb per drink but bring your own cup. Bring three items to swap, like camping and cooking gear, costumes or decoration.
  • The Red Packet Party

    To welcome the Year of the Pig, Sharpshooters (DJ Reaper + Big Kerm) throw a Red Packet Party, where the first 88 entrants will receive a red packet filled with a mystery prize. 50rmb with a drink (but come early for the red packets).
  • Midnight LAB - Cosmos Pulse

    Electronic music producer Kangding Ray, based in Berlin, holds an important position in the dance music world of the German city. Usually found at Berghain, he plays an emotive and innovative type of techno, and has been releasing on the...
  • Talk: Art Deco Traveller

    Genista Davidson, author of The Art Deco Traveller, takes us on a visual journey around Great Britain to see some of the UK’s most delectable Deco, from the famous to the obscure. Find out which Art Deco hotel Agatha Christie wrote one...
  • Jordan GCZ

    Half of Juju & Jordash and the infamous Magic Mountain High - JORDAN GCZ is a formidable producer and DJ in his own right. He is a major proponent of live, often improvised techno. As JORDAN GCZ he's channeled those jammy impulses into...
  • Workshop: Acting on Film

    At this workshop you will: develop skills for acting in front of the camera, discover your own personal style, acquire martial arts movements for physical choreography, learn how to perfect the auditioning and casting process, and study...
  • Dulwich EarthQuakes University ID Soccer Camp

    Dulwich EarthQuakes University ID Soccer Camp is open to all youth players ages 14-18 on February 23 & 24. Check flyer for full location, date/time and coach details. Price: 600rmb (500rmb if booked and paid for by Monday 18 February).
  • Riddim'n'Vibe

    RnV roll into C’s Bar to bust out the D&B and Jungle sounds along with some old skool classics mixed in for good measure. Free entry.
    • Nightlife | C's | on Sat Feb 23 2019
  • J-Walkers

    J-Walkers, a new Shanghai based trio, will perform an acoustic pop and blues-rock live music. With Clizia Sala on vocals, Davide Manenti on guitar and Heike Wyler on cello. Free.
  • Shanghai Secret Disco

    Elevate ⁝ Arts are converting a huge photography studio into a disco dreamland for one special night. A semi-secret location just south of Jiashan Road - scan the QR code in the flyer for more details. Free entry, 8.30pm-late. Dance,...
  • Yoga Beginner Workshop

    When it comes to Yoga, being safe and efficient during practice is very important. To avoid muscle & joints injuries, to practice correctly and efficiently, a beginner's workshop is helpful for those who are new to yoga. 980rmb.
  • City Lights

    All it takes is one track to bring back 1000 memories. 100rmb including a drink after 2am.
  • TARA: La Nouvelle Exploration

    Today, the ocean and its ecosystems are under tremendous pressure. At sea since 2003, the Tara expedition is an internationally recognized expedition in Antarctica, and more recently, known for their studies on the impact of plastic...
  • Favela Chic

    Celebrate Carnival at an Italian restaurant, with special food & drink, a traditional band and a samba dancer.
  • A Plastic Ocean: Screening and Training

    Global Shapers Shanghai screens “A Plastic Ocean” (short version, 22 minutes), following by a “Plastics are Forever” training, where they will tell personal stories, share opinions and discuss how to make better and sustainable choices...
  • Meditation Series: Buddha Way, Asana & Prana Meditation

    Meditative asana unblocks the body, mindful pranayama quiets the mind, and meditation begins. 180rmb (or repost on WeChat and attend for 160rmb).
  • Live Band

    The Threetles: Beatles Music Unplugged. Spend your Saturday night with them and wind down while listening to some good jams. Free.
  • New Shake City II: The 90's R&B Concert (Final Show!)

    Beepers, baggy pants, crop tops, floppy disks, Lexus sedans, and another round of 90's R&B. Shanghai's house of funk and soul takes it back to back in the day, with an all-new concert featuring the music of Mary J Blige, Blackstreet,...
    • Nightlife | Shake | on Sat Feb 23 2019
  • ALL X WWW Exchange Jyoto: ENA / Suimin

    ENA is a music producer from and based in Tokyo. He is a major player in the Japanese underground dance music scene for more than a decade. Taking influences from early drum & bass productions, rave sound and abstract hip hop, ENA...
    • Nightlife | ALL Club | on Sat Feb 23 2019
  • Makin' Sumthin' out of Nuthin'

    New club on Donghu Lu throws together a party with Korean DJs Didi Han and Jina as well as hip-hop DJ Kin J. Free entrance.
  • '90s to Naughties

