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  • Daily until May 31 2017
    Part of K11's ongoing partnership with New York's New Museum, group exhibition After Us examines ways in which Chinese and international artists use surrogates, proxies and avatars to expand the notion of being human. A mixed media affair - works span sculpture, installation, photography, performance and video, plus augmented and virtual reality - it includes pieces by a host of...
  • Daily until Jun 4 2017
    Hunan-born artist Zhou Li's new abstract paintings go on show at Yuz Museum this spring. Comprising works on canvas alongside sound installations, Shadow of the Wind plays on the senses to reveal different perspectives when viewed close up, or from a distance. Think oversized paintings featuring tangled lines, organic shapes, and textured surfaces.
  • Daily until Jul 23 2017
    Continuing a recent run of top-notch architecture exhibitions, Power Station of Art turns its attention to Pritzker prize-winning Japanese architect, Toyo Ito. The show outlines the architect's research-focused process through models, images and drawings.
  • Daily until Aug 13 2017
    Spanning graffiti, pop art and consumer culture, KAWS' practice is nothing if not prolific. Known internationally for his limited edition toys and clothing, Brooklyn-based artist and designer KAWS (aka Brian Donnelly) gets his very own solo show at YUZ Museum this summer. The show comprises paintings, sculptures, drawings, toys and ads to create an overview of his creative, conceptual and...
  • Daily until Jul 2 2017
    World-renowned pop artists KAWS and Murakami Takashi exhibit retrospective works at the Je Fine Art Gallery. It's open Tuesday until Sunday, closed on Monday. until July 2. 25rmb on weekdays; 30rmb on weekends.
  • Daily until May 28 2017
    "Our Time on the Moon" is a series of 7 silkscreens made by the Chilean artist Camila Pino Gay. All these works are inspired by the space race and the first images of UFOs that altered the naturalness of a daily landscape of the decade of the '50s. Both themes are gathered in a capture of a reality that apparently crossed with ours and through these images is transformed into representation of...
  • Daily until Jun 4 2017
    The Art+ Shanghai Gallery exhibition “Paradox of Reality: Latest Works by Shen Hua” represents the critical pictorial conclusions to the artist’s recent reflections on realism and, as he puts it, its “inherent” and “insurmountable” limitations. That sounds insane, but to summarize; three separate art series that explore what "reality" even means.
  • Daily until Jun 18 2017
    West Bund exhibition spot Qiao Space teams up with White Cube gallery to host a solo by young artist He Xiangyu. On display will be his ongoing Lemon Paintings series, as well as expansive video installation, Turtle, Lion and Bear. The latter consists of a configuration of vitrines in which monitors display multiple videos showing people and animals yawning. Oddly contagious, it's...
  • Daily until Jun 10 2017
    Julian Opie comes to Shanghai's Fosun Foundation in March. You'll have seen the iconic British artist's work before, either by way of one his many, many digital animated public commissions internationally, or maybe on Britpop band Blur's 2000 Best Of album... The Shanghai show comprises more than 50 works spanning a range of media and technologies, from inkjet on glass and painted...
  • "Fanana" is the first solo exhibition for Shanghai based artist Flabjacks (Hong Kong, born 1988). Flabjacks represent a series of chubby and friendly creatures in an imaginary wonderland created by Ton Mak. They have moles on their faces, fat lips, and a deliciously curvaceous body. Featuring key paintings, sculptures, drawings and toys at affordable prices, “Fanana" is a celebration of the super mundane fruit form; the Banana. They reflect feelings we can resonate with despite their simple, slightly chubby, aesthetic. And hopefully, they can make you smile.