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Where to go out, dance, and revel. Hand-picked events in Shanghai, curated by a team with combined decades in town.
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  • Stone Beer University

    Stone's first BeerU workshop asks “Is Winter Beer Bullshit?” and examines the reasoning behind and the differences between seasonal beers. They will sample and compare winter brews, and consider factors like malt presence, alcohol...
  • Ask a Chinese Teacher Anything

    What questions about Chinese language or culture do you have? Ask a GoEast Chinese teacher anything! This is an informal conversational setting to ask and discuss questions with a GoEast Chinese teacher, students, and friends. 50rmb.
  • Talk: Earnshaw Books

    Listen to publisher Graham Earnshaw talk about English language books about China, expats starting a business in China, and the lessons learned while living in China for more than four decades. Free.
  • Mandarin Night

    Get some free Chinese culture and language at this language exchange.
  • Most Likely To Succeed

    Most Likely To Succeed, is a feature-length documentary that examines the history of education in the United States, revealing the growing shortcomings of conventional education methods in today’s innovative world. The film explores...
  • Volcán English Coffee Club: Living Through Intuition

    Guest host Kimberly will talk about "Finding & Creating Art in Everyday " - How to get creative inspiration from your surroundings - From Food to Art: How to switch between mediums - The Ah-ha moment - when to take the opportunity to...
  • Shanghai 123 Orientation Workshop

    Shanghai 123 is a free immersive half-day orientation catering towards those who are new to the countless initial puzzles of Shanghai. Shanghai 123 will provide new arrivals with all the information and resources new residents need to...
  • Historic Shanghai's Winter Wine Walk

    Art Deco, wine (and cocktails) and Shanghai history, all in one walk. A brand new walking route will take you through some of Shanghai’s loveliest architecture, revealing stories that lie behind the hidden lanes, landmark buildings and...
  • River of Plastic: China and the Plastic Problem

    River of Plastic: Plastic as Reality and Metaphor uses plastic as both an art material and metaphor as it weaves together visual art, research, and public outreach practices. Focusing on the intersection of environmental issues, global...
    • Community | Glam | on Sat Jan 19 2019
  • 2019 Chinese New Year Party

    As an appetizer to your Saturday night, enjoy lots of Szechuan bites, get hands on with dumpling making classes, and mingle surrounded by the exhibitions of local Shanghai artists to ring in the Chinese New Year (a little early). 120rmb...
  • Podfest China

    Podfest China is the first of its kind, an all day festival of talks, workshops, and discovering new podcasts made in China. Featured speakers include Yan Lin of Himalaya FM International, Eric Orlander of China in Africa Project, Selina...
  • #WomensWave in Shanghai

    In support of the Annual Global Women's March, Democrats Abroad is hosting a screening of RBG, a documentary about legendary Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. After the film, there will be discussion and a postcard writing...
  • Tea & Ceramics - Talk & Tea Tasting

    The Pottery Workshop Shanghai, in collaboration with the local Tea Masters at Cha Space, is hosting a free tea talk in their newly renovated gallery space. The talk will be followed by an optional hands-on demonstration and tea ceremony...
  • Puppy Adoption Day

    With the new dog law being enforced in Hangzhou, the pet adoption group Fosters4Hangzhou have taken in a large number of dogs in need. Drop by The Rooster from 3pm-6pm, to see what pets may be available for you to adopt. Free.
  • Diving Community Event: The Next Frontier

    Big Blue Scuba Diving's first event of 2019, all ocean lovers invited! Participate in presentations, a mixer and potluck lunch (drinks provided). Topics include gear preparation, diving destinations, and emergency kits.
  • Talks: The Story and Art of K-Real

    Elevate ⫶ Arts presents the first in their series of free monthly talks with Ukrainian artist K-Real. Known around Shanghai for his unique style of modern calligraphy, street art and tattoos, K-Real is an artist with a rebellious spirit,...
  • NTS Radio Live from Shanghai

    NTS is back at Uptown for an extended broadcast featuring China Social Club, Genome 6.66 Mbp affiliate, Khemist, Puzzy Stack from Beijing label, S!LK and a special visit from NTS London resident, Adam Oko. Adam Oko makes music that isn’t...
  • Russian Movie Night: Brother 2

    Danila Bagrov meets his army buddy Konstantin Gromov in Moscow, who tells Danila about his twin brother Dmitry, who is a professional hockey player in America. However, the team owner has swindled the young star into an oppressive...
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    Blondie (The Good) is a professional gunslinger who is out trying to earn a few dollars. Angel Eyes (The Bad) is a hit man who always commits to a task and sees it through, as long as he is paid to do so. And Tuco (The Ugly) is a wanted...
  • Game Night: Mahjong

    Do you want to learn how to play the Classic Chinese game of Mahjong (麻将 má jiàng)? Learn from the Chinese teachers of this language school. Free.
  • Dragon Burn Art Collective

    Hang with the Burners and learn about this year's Burn, happening in May and lasting five days. This event will school you on interactive projects you can create or get involved in ahead of the big Burn. Free entry.
    • Community | Daliah | on Wed Jan 23 2019
  • AMTA Kids Musical Theater Camp

    A full-day, weeklong winter camp in January organized by the American Musical Theater Academy, teaching a bit of that musical theater pizzazz. Attendees (ages 7-15) will be learning songs and routines from famous Disney musicals, such as...
  • Inter Young Professionals Mixer

    International Young Professionals New Years Drink. Join them and meet young professionals from all over the world. Lucky draw prizes for the lucky. 35rmb including a drink.
    • Community | Highline | on Thu Jan 24 2019
  • Short Film Screening: Little Milo

