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  • Daily except Mon until Jun 9 2019

    This solo exhibition of Yayoi Kusama is "tailor-made" for Shanghai Fosun Foundation. More than 40 works are featured at the event, including her signature pumpkins, polka dots, infinite mirror houses and the latest painting series "My Eternal Soul". The space is specially designed for multiple large-scale immersive and multi-reflective art installations. Entry fee is 150rmb on site.

  • Daily except Mon until Mar 24 2019

    Marked by her cosmopolitan origins, between Europe and Asia, and by an attention to the sonorous dimension of the world, the practice of Su-Mei Tse involves issues such as time, memory, musicality, and language. Taking various forms – sculptures, videos, photographs, installations – her artworks always operate between different fields: between sound and image, nature and culture, mental space...

  • Every Sat, Sun until Mar 24

    Around 20 art museums and over 40 galleries, shops, restaurants, and organizations have joined this year's Art 24 Hours (WeChat: Art_24Hours). It is a weekend pass to all the major museums in Shanghai including Power Station of Art, Long Museums, HOW Art Museums, as well as the newcomers in town such as Tank Shanghai, and Galerie Perrotin (Shanghai). The weekend pass includes access to the...

  • Daily until Apr 24 2019

    The exhibition features works by eight internationally renowned graffiti artists: Shepard Fairey (Obey), JonOne, John Matos Crash, ZEVS, L’atlas, Vhils, M. Chat, and Tanc (Tancrede Perrot). Examining the contemporary zeitgeist from a new perspective, the exhibition addresses such issues as urban humanism and street culture. Entry fee is 80rmb, 40rmb for students.

  • Daily except Mon until Apr 30 2019

    A condensed view of western painting history throughout five centuries. This exhibition features 60 pieces of real artworks from one of the largest private art museums in Asia -- Tokyo Fuji Art Museum. Paintings from 50 iconic artists, including Turner, Monet, Picasso, and Warhol are on display. The paintings are divided into six chapters, starting from the Renaissance and end at 1950 - 60s....

  • Daily except Mon until May 5 2019

    The Long Museum(West Bund)presents one of China’s most celebrated female artists, Yu Hong, with a large comprehensive survey of her work, “The World of Saha”, curated by Jérôme Sans. Yu Hong's creative inspiration is known to be grounded in her personal life and everyday surroundings, building a world that ingeniously fuses different perceptions of time, memories and the evolution of emotional...

  • Daily except Mon until May 5 2019

    Partnering with The Fashion and Textile Museum in London, the exhibition showcases the relatively unknown textile works from over 10 international artists in the 20s century, including George Braque, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Sonia Delaunay, Raul Dufy, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol. The exhibition takes place on the second floor of the museum. Tickets can...

  • Daily until May 22 2019

    Kwei Yih is the 4th edition of the "Plant Portrait" exhibition series, an on-going project that investigates different faces of plants and nature, as well as how people live among them. Featuring a collection of works from photographer Shi Zhen, the Kwei Yih exhibition looks at different phases of the photographer's life, her confusions and epiphanies. No entry fee.

  • Daily except Mon until May 25 2019

    A landmark exhibition of a foremost figure of the American Conceptual and Minimal Art movements of the 1960s and 1970s. The exhibition focuses on LeWitt’s seminal wall drawings and includes 16 inkwash works initially conceived in the 1980s and 1990s, and a monumental, immersive wall drawing spanning four walls.

  • Daily except Mon until May 26 2019

    This is the first institutional solo exhibition in China by the renowned German artist Tobias Rehberger. Rehberger’s multifaceted work has been instrumental to expanding the possibilities of sculpture, spanning a diverse range of fields that include design, architecture, and conceptual art. The exhibition looks to showcase newly commissioned works and site-specific installations created...

  • Daily except Mon until May 30 2019

    “Parallel: Erwin Olaf” presents nearly fifty photographs from the dynamic career of renowned Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf, covering the recent 15 years of his creative work. Olaf’s expertise lies in fashion photography and in creating provocative advertising campaigns. On this occasion, however, “Parallel” eschews Olaf’s most widely recognized images in favor of exploring a more personal side...

