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  • Bund-side spot AroundSpace unveils recent works by Chen Xiaowei and Zhuang Ying this fall. Boston-based Chen draws inspiration from nature, life and changes in emotions. She's showing ten new pieces from her Diamond pen on paper series. Zhuang Ying lives in Shanghai and trained in classic Chinese painting. She uses handmade rice paper, as well as watercolor and Chinese paints to create snapshots of the plants found in her urban environment. Both sensitive to the outside world and their inner emotions, those two solos grandly open on Saturday 5 September at 4pm.
  • Shanghai-based artist Ni Youyu is the subject of Arario Gallery's latest solo, exploring themes of time and the galaxy. The exhibition takes its title from a massive and eponymous work: all heavy materials, Invisible Force represents a void, something that exists but cannot be seen or touched. Cryptically, the artist advises visitors don't take photos close up, and that anyone with a luxury watch or pacemaker should keep a safe distance. The mind boggles... Other works originate from images of space, the night sky and stars. Grandly opens 7 September, 4pm through 7pm
  • A debut offering from WhyWhyArt, a concept dreamed up by established Latvian curator Zane Mellupe, this group show takes place inside a former Chinese medical clinic space situated in a previous-era colonial house. Featuring works by 20 international and local artists, works on display reflect on philosophical, personal and social issues. Spanning a full range of media, artists include Daniele Mattioli, Girolamo Marri, Konstantin Bayer, Susanne Junker and Monika Lin. More info right here. Open Tuesdays through Sundays, 10am - 7pm.
  • This should be good: acclaimed Chinese artist Zhang Enli is the focus of a ShanghART solo this fall. Specifically, that will include his “old tree”, “line” and “object” paintings. The Shanghai-based artist is a pretty big deal, and the opening for that one takes place 2pm, 6 September.
  • The always excellent Chronus Art Center has a new show opening in September called Tox Screen by American artist Casey Reas. The exhibition features a generative animation that scrambles, fractures and distorts the intended images and narratives, to craft alternate, imagined space - kind of like a collage. Taking a Dada approach to raw materials, it intentionally disrupts the information of local broadcast signals and subverts software’s capacity for precision and order. Sounds good. The opening for that one is 5 September at 5pm
  • Oliver Herring’s multi-disciplinary, globe-trotting performance project Areas for Action makes its Shanghai debut at BANK with an on-going, open archive of new, tailor-made work in tandem with video and photo documentation of past events. Inside the space, volunteers will be invited to let loose with materials such as glitter, tape, body paint and tin foil to create a kind of 'artistic battleground.' Described as a cross between a social experiment and laboratory where modes of representation are hijacked by modes of production, this looks pretty fun. Opens 6 September, 5pm - 7pm
  • Taking BANK's gorgeous historical architecture as his starting point, Zhao Gang paints a ballad to the possible pasts of Shanghai. Named after the infamous, unreleased Rolling Stones’ single, Zhao’s paintings moan with a destitute sense of unfulfilled, dirty romance. As such, canvasses feature relics of a bygone era, conflated with the artist’s personal narrative, cynicism, and desires to create a kind of romanticized fiction with the BANK building at its heart. An early proponent of avant-garde art in China, Zhao was one of the youngest member of the Stars Group in the late seventies and early eighties, for going to study, live, and work in New York. Should be good. The opening takes place 6 September, 5pm - 7pm
  • And All The Sounds Are Still is a solo exhibition of recent work by Hangzhou-based mixed media artist Shao Wenhuan. On show will be new painting and photographic works on canvas and silk, as well as a small installation and video works. Shao examines our post-analog era and how the sheer ubiquity of images and photography make us question the uniqueness of the medium... Grandly opens Sunday September 6, 2pm - 5pm.
  • This looks good: M97's Yueyang Lu project space is hosting an exhibition of vintage silver gelatin prints by renowned photographer, film director and actor, Fan Ho. Born in Shanghai in 1937, he started dabbling in photography at the age of just 14, largely teaching himself on his father's Rolleiflex camera. An opening reception takes place at the space on Monday September 7th, 5pm through 8pm.
