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  • Daily except Mon until Feb 24 2019

    Louise Bourgeois: The Eternal Thread is the first large-scale museum exhibition in China of work by French-American artist Louise Bourgeois. Widely regarded as one of the most important artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, Bourgeois is renowned for creating a body of work that fuses psychological depth with high formal invention. The show offers a focussed survey of major works from the...

  • Daily until Nov 30 2018

    Created by the Crowd Art team from New York City, this pop-up exhibition has 11 rooms with different themes. Tickets are going at 90rmb and 128rmb on weekday and weekends respectively, opening hours are 10am-10pm daily.

  • Daily except Mon until Dec 16 2018

    Gucci's latest art exhibition, in cooperation with Alessandro Michele (the current creative director of Gucci) and Maurizio Cattelan (the famous Italian artist) as curator, the exhibits aim to explore the theme of "the copy is the original." There's a reason why they're blatantly ripping off Marina Abramovic's 2010 “The Artist is Present” at MOMA. She's not present, but a giant poster of her...

  • Daily until Feb 17 2019

    'Art Aquarium' is a goldfish exhibition designed by Japanese artist Hidetomo Kimura. This is its debut in China. Around 5,000 goldfish are placed in various shapes of aquariums, which draw inspiration from traditional Japanese culture and contemporary art. 120rmb.

  • Daily until Mar 10 2019

    The theme for the biennial’s 12th iteration is “​Proregress—Art in an Age of Historical Ambivalence.” According to a statement on the biennale’s website, this title refers to a sense of instability felt around the world these days. Curated by Cuauhtémoc Medina, chief curator of the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporanea in Mexico City, this year’s biennial will feature 67 artists, making it...

  • Every Fri, Sat, Sun until Nov 18

    A 3-day experience of exhibition, lectures, media and networking moments related to technology, design, sustainability and the environment. Free.

  • Daily except Mon until Nov 22 2018

    This group show Connection features 6 Asian artists - LV Zhe, Kim Eunjin, Mu Huan, Fan Shiqiang, Chang Long and Cheon Yugyeon, focusing on the discussion about connections between objects and objects, objects and human, human and human on a daily basis. Six artists convey their views on interdependence, opposition and constraints within the context of connection through distinctive imagery...

  • Daily until Nov 27 2018

    You Si's Mycrocosmos is an exhibition of 24 of the painters recent works. Free.

  • Daily except Mon until Dec 30 2018

    Altered State: Deciphering Urban in the Art of Chen Xuanrong and Huang Yulong echoes the atmosphere of urbanity anywhere, but it also forges an entirely unique way of conceptualizing the new urban individuality in China. Two artists with an almost 10-year gap in age difference create works influenced by hip-hop culture, or what we interchangeably call street culture. Free.

  • Daily until Dec 30 2018

    “Disaster Diaries” does not give answers, it only raises questions. What will end our civilization? Will there be somebody or something after people are gone to make sense out of what we left on Earth? Is it going to be possible to make new context around life? If so, what if we looked into the diary of a future surveyor of the post-Apocalyptic world? This time, the visitors will have to put...

  • Daily except Mon until Jan 13 2019

    Fosun Foundation Shanghai presents “Cindy Sherman’s First Solo Exhibition” from Nov 7 to Jan 13, showing a collection of works by a pivotal figure in the photography world. Bringing together 128 series of photographs and several shooting props along with references spanning different periods, this retrospective survey traces Cindy Sherman’s career from the 1970s to the present day and attempts...

  • Before the Crowd brings together five Chilean photographers for an exhibition focused on Latin American urban landscapes. All artists are under 35 years old. Closed Monday-Tuesday, open the rest of the week after 12pm. Free entry.
  • M50 sees Shanghai's second (official) Art Battle International! Twelve artists, three rounds, and the audience chooses the winners. Organizer Madness has the support of Levi's in pitching Iris Lively, Benj Kinenga, Aaliyah Navras, Ronald Paredes, Zhen Liang, Igor Husag, Lucky Lasagna (yup), Sabine Lindved, Jay Mark, Feat, Pablo Lincura and "Lily" against each other in an easel to easel battle for artistic supremacy. Canvas will be shaken! Paintbrushes will be splintered! Each round will be 20 minutes long, the artists can only use acrylic paint, and the audience will decide who proceeds to the next round. There will be an open bar on Pistonhead Beer and deals on hot dogs, and live music. It's 120rmb for an individual ticket, or 290rmb for three people and 60rmb for kids.