    Returning with the Mac, the long awaited #90s to Naughties is back. This party is the cheesiest, no holds barred shameless pop night to grace the streets of Shanghai. Think Mark Morrison, Five, Christina Aguilera, Nelly, Corona, Cher, 50...
  • M Talks: Smashing the Patriarchy, A Conversation Among Women

    Host of the podcast, Unchained. Unbothered., Keturah Kendrick brings together artists and activists, Lilian Shen, Niesha Davis and Xu Fei to discuss their work to dismantle rigid gender roles and the limitations they place on women...
    • Community | Glam | on Sun Feb 24 2019
  • Vinyl and Vines

    Cultivate appreciation for the vinyl album format by pairing them with iconic wines. 100rmb includes entry, food and a glass of wine.
  • Mixed Martial Arts + Yoga

    Mixed Martial Arts training led by AbsoluteMMA trainer + yoga led by Linwards founder Julie Costerg. Improve your flexibility, endurance and balance for a stronger core and speedier recovery. 150rmb.
  • Walk: In the Shadow of the Bund

    Join Historic Shanghai for a walk around the surprisingly untouched neighborhood that lies in the shadow of the Bund. Here, in the oldest part of the International Settlement, are sprawling 19th century apartment houses, Art Deco Chinese...
  • Sound of Miracle Perception | Sound Healing

    Silver Spoon Live presents “Sound of Miracle Perception”, which introduces sound art to the healing realm. Besides taking attendees onto an immersive experimental sound journey, you will be doing your own deep consciousness investigation...
  • Dinner & Language Exchange

    Find conversation partners and improve your speaking with a Language Exchange. 35rmb entry includes appetizers.
    • Community | Bell Bar | on Sun Feb 24 2019
  • Havan: Vedic Fire Worshiping Ceremony

    Singing mantras and prayers using fire as a wish carrier, Havan is transforming and mind-sharpening. Shine in light and bliss, embracing the new year with purified energy. 80rmb (or repost and get 50rmb entry fee).
  • NTS Radio Live from Shanghai

    NTS Radio bringing in the New Year with a solid line up of local Shanghai favourites. For this months show, China Social Club invites back Velvet Robot and Charm (aka Josh Feola) and welcomes NTS debutante, DJ Doggy. As always, doors...
  • S.T.D Presents: Masego

    Masego, is an African-American musician who was born in Jamaica with South African heritage. Masego is an international, contemporary genre-bending entertainer who refers to his own music style as "TrapHouseJazz" or Emotion. His...
    • Nightlife | Arkham | on Tue Feb 26 2019
  • The JAM

    Indian classical percussion drums, guitar and keyboard for a night of immersive oriental sounds with BIVAKAR CHOUDHURY, RISHABH DHAR, RYAN HICKEY and EDDIE. 50rmb including a drink.
  • Entrepreneurship Mentoring

    What can an entrepreneur do to bring his product to the next stage? If you’ve ever been caught in this position, come listen to lessons in product launch from 3 different perspectives. If you are keen to continue iterating on your...
  • The Sound of Music

    In 1930's Austria, a young woman named Maria is failing miserably in her attempts to become a nun. When the Navy captain Georg Von Trapp writes to the convent asking for a governess that can handle his seven mischievous children, Maria...
  • A Night With Chris Botti

    Grammy Award-winning trumpeter and composer Chris Botti is bringing his tour (and trumpet) to Shanghai and Beijing in 2019. The man's been racking up awards and accolades for more than twenty years, playing alongside the likes of Sting,...
  • Nathan East Band of Brothers

    Nathan appears on more than two thousand recordings including the iconic "Unplugged" by Eric Clapton. In addition to performing for Pope John Paul II, Queen Elizabeth II, Nelson Mandela and at President Barack Obama's Inauguration...
  • Candor pres. 'Black Mirror'

    A brand new Cabaret show with Dark Circus Experience — 'Black Mirror" — a tantalizing stage show about the demons that devour us. Don't miss out on this exciting new cabaret and burlesque stage act from Shanghai's most talented...
  • Mahjong Day

    Learn how to play Mahjong from the teachers of this language school. 50rmb.
  • Come Correct

    Long-running hip-hop night on Wednesdays, and a platform for many aspiring DJs and rappers. Free entry.
    • Nightlife | Dada | on Wed Feb 27 2019
  • Models Night

    It's Wednesday, so it must be models' night at M1NT. Free cocktails for ladies until 11.30pm, and free entry until 12.30am with the password MVP.
    • Nightlife | M1NT | on Wed Feb 27 2019
  • Introduction to Effective Altruism

    What is Effective Altruism? It's a social movement that combines the heart and the head. It is a research field which uses high-quality evidence and careful reasoning to work out how to help others as much as possible. It is also a...
  • Candor pres. 'Black Mirror'