  • Beijing-based painter Li Shan takes over James Cohan Gallery this fall, promising 22 new paintings created in the past year. Most of those were completed outside of China, including Germany and Japan. As such, travel is an important theme of Li Shan's work. In the artist's own words, “Each painting tells a story.” Also on display will be a series of 12 works from the 1970s, spanning lakeside views, shorelines, Chinese architecture and gardens. There's an opening reception taking place 7 September from 5pm through 8pm.
  • Back for its second edition with renowned artist Zhou Tiehai once again at its helm, West Bund Art & Design Fair looks pretty promising. Working around the theme of 'Art to inspire life, design to emulate it,' participating galleries include local gems like BANK, Don Gallery and Leo Xu Projects; Beijing hot spots Magician Space and Pace Gallery; as well as internationals including UK's Cass Sculpture Foundation. Early bird tickets are available for 40rmb a pop here, or else 60rmb on the door. 9 - 11 Sept; 12pm - 6pm; 12 + 13 Sept; 10am - 6pm (last admission 5pm throughout); West Bund Art Center, 2555 Longteng Da Dao, near Fenggu Lu (right next to ScOP)
  • Photo Shanghai returns to the city for its second edition in September. If last year's event is anything to go by, this should be pretty good. Expect a curated show of vintage and contemporary prints from 50 leading international galleries from 20 countries, showcasing and selling works by emerging and established artists from East & West. Highlights include a Moving Image program curated by Zhang Peili, lecture series, and exhibitions of works by the likes of Chen Man and celebrated American artist Taryn Simon. 11am - 6pm; 80rmb (advance price before 30 August here); 100rmb at the door.
  • Art in the City returns to K11 in September, bringing with it a bunch of projects and shows as well as those art tours. Taking the theme of Stop Making Sense, the main exhibition explores the relationship between artists, our living environment, and change. Think cities and landscapes, small communities and our cosmopolitan world. Sounds good. That features offerings from local gems like 1933 Contemporary, Gallery 55, Art+ Shanghai, Ren Space, Zendai Gallery and loads others. Another highlight will be special project BLAST! - think digital imagery, interactivity and computer-generated magic. A jury of people like artist aaajiao, LEAP mag's Robin Peckham and curator Davide Quadrio will pick 8 projects to be screened at K11, MoCA Pavilion, and BMW Brand Experience Center during Art In The City Festival. Details of that right here. Continuing the theme, New York-based APT Institute presents new media and interactive projects by emerging artists Hu Renyi, Xie Caomin and Samson Young. All of that's going on 12 - 14 September. For more, plus tickets to the actual exhibition (60rmb/40rmb early bird) check the website right here.
  • There's a big, big retrospective of Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf taking place at Magda Danysz this fall. Active on the international stage since the early '90s, he's known for his highly staged images, heavy with atmosphere and an almost dreamlike narrative. Sometimes unnerving, always beautiful, and often playing with light to striking effect, definitely go see these award-winning pics. Grandly opens 12 September, 7pm to 9pm
  • One day, three different tours around some of the best museums in the city. These all start with guided tours at K11 Art Mall, then make moves across town via bus.

    Tour D meets at K11 at 1pm, then journeys to the Aurora Museum for Zhang Enli × Christopher Doyle's Nobody Knows Where, followed by a Bund view coffee at Café 5. Ticket = 270rmb

    Tour E is our pick for the best of these. After a 1.30pm meeting at K11, the tour moves to Chen Zhen's phenomenal, posthumous exhibition Without going to New York and Paris, life could be internationalized, followed by coffee / tea at the RAM Café and a bus to Photo Shanghai 2015 at the Shanghai Exhibition center. Ticket = 205rmb.

    Finally, Tour F meets at K11 at 11am then goes to MoCA Shanghai for their Shanghai Ever exhibit and a three-course lunch at the MoCA restaurant. Ticket = 399rmb.
  • Hoping to replicated the phenomenal success of last year's Monet show, K11 is teaming up with Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation to present major exhibition, Media - Dalí. The late, great Spanish Surrealist was nothing if not prolific, producing paintings, sculptures, jewelery and film until his death in 1989. The only Dalí exhibition in China to be officially authorized by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation since 2001, the K11 show comprises over 200 original works, set alongside a collection of the artist's personal belongings. Tickets are available presale at Ticket2010 and Douban ( for a discounted price of 70/80rmb each. Otherwise, they'll set you back 120rmb a pop.