    Little Milo is an award-winning short film about a young man making controversial choices in his personal life around the time of the American presidential election. Presented by the independent film & event group STAY IN CHARACTER!...
  • IIT Update: Chinas Individual Income Tax Reform

    The Australian and Swiss Chambers of Commerce present a discussion on the state of China's income tax law reforms, provided by Deloitte China. Chamber members: 60rmb, non-members: 120rmb. Happens in Rooms 501 & 502 on the 5/F.
  • Seminar on Strategic Investment

    Winson Capital presents a seminar on strategic investment, reviewing 2018 and looking ahead to the 2019 markets. The seminar will finish with a Q&A followed by networking plus finger food and free flow wine. Seats limited to 30. 120rmb.
  • The Future of Taxes and Investment in China and Vietnam

    The Huaxia Finance 2019 Economic Council discusses the future of taxes and investment in China and Vietnam. A panel of industry experts will share their understanding of what to expect from business and investment in China and South East...
  • Last Train Home

    Chinese New Year's documentary about traveling home called 归途列车 (Guītú Lièchē, Last Train Home) from 2009. The movie follows a migrant worker couple as they struggle to return home to Sichuan for the Chinese New Year and their annual...
  • Madness Creative Talks

    The 18th Madness brings to you four creative entrepreneurs that are transforming their good ideas into successful businesses: Emily Cheung, Founder of Shake to Win; Yun-Pei Hsiung, DIY Designer at The Hive Lab; Daisy Tang, Founder of...
  • Shaving in the Dark Issue 7 Zine Launch Party

    Issue 7 of Shaving in the Dark Comic zine will start its journey on January 25th in a very special venue - the Former Shanghai Stock Exchange (赌du), also Du Yue Sheng's hangout hood (杜du) - that the zinesters will take over for a viral...
    • Arts, Community, Nightlife | WE (The Bund) | on Fri Jan 25 2019
  • Farewell, Laoximen

    Join Historic Shanghai for one of their last tours of Laoximen, one of the last swathes of pre-Concession Shanghai - the area is slated for demolition after Chinese New Year. Most residents have moved out, but the buildings remain (for...
  • Australia Day

    ‘Bevs, Beats & BBQ' to celebrate Australia Day, thrown by AustCham Shanghai. For AustCham Shanghai members, tickets are 400rmb per adult and 200rmb per child. For non-members, it goes up to 480rmb and 280rmb. Free for kids under six.
  • Monthly Un’ Market

    un Caffè Bar market is back highlighting handmade and design artisans in the fields of fashion, jewelry, food, accessories, mini arts workshops and more. The Un' Market connects the makers of beautiful things to people who appreciate the...
  • Workshop: Acting on Film

    Acting on Film Workshop is open to beginners and professionals. Develop your on-camera acting skills, learn martial arts choreography, and receive for your acting demo. Scan the QR code on the flyer for more info. 1,000rmb per student.
  • Family Films | The Tree of Life

    Agora Space hosts Family Film night, screening The Tree of Life, a film that explores Father Sky and Mother Earth as life creators for each individual universe. The concept of a sacred tree, connecting all forms of creation, is explained...
  • Russian Movie Night: Legend No. 17

    Biopic of Russian ice hockey legend Valeri Kharlamov from early childhood, rising to the pinnacle of the sport and his untimely death. Free entry & free popcorn.
  • DIY New Year Banners

    Make your own set of poetic red banners for your door frame with guidance from GoEast's resident calligraphy expert, Teacher Chen 陈老师. Learn about the significance of this iconic holiday decoration while trying your hand at calligraphy....
  • A Stroll Through Early Shanghai History

    The walk explores the layers of early Shanghai buried in the People’s Square neighborhood, starting at “Barrier Road”, the 1850s-era western boundary of the British Settlement. Along the way are the former offices of the Shen Pao,...
  • Russian Movie Night: Stalingrad

    Stalingrad has become hell and paradise for those who were worthy of awards, but the only reward they managed to get was love. The movie will tell the story of how they won, who they were and who was on the other side of the street, and...
  • Super Bowl Party

    Watch giant gladiators bash it out on the field for Super Bowl glory. The tailgate party starts from 7am with a giant LED in the Shanghai Ballroom and a 380rmb buffet breakfast with free-flow house wine, beer and soft drinks. Email...
    • Community, Dining, Sports & Recreation | Kerry Hotel | on Mon Feb 4 2019
  • Chinese New Year Movie & Beer Nights

    Stone will be showing movies on our state-of-the-art projector with beer promotions to match during CNY. On Tuesday, February 5th, sip on 50% off White Geist Berliner Weisse while reliving your childhood with Ghostbusters. On Wednesday,...
  • Titanic

    84 years later, a 100 year-old woman named Rose DeWitt Bukater tells the story to her granddaughter Lizzy Calvert, Brock Lovett, Lewis Bodine, Bobby Buell and Anatoly Mikailavich on the Keldysh about her life set in April 10th 1912, on a...
  • Women Who Run With The Wolves - Study Programme

    The Study Programme is an exploration of stories from different traditions and the archetypes of the female soul. The course is based on the book Women Who Run With The Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés. During each meeting they will...
  • Star Wars: A New Hope With Live Orchestra

    Da-da-da-daaaa-daaaaa-da-da-da-daaaa! It's a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their fir-- you get it. Star Wars: A New Hope, the one that started it all, will be shown on a massive screen at...