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Where to go out, dance, and revel. Hand-picked events in Shanghai, curated by a team with combined decades in town.
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  • Sevdaliza Shanghai Concert

    Born in Tehran and raised in Amsterdam, Sevdaliza's a self-taught singer, songwriter, director and composer. Her enigmatic tunes create rhythmic, tension-filled mood music that could score a neon-bathed film noir. Indeed, she's produced...
  • Stage: 'The Tune of Water'

    A story of lovers separated by mountains in the language of dance. Showcasing the traditional arts of China’s southwest minorities merged with contemporary dance, the piece explores ancient universal timeless themes of love and loss. A...
  • Long Yu Conducts Beethoven

    Beethoven’s and Brahms’ works are considered as symbols of German classical music in a long term. Each of Beethoven’s symphonies embodies the composer’s utmost effort, and Long Yu, SSO’s Music Director, will present Symphony No.8 in F...
  • Opera: 'Carmen'

    Based on a novella of the same title by Prosper Mérimée, Opera Carmen is the final work of the French composer Georges Bizet and also known as the most prestigious work of the French romantic opera in the 19th century. The Carmen...
  • Shavin in the Dark Character Design Workshop

    Character design is a decisive but fun step in the comic-drawing process. After working out your story, it's time to figure out, y'know, who's going to play it out. The main character needs to be consistent and lively. This 4-hour...
  • Dance: 'Grand Finale'

    Grand Finale is at once comic, bleak and beautiful, evoking a world at odds with itself, full of anarchic energy and violent comedy. Filtering this irrepressible spirit, Shechter creates a vision of a world in freefall: part gig, part...
  • Zhao Dai Electro-Organic Music Band

    Zhao Dai is a Shanghai-based electro-organic music group made up of Lev Zep, Jen Someone , and man-about-town Clem De La Creme, known for original music and live performances. They're coming to Un Caffe Bar! It's 100rmb including a...