  • Now in its third edition, 2015 ART021 Contemporary Art Fair takes place at Shanghai Exhibition Center in November. This year sees yet more international galleries present works across a range of media, as well as a series of public projects called BEYOND. There'll also be a handful of showcase solos by emerging artists, as well as group shows organized by theme. More details when we have 'em - for now, check the website here
  • daily until Sep 9 2015
    Another tech-infused art exhibition by Liu Dao collective, Scribbles is on show at their Bund-side spot this summer. Interactive, LED-heavy works focus the attention on whatever it is the mind sees in, say, a Rorschach inkblot or abstract painting. The open - 9 July, 6pm through 10pm - features original music by sound designer David Poppell. RSVP to for that.
  • daily until Sep 22 2015
    New gongbi ink paintings by Xi'an artist Ying Yefu go on display at Art Labor gallery this summer. Building on last year's show at the Yongjia Lu spot, here again, Ying Yefu turns his attention to kungfu and wuxia culture, its relationship with the 'average' person, and how this applies to contemporary China. Recommended.
  • daily until Oct 7 2015
    RAM turns 5-years young this year, and to celebrate, hosts a solo by the late Shanghai-born conceptual artist, Chen Zhen. Curated by Hou Hanru with Xu Min, Chen Zhen's long-term life and work partner, the show features large-scale installations, as well as sketches and notes. Works are inspired by Chen Zhen's personal experience of migrating and working across different continents and cultures....
  • daily until Oct 18 2015
    Shanghai Sacred is a collection of 34 photographs by Liz Hingley, which documents "how sacredness continues to be engineered in today's Shanghai" with a focus on understanding the process of dislocation and relocation in the Shanghai metropolis. It is based on an ongoing research project led by the artist Prof. Benoit Vermander at Fudan University. Liz Hingley is a British photographer and...
  • daily until Nov 15 2015
    Copyleft sees 23 artists turn their collective attention to the phenomenon of shanzhai, or “copycat.” Specifically, the show ponders the idea that Chinese contemporary art mirrors Western counterparts too closely. The exhibition asks why Western “appropriation” seems to fit China so particularly well: is China merely disrespectful of copyright and lacking innovation, or is the...
  • daily until Nov 15 2015
    A solo by Chinese contemporary artist extraordinaire Yang Fudong called Twin Tracks goes on display at Yuz Museum this fall. Known for films and shorts that express the aspiration and angst of China's youth, Yang incorporates both modernization and traditional culture into his work. Focusing on five key works - East of Que Village (2007), Blue• Kirin /A Journal of Shandong...
  • daily until Nov 15 2015
    This looks good: Pearl Lam Galleries presents a group show comprising works by 24 young female artists from China. Neo-Perception embraces and confronts the imagery and language of women’s experiences and approaches to identity. Spanning a range of mediums, themes include sexuality, gender, mortality, relationships, and social dynamics, with featured artists including Gao Shan, He...
  • daily until Dec 6 2015
    Ilya and Emilia Kabakov's Dream City at PSA is the largest ever show by the famous Russian artist couple to date. On display will be installations, sculpture and paintings including Manas, Fallen Angel, Dark Chapel and Empty Museum. The pair are known for combining architecture, lighting, sound, urban planning and more to create a kind of imaginary world, touching on issues...
  • daily until Dec 31 2015
    First shown at London's Barbican in 2012 then NY's MoMA in 2013, Rain Room is massive installation of falling water that ceases to pour wherever a person walks. Pretty awesome. The museum commissioned the artists, Random International, to create a huge version of the work specifically to match Yuz' gargantuan space. Anticipating crowds, the museum's planning to extend its opening hours...
  • daily until Sep 10 2015
    FQ Projects is pleased to present Shi Yan and Mo Di’s dual exhibition: Unseen Mist. The two artists are both young females, born post 1985. Shi Yan’s works include water colour painting and colour pencil pieces. Modi’s works are mainly ink wash on paper, with typewriter printings. Both artsits posses a sensitive and feminine quality. This special quality inevitably triggers subtle emotions in...