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  • Daily until Apr 2 2017
    ScOP's ringing in the new year with an exhibition of German photography dating from the 1850s to the present day. Germany has long been an incubator of photographic talent, and that's reflected here with names including Leopold Ahrendts, Helmut Newton, and Bernd and Hilla Bechers. Presented chronologically, the 120 works on display track shifts in technique, styles and content, covering key...
  • Daily until Apr 7 2017
    A solo show by Sichuan-based photographer Adou: highly abstract, his newest series spans splashes and strokes evocative of Chinese traditional painting, and linear jumbles. Grandly opens 7 January, 4pm-6pm.
  • Daily until Apr 16 2017
    A two-part exhibition also taking place at Arario Gallery over on Hengshan Lu, Chen Yujun’s solo draws on the artist's native Fujian province. BANK hosts an installation titled The House Cannot Forget: taking the form of an abstract dwelling that houses archival elements, works on paper and video, they blend found imagery with a...
  • Daily until Apr 16 2017
    The second of a two-part exhibition (stop by BANK Gallery for the first), The River Never Remembers comprises mixed media works on paper and installations from Chen Yujun’s Mulan River project. Both segments of the show draw inspiration from Chen's home province of Fujian, with Arario's presentation in particular examining memories...
  • Daily until Apr 16 2017
    Hangzhou-based Xiao Bo returns to Gallery 55 this spring for his second exhibition at the space. One Another comprises 11 of the artist's new and recent abstract works on canvas. The opening takes place Saturday 11 March, 3-6pm
  • Daily until Apr 22 2017
    A first China-side solo for Japanese artist Toshiyuki Konishi, Our Traits comprises recent oil paintings and works on paper. Concerned with the common characteristics of human behavior that connect us, paintings are inspired by childhood photos. Intimate, evocative, and united by a signature 'blurred' approach to portraiture, they're absolutely worth a look-see.
  • Daily until Apr 30 2017
    A first Shanghai solo for emerging artist Gao Yuan, Eternal Return is a show of two halves. The first is an animation called Lunar Dial, and the second is a selection of paintings realized over six years that the artist used as backgrounds in her animation. Featured in the Short Film section of the 2017 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Lunar Dial is a montage of...
  • Daily until Apr 30 2017
    ShanghART goes back to its M50 roots with a group exhibition inside its former Shanghai HQ. Titled SOW - that's Spring Ocean Wave - this one looks to be a joyful celebration of color and vibrancy. Working across a range of media, participating artists are Jin Yanan, Liu Yi, Xiao Longhua and Zheng Wenxin.
  • Daily until Apr 30 2017
    A teasingly sparse show by conceptual artist He An employs the materials and detritus of cities and industry to proffer an alternative view of our urban reality.
  • Daily until May 6 2017
    Liang Shaoji has been working with silkworms for 28 years. Now, he presents a series of new works in a solo called Sha Sha Sha - that is, 沙> (sha), the sound generated by silkworms while feasting on mulberry leaves; 纱 (sha), the pronunciation of the texture of silk; and 砂 (sha), meaning sand which is a critical component of one of the works on show here. He has the...
  • Daily until May 10 2017
    This group exhibition examines the gesture of rewriting as a metaphor for self-renewal. On display are works by eight artists whose practice is concerned with the writing, erasing and refining of personal or collective history. They include the likes of Ma Kelu, who has not only revised his own approach to painting, but also his nostalgia and impressions of his former Williamsburg home, by...
  • Daily until May 21 2017
    This looks very promising indeed: American artist James Turrell has been working with the medium of light since the 1960s, picking up accolade after accolade, and even opening his own museum in Argentina. He's best known for ongoing work, Roden Crater - fashioned from an extinct volcano, it's a naked-eye observatory out in the Arizona dessert. Other pieces include enclosed apertures or...
  • Daily until May 31 2017
    Part of K11's ongoing partnership with New York's New Museum, group exhibition After Us examines ways in which Chinese and international artists use surrogates, proxies and avatars to expand the notion of being human. A mixed media affair - works span sculpture, installation, photography, performance and video, plus augmented and virtual reality - it includes pieces by a host of...
  • Daily until Jun 4 2017
    Hunan-born artist Zhou Li's new abstract paintings go on show at Yuz Museum this spring. Comprising works on canvas alongside sound installations, Shadow of the Wind plays on the senses to reveal different perspectives when viewed close up, or from a distance. Think oversized paintings featuring tangled lines, organic shapes, and textured surfaces.
  • Daily until Mar 26 2017
    Beijing-based Song Dong is the subject of a major solo exhibition at Rockbund Art Museum this winter. Featuring some of the artist’s best-known works as well as specially commissioned pieces, the title is a reference to a Confucian aphorism and indicative of Song’s preoccupations with Chinese tradition and inherited wisdom. Presented in seven 'chapters' on each floor of the museum, plus a...
