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  • Daily until Feb 12 2017
    A group show of works by eight young artists opens at OCAT Shanghai this winter. The exhibition is curated by Colin Chinnery and spans photography, film, sculpture and even written word courtesy of rising star Lu Pingyuan. Promising a strong overview of China's new generation, others are Li Liao, Hu Xiangqian, Chen Zhe, Hu Xiangqian, Lin Ke, Na Buqi, Shen Xin and Yu Ji.
  • Daily until Feb 15 2017
    A two-part showcase by renowned Shanghainese artist Gu Wenda takes over Minsheng Museum's Pudong outpost this winter. Inside the space, the exhibition includes some 300 pieces from the 1980s through to today. They include the experimental ink and wash paintings for which he's best known, as well as large-scale installation Genes & Metamorphosis. Outside is monumental - not to mention...
  • Daily until Feb 20 2017
    A comprehensive look at new media artist extraordinaire Lin Ke's recent exploration and creation in the digital world. LIKE ME examines how our feelings are communicated through the virtual world as well as real life, what it really means when you click the “Like” bottom on the page... Recommended.
  • Daily until Feb 28 2017
    Mega artist Xu Zhen is getting (even more) existential this fall, as his art corporation MadeIn Company (founded 2009) launch the 'Xu Zhen' brand inside its recently relocated West Bund spot. That's taking the form of - what else? - a retail store where visitors can pick up not just limited edition sculptures and paintings, but also home furnishings, clothing and gifts. Xu Zhen has form here:...
  • Daily until Mar 5 2017
    Shanghai Project is a pan-city, multidisciplinary art and design festival organized by Himalayas Art Museum. At its helm is the organization's director, Yongwoo Lee, along with super curator, Hans Ulrich Obrist. Nothing if not ambitious, Project Shanghai spans various phases with the first focusing on architecture, design, and community-based projects. A highlight will be the Envision Pavilion,...
  • Daily until Mar 12 2017
    Group show Quotidian features works by 12 international artist, all exploring ways of transcending the ordinary by questioning existing norms through artistic explorations. To that end, expect works by Turkish talent Inci Eviner, British superstar artist Yinka Shonibare MBE, Chinese abstract painter Su Dong Ping, and Japanese artist Sayaka Ishizuka. Grandly opens 6pm Wednesday 18 January.
  • Daily until Apr 2 2017
    ScOP's ringing in the new year with an exhibition of German photography dating from the 1850s to the present day. Germany has long been an incubator of photographic talent, and that's reflected here with names including Leopold Ahrendts, Helmut Newton, and Bernd and Hilla Bechers. Presented chronologically, the 120 works on display track shifts in technique, styles and content, covering key...
  • Daily until Apr 7 2017
    A solo show by Sichuan-based photographer Adou: highly abstract, his newest series spans splashes and strokes evocative of Chinese traditional painting, and linear jumbles. Grandly opens 7 January, 4pm-6pm.
  • Daily until Feb 8 2017
    Shanghai-based curators Davide Quadrio and Massimo Torrigani (two of the folks behind Art in the City) are working with the manufacturers of a material called Alcantara®, a kind of textile used across a ton of industries. At Shanghai Gallery of Art, nine artists have got their hands on the stuff to create a fairytale like space that's previously been shown in Milan and Rome. Looks pretty magic.
  • Daily except Mon until Feb 14 2017
    Now in its third edition, the Emerging Curators Project at PSA invites young individuals and collectives from China or of Chinese descent to create an exhibition at the riverside spot. That's judged by a jury of international curators, artists, critics, and directors of art organizations, with the three winning programs on show this winter. Two are on show up on the 5th floor of the museum, and...
  • Daily until Feb 28 2017
    Qiao Space over at West Bund hosts British artist Martin Creed’s first ever China-side solo. Called Understanding, it features Creed’s signature neons, sculptures, videos, small-scale canvas paintings and site- specific wall paintings. Concerned with the commonplace, the artist incorporates everyday objects and activities into his work (think cardboard boxes, chairs, and the like), all...