  • Daily except Mon until Jun 2 2019

    This is Italian artist Quayola’s first large-scale solo exhibition in China, bringing together his artworks covering digital print, video, digital sculpture, and robotic installation. With the theme of “Asymmetric Archaeology”, Quayola uses digital technology to explore and reinterpret classical art forms such as ancient Hellenistic sculptures, old master paintings, and Baroque architecture,...

  • Daily except Mon until Jun 2 2019

    “What Was I?” is a kaleidoscopic journey in the post-Anthropocene epoch, after the collapse of humankind due to the effects of technological overdevelopment. The protagonist of this unexpected voyage is an android created by Macuga and produced in Japan by A Lab for the exhibition presented in 2016 at the Milan venue of Fondazione Prada. The android recites/rehearses his monologue constructed...

  • Daily except Mon until Jun 9 2019

    An exhibition that reviews the phenomenon of Chinese artists studying abroad in the early 20th century and its monumental significance to the art history of modern Chinese art. "Pioneering" is made up of the main display with two special studies, features the latest research and more than 160 works by over 40 artists, including more than 40 artworks provided by Long Museum and about 120...

  • Daily except Mon until Jun 16 2019

    “Remapping Reality” marks the first comprehensive presentation of Wang Bing’s collection of Chinese video art from the post-Olympic era. The exhibition attempts to take the collection as a point of departure to develop a new narrative framework that, on the one hand, is able to account for the ironies and complexities of China in the age of globalization, while on the other hand addresses the...

  • Daily until Mar 24 2019

    Chen Ke’s solo exhibition takes place at Yuz Project Space of Art. Through a series of mixed media paintings and installations inspired by the daily talk with the artist’s father, retrospection of the past events and re-creation of the used products, the artist discussed about youth, characteristic, family and aging, showing her profound insight of the individual and her self-conscious on these...

  • Daily until Mar 31 2019

    {MoO} stands for Museum of O, an experience-first exhibition fuelled by the power of imagination. {MoO} invites the visitors to be the actors on a journey through installations. Modern interpretations of traditional Chinese colours and culture by 6 Chinese and international artists become the playground for an artistic, happy, colorful experience. 139rmb for one or 222rmb for two.

  • Daily except Mon until Mar 31 2019

    A contemporary glass exhibition showcasing the most recent works of artist Juliette Leperlier. n a real confrontation of East meets West, Leperlier’s dynamic sculptures exalt sensibility, freedom and individuality. She reminds us how captivating it is to lose oneself and simply be. 50rmb.

  • Daily until Mar 31 2019

    Shaving in the Dark is exhibiting limited editions of risoprints from Shanghai Waves Comic Book at Egg until the end of March. Go check them out and get your ultimate Shanghai Souvenir. Free entry.

  • Daily except Mon until Apr 14 2019

    Korean painter Lee Shang Hwa's first solo exhibition Through the Maze: Navigating One Artist's Path sets out to showcase a full spectrum of the artist's creative expressions at an early stage of his career. Unlike retrospectives that are typically contemplative of a single artist's work created in the past, this exhibition aspires to envision the future of one by revealing what, at first sight,...

  • Daily until Apr 17 2019

    The relatively new field of epigenetic research focuses on origin, specifically of non-genetic biological origins of behavior. These researchers are pointing toward an age-old question: Does the past hold the keys of the future? Shanghai-based art collective Liu Dao's “Flashbulb on Memory Lane” explores this question and more. Learn more about the exhibits here . No entry fee.

  • Daily except Mon until Apr 21 2019

    ArtCN Gallery, in cooperation with The Netherlands General Consulate and Museum de Fundatie, is pleased to present “Self Reflection”, a solo exhibition of stainless steel sculptures by Ronald A. Westerhuis. As the twelfth Dutch artist in the Dutch Artists in Shanghai series, Westerhuis presents his third solo show in Shanghai. Initiated by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Shanghai,...

