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Wednesday, August 16
  • Work in Shanghai, China
  • Be able to teach at least one area(subjects) from the following list - 1) standardized tests such as TOEFL iBT, IELTS, SSAT, SAT, AP, A-level; 2) general English, and other popular languages; 3) soft skills and extra curriculums, such as urban farming, cooking, coding &programming, critical thinking, public speaking, art & design, etc.
  • Provide teaching in English, make records of the class progress and produce regular reports to students and parents.
  • Teach 1 on 1 class or small class of 3-5 students upon a regular basis
  • Provide bespoketeaching plans for students and adopt suitable teaching materials.
  • Make customizedstudy plans for students, regularly review plans and make reasonable adjustments
  • Assign homework, and provide sound feedback for students' improvement.
  • Communicate with students and parents
  • Collaborate well with other colleagues and tutors.
  • Occasionaltravel to other cities across China for business and work purpose.
  • Other assigned duties as required by the centre.
  • Passionate about education, decent and professional.
  • Eager to learn and keen to further career in education industry
  • Familiar with the corresponding curriculum and courses, and obtain extraordinary results in the applied course(s) (or other proof of capability of teaching)
  • Have excellent communication skills, sense of responsibility and organisational skills.
  • Have good learning abilities and analytical skills, and focus on remodelingthe students' learning habits.
  • Candidates who plan to stay in China for more than 1 year are preferred.
  • Candidates who are experienced in teaching Chinese students are preferred.
  • Native English speakers are preferred.
Clockwork Education

Clockwork Education was founded in 2013 as an institution offering test preparation services for standardized tests such as TOEFL iBT/IELTS, SSAT/SAT, AP, A-level etc. In 2015, we also began offering long term mentorship services to our students, along with small group classes that foster open discussion (held on weekends during regular Chinese school year semesters).

Our core business is on weekends and holidays, as we offer alternative education solutions/support to students who enjoy close teacher-student relationships, and so the classes we offer are 1 on 1 private classes and small group classes (no more than 6 students). In addition to academic classes, we also offer intensive support on test preparation and boarding school applications.

Many of the classes we offer are online, allowing teachers to work from home to help students with their after-school ESL/Test prep work.

In addition to academic and test preparation classes, we also offer intensive support on interview preparation and boarding school applications, as well as out-of-the-classroom activities, such as our Travel & Learn project, in which we take students to exciting locations and help them find and build upon their academic interests.

Our clientele mainly consists of well-educated, proper families that are preparing to send their kids to US or Swiss boarding schools or local international schools. The kids are aged 5-16.


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