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  • Daily until Dec 31 2017
    The HOW Art Museum’s inaugural exhibition in its new location of Shanghai presents a solo exhibition of German artist and filmmaker Julian Rosefeldt, titled "Manifesto: Julian Rosefeldt - Works 2005 - 2017". A massive retrospective of the artists work across mediums.
  • Daily until Dec 3 2017
    OCAT presents a retrospective of video works from pioneering media artist Antoni Muntadas. Originally from Barcelona, he taught at MIT for 30 years, launched a series of pioneering research initiatives as early as the mid-1970s, and used video to deconstruct social systems and target a range of social, political and communications issues. Recommended.
  • Daily until Dec 4 2017
    MoCA Shanghai presents the Chinese debut of Japanese designer Ken Miki in “APPLE+”. Taking its name from Miki’s award-winning project, “APPLE+,” the exhibition highlights Miki’s four decades of practice as well as his unique approach to design thinking and education. In “APPLE+”, Miki invites viewers to observe the apple – both a universally recognizable symbol and an object present in everyday...
  • Daily until Nov 23 2017
    The Liu Dao Collective’s latest exhibition fills the gallery space with video game characters. Paintings are pixelated, manga girls try to get out of their frames, digital prints sarcastically mix analogue photography and popular cartoon characters. In these artworks physical and digital realities are mixed into a single dimension of life made out of pixels: the building elements with which we...
  • Daily until Nov 26 2017
    "Still Moving" is the first major presentation of UK sculptor Antony Gormley’s work in China. Gormley is best known for his sculptures and public installations that investigate the relationship of the human body to space. At the center of this show is "Critical Mass II," an installation of 60 life-sized cast iron body forms in a variety of natural and unnatural poses–from falling to flying to...
  • Daily until Dec 3 2017
    This slow, meditative show presents a set of negative film works by Qin Yifeng. In this series, he uses a large-format camera to make negatives of damaged Ming-dynasty wooden furniture, using a range of techniques to compress the depth of the image and drain the conventional photographic qualities out of the resulting images.
  • Daily until Oct 29 2017
    "Preserved" presents 31 overpainted photographs taken in 2017 in the historically significant complex in downtown Beijing that once housed the government headquarters of Duan Qirui, the Republican-era warlord and politician. Turning his camera on both straightforward architectural records of quasi-colonial aesthetics and the overlooked details of adaptive reuse, often of the most naive variety,...
  • Daily until Oct 29 2017
    Don Gallery hosts “The Rhythm of Ultimate II” by Wu Ding, to introduce his recent practice of photography, video, sound, diagrammatic and textual works. Multi-media exhibition from the exciting Chinese artist.
  • Daily until Nov 30 2017
    “He”, “She” and “It” can be combined in unlimited ways; With “It”, “He” or “She” could be writers and literature, painters and art; “She” and “He”, might be lovers or friends, Carmen and clown. “He”, “She”, “It”. Sounds between lips and teeth, ring out passion and death, And hundreds of possibilities of life. Entry fee: 30rmb on week days; 35rmb on weekends.
  • Daily until Oct 27 2017
    HuArts is curating an exhibition of street photography, reflecting on street photography. Highly meta. 13 artists with distinct, individual styles (including prolific fixtures of Shanghai's photography scene like Thierry Coulon and Laurent Hou) are challenging the concept of "spontaneity" in street photography. Is the candid, unposed shot even possible anymore? "In the age of selfies,...