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  • Daily except Mon until Aug 25 2019

    The collaboration between Rockbund Art Museum and Para Site, Hong Kong features 53 artists who challenge existing boundaries between art and other disciplines, including artisans, healers, teachers, researchers, filmmakers, choreographers, activists, and poets. From the curator: "'An Opera for Animals' takes the history of different versions of opera as a departure point to explore both...

  • Daily except Mon until Sep 1 2019

    "Humans use language to breed protocol standards. Compared with animals, infants need much longer time to be looked after and educated. Animals can stand up to adapt to the environment the moment they get born,because only the fittest survives. In George Hayashi’s works, I could see soldiers ride their horses and flash by in the gorgeous afterglow. It seems so dreamy and so real." Free.

  • Daily except Mon until Oct 7 2019

    “Nine Journeys Through Time” is an exhibition organized by Yuz Museum together with Alcantara, and evolves from the eponymous show previously presented in the Apartment of the Prince, Royal Palace in Milan, conceived and co-curated by Davide Quadrio and Massimo Torrigiani in 2018. “Nine Journeys Through Time” offers an exceptional combination of talents, 9 artistic approaches are brought...

  • Daily except Mon until Oct 13 2019

    Organized by independent curator Diana Nawi, ‘Mark Bradford: Los Angeles’ is a site-specific exhibition that explores the evolution of Bradford’s practice over the past decade, and his treatment of themes from present-day American culture. While best known for his abstract paintings and collage-based works, as the exhibition will highlight, Bradford has also developed a robust sculptural...

  • Daily except Mon until Oct 24 2019

    New York-based artist Daniel Arsham’s aesthetic revolves around his concept of fictional archaeology. Working in sculpture, architecture, drawing, and film, he creates and crystallizes ambiguous in-between spaces or situations, and further stages what he refers to as future relics of the present. While the present, the future, and the past poetically collide in his haunted yet playful visions...

  • Daily except Mon until Nov 2 2019

    "MOTSE: Over and Over Again" is the first stop of the new media art tour in Shanghai. New media art team MOTSE 墨子 brings 17 large-scale works of art in various forms such as interactive visuals, mechanical devices, and sculptures to the Hall 8 and 9 of the Powerlong Museum. During the 120-minute visiting time, the audience will be in a 2,200 sqm art space and experience a "dream-like new media...

  • Daily except Mon until Sep 1 2019

    This solo exhibition of Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano showcases nearly 200 original paintings, 32 large-scale hand-painted original works, and 5 animated film works, reviewing his works over the years. Amano is a painter, character designer, illustrator, and bookmaker. He also works on stage art and costume design. His signature delicate, bewitching and fantastic patterns are popular all over...

  • Daily until Sep 1 2019

    After launching its massive immersive contemporary art exhibition at Powerlong Museum, art group WAVELENGTH opened its own venue in Changning. The debut show brought pop art and surrealism art from Philip Colbert and Trevor Andrew (Gucci Ghost), which features seven immersive art installations. The exhibition runs from 11am to 9pm, Monday to Friday; 10am to 9pm, Satureday and Sunday. Entry fee:...

  • Daily except Mon until Sep 22 2019

    “Duet” is a solo exhibition of Tan Ping curated by the renowned art historian and critic Wu Hung, on June 15th, 2019. Set in the present, the exhibition is a retrospective anthology of the 35 years of the artist’s creative career. Over 40 paintings, prints, videos and on-site paintings that constitute the exhibition provide a review of the artist’s upbringing, life, and mental progress as well...

  • Daily except Mon until Oct 7 2019

    Power Station of Art in Shanghai and the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presents the young Japanese architect Junya Ishigami's debut solo exhibition in China, covers 20 groups of architectural projects such as KAIT Workshop, House & Restaurant, Forest Kindergarten, Chapel of Valley, but also reveal the process and details of the architect's realization of the concept through...

  • Daily except Mon until Aug 22 2019

    In this dual exhibition, artists Wang Qifeng and Yan Xiaoqian is dream of those bygone days and this has inspired them to a modern representation of these ancient Chinese beauties, their elegance and poetry, their aesthetic values and lifestyle. Free.

  • Weekdays

    An exhibition of concept interior design sketches in oil on canvas by Shanghai based artist Elliott Hambrook. Free.

  • Daily except Mon until Aug 24 2019

    Japanese art collective teamLab will showcase a new art installation titled Universe of Water Particles for the opening of the new art museum TANK Shanghai. The giant digital art piece sees a waterfall cascading down the tank which people can interact with by standing under. Like a rock in water, the presence of a person causes the flow of the water to change direction. Other installations will...

  • Daily except Mon until Aug 24 2019

    As part of the opening program, TANK Shanghai will showcase a group exhibition of 13 Chinese artists. The exhibition’s themes are “partial, experimental, and imperfect” and will include works from Zhang Xiaogang, Xu Zhen, Zeng Fanzhi and more.

