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LEGO Instructor
Published Wednesday, October 09 and refreshed on Wed, Oct 09

The LEGO Instructor is responsible for balancing between keeping an environment of fun while always maintaining control and authority in leading a class. While some situations call for personal one-to-one "tutoring", other times the Instructor will need to bounce between up to 7 kids all asking various physics, conceptual, and/or programming questions all at once.

The LEGO Instructor will also have to have confidence in not only assessing a child's abilities during classes but also how to communicate those assessments to demanding guardians (parents, grandparents, etc) after each class.

While bilingual company-wide and center-wide training is provided regularly in order to keep all team members sharp, individual studying of related topics has never been known to hurt future prospects for other in-house opportunities within the company such as: teaching camps, designing camp courses, teaching at the most prestigious international, local private, and Montesorri schools in Shanghai, hosting themed birthday parties, leading marketing events, and much more.


  • Native or near-fluency in English required
  • Some Mandarin speaking ability preferred but not required
  • Willing to work 5 full days a week - at least one weekend day (Saturday or Sunday) and rest one weekday
  • Some background in early childhood education preferred
  • Some background in basic engineering and/or Scratch-inspired programming preferred
  • Comfortable with majority Chinese work environments
  • Comfortable with minority non-Chinese work environments
  • Committed to Shanghai for at least two years
  • Flexible, patient, with 110% effort attitude all the time
  • Fast learner and helpful in whatever ways possible
  • Has a natural desire to want to be around children
  • Not afraid to be silly with kids
  • Loves LEGO and/or finds the potential for LEGO-based education interesting
  • For the suitable candidate, the company will sponsor official work permit
Fulltime 2019-10-09 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2019-11-06
The Genius Workshop

Originally from Canada then moved to Hong Kong in early 2000s, as of 2018 The Genius Workshop has been operating in mainland China for 15 years. What started as a couple of centers using LEGO-based education to teach physics concepts to kids aged 3 to 14 years old has now expanded to include LEGO Robotics, LEGO Animation and game design in-center, in-schools, and during various camps. As more evidence continues to come in from world renowned institutions in the United States and Europe proving the long-term effects of learning thru building, The Genius Workshop has in the past year expanded its reach to multiple areas all over Shanghai.

Many companies claim to be multi-cultural - infusing the local flair of China with the sprinkle of internationalism - but TGW actually walks the walk. With team members from Taiwan and Malaysia all the way to Belgium and the United States.

The past 15 years have set the foundation for even stronger growth in the years to come. And we are just getting started.

This job listing has expired and is no longer open for applications