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Adult English Teacher
Thursday, March 21

Smart English currently has a vacancy for a full time English teacher with at least 2 years of experience teaching English 1-on-1 mostly to adult students. This teacher will be taking care of our VIP 1-on-1 students which expect a high level of service and teaching ability. Special preference given to those with business English experience, IELTS preparation, and at least simple conversational spoken Chinese. Smart English focuses on ensuring a professional, friendly, and relaxed environment for students, with a teaching method that allows for considerable flexibility and creativity whilst providing an overall structure for teachers to follow to ensure the highest quality classes.

The successful candidate will have available to them the opportunity to take on managerial responsibilities, with the possibility of a partnership arrangement involving a location to manage in the next 6-12 months if deemed suitable.

  • Location: JingAn Temple
  • Full time starting salary: 15,000 - 20,000 RMB (depending on hours)
  • Part time / overtime hourly rate: 200-250 / hour
  • Promotion into non-teaching roles available (content creation, management etc.)
  • Bonuses available for high performers
  • Prior English teaching experience
  • Simple conversational spoken Chinese
  • Native English speaker
Smart English

Smart English is an Australian owned, 1-on-1 English training school for adults & children at all levels. Opened in 2012, SE is like a gym, but for English, letting students have class every day, training their English in the way that they need. SE offers personalized face-to-face, online and on-demand classes that are tailored to the student's specific needs. All classes are entirely provided by native English speakers to help students improve pronunciation and increase fluency. Office locations are in JingAn Temple and Shanghai Stadium.


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