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  • Daily until Dec 30 2017
    Art+ Shanghai Gallery will present a second edition of “I Will Be Your Eyes” group exhibition series by CAFA post-graduates. This edition of the show, entitled “Little Narratives” will feature the works by seven emerging artists including Chen Lin, Chen Wen, Gong Zhanlei, Li Yang, Tan Danwu and Wang Chengpu. The show will span a vast array of media: oil on canvas, wood sculpture, porcelain,...
  • Daily until Dec 31 2017
    The HOW Art Museum’s inaugural exhibition in its new location of Shanghai presents a solo exhibition of German artist and filmmaker Julian Rosefeldt, titled "Manifesto: Julian Rosefeldt - Works 2005 - 2017". A massive retrospective of the artists work across mediums.
  • Daily until Jan 7 2018
    From his company’s modest beginnings in Nottingham to its international prominence today, this exhibition reveals how Paul Smith’s intuitive take on design, together with an understanding of the roles of designer and retailer, have laid the foundations for lasting success and offers a unique insight into the magnificent mind of Paul Smith. Expect recreations of Paul’s office and design studio...
  • Daily until Jan 9 2018
    "This pursuit of ‘natural beauty’ has actually been cultivated in China since Zhou-Qin era, many philosophers and masters wandered through mountains and wilderness in search of the truth they were looking for. They found nothing. But sometimes, nothing is everything." Je presenting four Chinese artists, Xue Song, T'ang Haywen, Luo Wei, and Zheng Zaidong in an exhibition that explores themes of...