  • Daily except Mon until Apr 25 2019

    “Menagerie” is Australian Artist Andrew Daly’s first solo exhibition in Shanghai, featuring his latest large paintings of portraits, still lives, landscapes and mysterious or imaginary stories. In this show, artist Andrew pays his homage to the most influential American contemporary artist – Alex Katz. He uses bold and flat colors with simplified forms and lines to create a sharp contrast for...

  • Daily except Mon until May 11 2019

    The newly launched Lisson Gallery Shanghai is the gallery’s fifth permanent exhibition space, joining two in London and two in New York. Lisson Gallery Shanghai's opening exhibition, Love is Metaphysical Gravity, takes its title from a quote by the American architect and theorist Buckminster Fuller, the exhibition will include works by Marina Abramović, Shirazeh Houshiary, Richard Long and...

  • Daily except Mon until May 12 2019

    Artist Liu Chuang’s latest solo show Earthbound Cosmology takes up the theme of our shifting perspectives of the earth and brings to light the complex situations this planet currently finds itself in: with Geoengineering and “deep-time”, both history and future appear to be so uncertain, and radical media ecology is providing new polyphonic narratives for subjectivity, temporalities, and...

  • Daily except Mon until May 28 2019

    This small-scale exhibition is divided into three parts: "Source", "Comity", and "Craft". More than 100 pieces of silverware from the famous Schloss Schwarzenau in the Austro-Hungarian Empire are displayed at the exhibition. Free entry.

  • Daily until May 31 2019

    This is a dual solo exhibition of internationally acclaimed artists Zhang Enli (b.1965, Jilin province, China) and Oscar Murillo (b.1986, Colombia). The exhibition marks Zhang’s first institutional presentation in mainland China since 2011 and Murillo’s first-ever exhibition in mainland China. By bringing together their most recent works, the exhibition attempts to establish a dialogue between...

  • Daily except Mon until Jun 23 2019

    Hong Kong artist Luis Chen (1905-1995), a key person in the history of modern art in Hong Kong, had multiple identities. He's an artist, art critics, educators, and a curator. Not only did he explored the modernization of Chinese painting and the localization of oil painting, he also made a historic contribution to the development of modern art in Hong Kong. The exhibition will cover more than...

  • Daily except Mon until Jul 28 2019

    The year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Shanghai. The Long Museum (Pu Dong) will hold a special exhibition entitled “Looking Back: for the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Shanghai A Special Exhibition on Shanghai from the Museum Collection” from January 8 to July 28, 2019. This exhibition presents works created since the 1930s, tracing the development of Shanghai....

  • Daily except Mon until Aug 24 2019

    Japanese art collective teamLab will showcase a new art installation titled Universe of Water Particles for the opening of the new art museum TANK Shanghai. The giant digital art piece sees a waterfall cascading down the tank which people can interact with by standing under. Like a rock in water, the presence of a person causes the flow of the water to change direction. Other installations will...

  • Daily except Mon until Aug 24 2019

    As part of the opening program, TANK Shanghai will showcase a group exhibition of 13 Chinese artists. The exhibition’s themes are “partial, experimental, and imperfect” and will include works from Zhang Xiaogang, Xu Zhen, Zeng Fanzhi and more.

  • This is the first-ever presentation of the Mucha Family Collection in China, and the exhibition will feature over 200 original works of art by the celebrated Czech artist. In addition to his most prestigious Art Nouveau style posters, decorations, and jewelry, the exhibition also includes his drawings, paintings, photography, book design, and personal belongings. Some of which have never previously been shown publicly. 120rmb.
  • Big exhibition dedicated strictly to the photographic medium, now in its fifth year. Expect 50+ contemporary photo galleries from around the region displaying their artists' work.
  • This high-end art fair, named after Shanghai's area code, is now in its fifth edition and always good for a look-see. If previous incarnations are anything to go by, expect a who's who of blue-chip international galleries and top-notch curated exhibitions.