  • Daily until Mar 5 2017
    New paintings by Chen Ying, Ding Li, Shang Liang and Xu Dawei go on show at MadeIn Gallery this winter, courtesy of new exhibition Form Consumption Over Substance Reflection. Works explore the relationship between imagination, and the understanding of the substance of things. All admiration, gaze, thought and intention, the exhibition seeks to uncover new and innovative modes of painting.
  • Daily until Mar 12 2017
    Shanghai Biennale returns for its 11th edition this fall, once again taking over the mighty Power Station of Art museum. This time around, the three-month long event is curated by Indian artist/ curator group Raqs Media Collective. A massive exhibition and program of events will explore the possibilities of South-South dialogue within the current scenario of a highly interconnected world. More...
  • Daily until Mar 26 2017
    Works by Hunan-born artist Huang Xiaoliang go on display at photography gallery m97 this winter. Think the urban landscape, its ongoing transition, vibrancy and flux. In particular the archival pigment prints focus on the spaces between old and new architectures, disordered construction, and strangely beautiful traces of humanity and intimacy midst the cityscape. Grandly opens Saturday 7...
  • Daily except Mon until Feb 26 2017
    For her latest solo, artist Nathalie Perakis-Valat turns her attention to the construction workers responsible for Shanghai's dramatic and constantly changing skyline. Called Into the Heart of the City : Building the Future, it comprises the unique and often overlooked stories of 15 individuals, all photographed by the artist for her recent Shanghai Keystones project. Grandly...
  • Daily until Feb 28 2017
    K11 invites British fashion designer brand Vivienne Westwood to host a cross-over exhibition between Chinese contemporary art and eco-friendly fashion. The exhibition, "Get a Life" is a topic inspired by Vivienne Westwood's strong attitude towards climate revolution. A handful of Chinese contemporary artists/ groups like Sunxun, Wu Junyong and Zhang Ruyi will present their works in mediums such...
  • Daily except Mon until Jan 26 2017
    South Korean artist Osang Gwon’s solo The Sculpture takes over Arario Gallery this fall. Best known for his signature ‘photo sculptures’ - think thousands of photos of his subject taken from multiple angles then pasted onto sculpted Styrofoam - this one comes highly recommended. There’s something really intriguing about Gwon’s work - at once sculptural, but not in expected clay or...
  • Daily until Feb 20 2017
    Science fiction meets science lab at Hong Kong-born artist Nadim Abbas' solo inside m50's Antenna Space. Known for his play on language, literature and forms, here he explores themes of medical science and biology. Case in point: Human Rhinovirus 14, featuring a visual mock-up of the eponymous virus projected onto floating, bouncing beach balls. Recommended.
  • Group show Quotidian features works by 12 international artist, all exploring ways of transcending the ordinary by questioning existing norms through artistic explorations. To that end, expect works by Turkish talent Inci Eviner, British superstar artist Yinka Shonibare MBE, Chinese abstract painter Su Dong Ping, and Japanese artist Sayaka Ishizuka. Grandly opens 6pm Wednesday 18 January.
  • Beijing-based Song Dong is the subject of a major solo exhibition at Rockbund Art Museum this winter. Featuring some of the artist’s best-known works as well as specially commissioned pieces, the title is a reference to a Confucian aphorism and indicative of Song’s preoccupations with Chinese tradition and inherited wisdom. Presented in seven 'chapters' on each floor of the museum, plus a dramatic installation on the building's facade, works include Mirror Hall, as well as Eating the City, a meticulously arranged biscuit metropolis free for the public to consume. Yum.
  • This looks very promising indeed: American artist James Turrell has been working with the medium of light since the 1960s, picking up accolade after accolade, and even opening his own museum in Argentina. He's best known for ongoing work, Roden Crater - fashioned from an extinct volcano, it's a naked-eye observatory out in the Arizona dessert. Other pieces include enclosed apertures or 'skyspaces', as well as projections. More details as we get 'em, but definitely one for the diary.