  • Daily until Mar 26 2017
    Works by Hunan-born artist Huang Xiaoliang go on display at photography gallery m97 this winter. Think the urban landscape, its ongoing transition, vibrancy and flux. In particular the archival pigment prints focus on the spaces between old and new architectures, disordered construction, and strangely beautiful traces of humanity and intimacy midst the cityscape. Grandly opens Saturday 7...
  • Daily until Mar 25 2017
    French photographers Bettina Rheims and Serge Bramly revisit a series of images taken by the pair in 2002 that sought to capture the spirit of women in Shanghai. Grandly opens Thursday 2 March, 6-7.30pm.
  • Daily until Apr 6 2017
    An exhibition entitled Garden Memories -- "a new body of digital collages which mesh together images of natural and urban environments. In this new exhibition, Clara Feder has engulfed these hard-edged and sterile environments in wildness and life, alongside with a memory quality. These plants hues contaminate the city with the energy and the will of the natural world."
  • Daily until May 14 2017
    Cc Foundation's M50 exhibition space presents British conceptual artist Ryan Gander this spring. Comprising new and recent works, the show centers on contradiction, and the dichotomy between human and nonhuman, utility and futility, success and failure. To that end, expect mirrors with no reflection, inanimate figures that express emotion, and a site-specific installation made of ball bearings.
  • Daily until Jun 18 2017
    West Bund exhibition spot Qiao Space teams up with White Cube gallery to host a solo by young artist He Xiangyu. On display will be his ongoing Lemon Paintings series, as well as expansive video installation, Turtle, Lion and Bear. The latter consists of a configuration of vitrines in which monitors display multiple videos showing people and animals yawning. Oddly contagious, it's...
  • Daily until Apr 8 2017
    Celebrating Japan's master of horror -- Junji Ito, the exhibition showcases the artist's most notable works such as Uzumaki, Tomie, and The Hanging Balloons. Visitors are given an AR headset with special effects and sound. In addition, there's also background stories, installations, interviews, a photo booth and a gift shop. The even is open on weekday from 11am-8am, weekends/ holidays from...
  • Daily except Mon until Apr 18 2017
    Loners - Wang Dawei's solo exhibition is the first show FQ Projects is presenting in 2017. The exhibition showcases the artists 15 newest paintings and some works on paper he crated when he stayed in the US in 2015. He paints the "restlessness, void and depression of urban life, as well as the desire, anger and ignorance of urban dwellers." He uses a wide range of materials, from canvas, paper,...
  • Daily until Apr 19 2017
    Art+Shanghai hosts 'Trilogy: The Other World of Zhang Wen', an upcoming solo exhibition curated by Zhang Linmiao and featuring works by Zhang Wen, one of the most talented ink artists of her generation.
  • Daily until Apr 30 2017
    Leo Xu Projects teams up with LA's David Kordansky Gallery to present a cross section of 21 artists working across a range of media to examine current global affairs. They include the likes of Chen Wei, Heman Chong, Rashid Johnson, Tala Madani, and Sissel Tolaas. Exploring ways in which political, ecological, and spiritual values are being tested in a world that feels at once increasingly...
  • Daily until Apr 4 2017
    Moganshan Lu gem Antenna Space teams up with Galerie Urs Meile to present a solo by Beijing and Chongqing-born artist Zhou Siwei.
  • Daily until May 12 2017
    The first in a series of exhibitions aimed at promoting young new media artists in China, Three Rooms features largely digital offerings from the likes of web-based artists Miao Ying and aaajiao, as well as film and CGI talent Lu Yang. Interactive and fun, this one comes highly recommended.
  • Spanning graffiti, pop art and consumer culture, KAWS' practice is nothing if not prolific. Known internationally for his limited edition toys and clothing, Brooklyn-based artist and designer KAWS (aka Brian Donnelly) gets his very own solo show at YUZ Museum this summer. The show comprises paintings, sculptures, drawings, toys and ads to create an overview of his creative, conceptual and collaborative developments these past two decades.
  • Julian Opie comes to Shanghai's Fosun Foundation in March. You'll have seen the iconic British artist's work before, either by way of one his many, many digital animated public commissions internationally, or maybe on Britpop band Blur's 2000 Best Of album... The Shanghai show comprises more than 50 works spanning a range of media and technologies, from inkjet on glass and painted aluminum to film animations and vinyl. There will also be new works on display, all continuing the artist's ongoing his engagement with portraiture and interest in the built environment and natural landscapes.
  • Continuing a recent run of top-notch architecture exhibitions, Power Station of Art turns its attention to Pritzker prize-winning Japanese architect, Toyo Ito. The show outlines the architect's research-focused process through models, images and drawings.