  • Daily except Mon until Aug 25 2019

    Quan Hongyi's individual exhibition "Playing Cards with Himself" comprises 12 pieces of canvas works engaging social and individual subjects, Hongyi depicts human life and existence on his canvas to intervene in the social progress. Hongyi's painting language is not limited to the abstract or the representational. He believes finding a personalized language that best expresses a specific idea...

  • Daily until Aug 30 2019

    For the second time in Shanghai, Condo promotes relationships between galleries and artists from ten world cities. In a series of collaborative exhibitions, local galleries host foreign galleries, either co-curating shows or sharing their spaces. Galleries: A+Contemporary, Antenna Space, Gallery Vacancy, MAO SPACE, Edouard Malingue Gallery, AIKE and QIAO SPACE.

  • Daily until Aug 30 2019

    Liang Haopeng’s Future Mythology provides the visitor with “God’s perspective” of the world, full of disillusionment and disaster. His work echoes the Medieval painter Hieronymus Bosch in surrealism and detail.

  • Daily except Mon until Aug 31 2019

    In Between Days is unveiling a new and intriguing array of paintings, sculptures, and installations from seven artists. The exhibition will mark three Chinese artists Ouyang Sulong’s, Fan Xuechao’s, and Sha Shuang’s first collaboration with Art+ Shanghai Gallery. Ouyang Sulong’s 3-D printed sculptures and Fan Xuechao’s modernized take on calligraphy scrolls with mechanically moving characters...

  • Daily until Sep 1 2019

    This official ONE PIECE exhibition is co-organized by Japan Shueisha and Toei Animation Co., Ltd., and supervised by the celebrated manga artist Eiichiro Oda himself, whose works has sold more than 300 million copies. It restores Oda's Studio to its life-size and showcases sketch manuscripts and comics. Around 200 illustrations and painted works are on display. The exhibition runs from 10am-...

  • Daily until Sep 6 2019

    Cai Zhen is a Shanghai-born award-winning watercolor artist. Passionate about art and painting since childhood, she began painting heritage architecture in retirement. Growing up in an old Shanghai house, it was only natural that the city’s historic buildings, villas, and lane neighborhoods became her subject. Painting in the realist style, with her characteristic vibrant colors and original...

  • Daily except Mon until Sep 8 2019

    In this small and intricate exhibition, OCAT gathers five Norwegian artists working in film, audio, and computer-based technologies. Their viewpoints converge in the exploration of dreams, subconsciousness, and memories. Time and sound are the conducting elements,drawing the viewer in. Free.

  • Daily until Sep 30 2019

    Walls define our space and our lives. Walls surround us, and without them man would be small, unimportant, and lost in nature. People erect walls to separate themselves from the natural world and to legitimize their existence, to build a world suitable for them, and to reshape the world that was not quite built for their needs. Walls are the building blocks of tangible culture: they make a...

  • Daily except Mon until Oct 7 2019

    Power Station of Art’s new exhibition brings together 19 projects by Japanese architect Junya Ishigami that send you into his vision. He is known for freeing himself from the general rules of the field — thus the name of the exhibition. 60rmb.

  • Daily except Mon until Oct 13 2019

    Los Angeles born-and-raised artist Mark Bradford shows at the Long Museum. The display explores present-day American culture, with special regard for the social and environmental conditions that affect marginalized populations. Free but reservation must be made in advance.

  • Daily except Mon

    Immediately after graduation from the National School of Applied Arts in Paris, Eric Bonte purchased his own workshop and began his pursuits as an independent artist. This type of daring and adventurous spirit is still evident in his works. “I want to give shape to the invisible, I want to make these phenomena felt and for that I must to go to the end of what is possible” (Bonte). This...

  • DIAGNOSED TRIPOLAR is the latest solo exhibition by French painter and Shanghai resident Charles Belin. Belin coined the term “colpainting” to describe a mix media art that lies between collage and painting. Enjoying an absolute creative freedom Belin uses any possible resources from acrylic to Chinese ink, crayon, paper, denim, metal, and more to produce abstract pieces. DIAGNOSED TRIPOLAR will feature 36 new original works. Address details on the flyer.
  • Opening Reception of Fu Shuai's first Solo Exhibition in Shanghai . The artist will be in attendance to answer your questions and share personal insights on his life and artistic practice. His works present a vivid pictorial metaphor juxtaposing the ethereal omnipresence of the virtual amid the tangible materiality of the real. Free.
  • Big exhibition dedicated strictly to the photographic medium, now in its fifth year. Expect 50+ contemporary photo galleries from around the region displaying their artists' work.
  • This high-end art fair, named after Shanghai's area code, is now in its fifth edition and always good for a look-see. If previous incarnations are anything to go by, expect a who's who of blue-chip international galleries and top-notch curated exhibitions.