    A brand new Cabaret show with Dark Circus Experience — 'Black Mirror" — a tantalizing stage show about the demons that devour us. Don't miss out on this exciting new cabaret and burlesque stage act from Shanghai's most talented...
  • RnV presents Spectrum

    This multi genre party checks in at Dada to tickle your senses with the kick, snare, bass. Reggae, Dubstep, Jungle, and Drum & Bass. Free.
    • Nightlife | Dada | on Thu Feb 28 2019
  • Guest Chef Pepi Anevski

    Sushi champion star chef Pepi Anevski will be invited to present you with four days of exquisite Japanese cuisine. Weekday lunch at 258rmb and weekend lunch at 268rmb. Dinner is 298rmb. All subject to 16%.
  • Peddlers Cocktail Hour

    el Ocho is teaming up with Peddlers Gin to bring you a limited menu of Thursday gin cocktails for your drinking pleasure, from 6.30pm onwards.
    • Nightlife | el Ocho | from Feb 28 until Mar 28 2019
  • Papa's Time Machine [Chinese]

    A steampunk-inspired puppet show from the mind of Ma Liang, one of China's most influential conceptual photographers. Triggered by his father's slow deterioration due to amnesia, he wanted to explore the memories they shared together one...
  • Ran Jia's Schubert Sonata Cycle

    Young Chinese pianist Ran Jia, daughter of famous composer Daqun Jia, studied with Gary Graffman, and has performed in New York's Lincoln Center and the Berliner Philharomonie. She's been fascinated with Schubert's music for a long time,...
  • 90's Alternative Rock Night

    Rock-Grunge is coming up! Smells Like Teen Spirit! 90s Alternative Rock and “Grunge” music live at the Pearl, a night of your flannel shirt favs: Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Silverchair, etc, performed by...
  • Grand Opening

    Bar Rouge re-opens after their 2019 renovations. "Expect a full-on weekend of party featuring vibrant upbeat tunes from the resident DJs, blasting on an enhanced sound and lighting system topped with dancers, performers and unique bottle...
    • Nightlife | Bar Rouge | on Mar 1 and Mar 2, 2019
  • Antidote pres Rob Smith

    The Bristol legend returns -- with his signature heavy dub reggae / trip hop / jungle sounds. Fans of Massive Attack, Tricky, Pinch, Addison Groove, and so many others from Bristol, will be into this one. 60rmb before midnight, 80rmb after.
    • Nightlife | Dada | on Fri Mar 1 2019
  • Pomo X Harrison Brome(Live Set)

    Pomo is a Canadian born multi-instrumentalist now residing in Montreal, QC, Canada. With absolute vigor, Pomo has taken the electronic music scene by the collar and dragged it back onto the dance floor with dreamy synths, glittery...
  • Into the Candorland

    Man, feels like Shanghai's on a bit of an Alice bender! Candor leaps through the looking-glass and into the mix. Blur the lines between sweet dreams and twisted reality with Candor's twisted homage to classic literature: welcome to Alice...
  • Ladyfest (TBC)

    A festival for and by the ladies of Shanghai to promote gender equality, have talks and workshops, and unveil artwork and performances, followed by a killer after-party. Date TBA.
  • Shanghai Restaurant Week (TBC)

    Deals deals deals as a number of the city's restaurants put on special menus for the occasion.
  • Artist Textiles: Picasso to Warhol

    Partnering with The Fashion and Textile Museum in London, the exhibition showcases the relatively unknown textile works from over 10 international artists in the 20s century, including George Braque, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall,...
    • Arts | MAMSH | from Mar 1 until May 5 2019
  • People's Republic of Comedy: Improv Show

    People's Republic of Comedy is back! Partnering with Comedy UN for a night of improv hilarity inspired by suggestions from the audience. Come prepared to laugh and shake off the winter blues. Early bird: 50rmb; regular: 70rmb; group of...
  • 12th Year Anniversary Special

    Specials on food and drinks all month, including Tiger draft, red and white sangria for 25rmb each.
    • Nightlife | Abbey Road | from Mar 1 until Mar 31 2019
  • A Little Birthday Celebration

    Little Creatures turn one, with deals on drinks and free party platters of sausage rolls, for one night only.
  • Stand Up Comedy Showcase

    Another comedy showcase from the Shanghai Comedy Bunker, featuring among others Magners Comedy Competition finalist Evan Eames and pro international touring comedian Barney Rivera. 70rmb including a drink.

    DJ Mag #18 in the world — there are only 17 better than this guy — takes over Taxx for a night of EDM madness. 280rmb.
    • Nightlife | TAXX | on Fri Mar 1 2019
  • La Kitsch

    Hits Music Only+ a live Jukebox. You decide what the next song is with DJ ZIKO mixing it up to ensure a crazy night full of old school memories. Free.